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  1. Sep 15, 2013
    I'm just going to go ahead and say unlike many of the other reviewers on here I have not had any prior experience with any other port of the game, so I can't compare this version to the PS3 and 360 versions of the game. That being said it's obvious that the Wii U version has some nice gamepad specific features that set this port apart. Aside from being able to play the game entirely on the gamepad, you can also use its dual screen ability to give you easier access to things like scorestreaks, a map, and loadouts mid-match without having to pause the game. The best Wii U exclusive feature by far is the fact that it makes co-op a breeze thanks to the gamepad, which allows one person to play on the TV screen and the other the gamepad screen.

    As far as the game itself goes it's still COD, but developer Treyarch did add some changes to the series, most of which are campaign related. The campaign still features the standard COD set-pieces, but this time with a story and characters that you'll actually care about. The changes Treyarch made to the campaign are the ability to alter its outcome based on choices you make, and optional levels called "Strike-force missions". The ability to change events in the game adds to replay value, and the strike force missions add lite RTS elements to the series and task you with completing certain objectives in a certain amount of time. The strike-force missions aren't exactly perfect thanks to units that don't always respond to your commands, but they are still fun enough to be a nice addition. Overall the campaign is a fun experience, but thanks to some issues like irritating enemy spawns and the occasional awkward level design it's not the best COD campaign out there, but it's far from the worst.

    The multiplayer is as always addictive and fast-paced, featuring excellent map design and balancing. The multiplayer community isn't exactly huge, and is no doubt much smaller than on the PS3 and 360, but you can always find a match when you want one but some modes have been abandoned. The only real change that Treyarch brings to multiplayer is the new pick 10 system. This allows you to have greater control in creating your own custom loadout by making every item worth a point. Items called wild cards allow you to have crazy customization options like weapons with 3 attachments or two primary weapons. It's not exactly a huge change, and I'm disappointed that they removed the currency system from the first Black Ops, but it is still a nice addition to an already excellent and addictive experience.

    Your co-op needs are also met thanks to the returning Zombies mode that also has new additions. Aside from your standard survival mode that tasks you and your friends with surviving waves of zombies, you also get two new modes called "Tranzit" and "Grief". "Grief" puts two teams of four together to see which team can survive the longest, successfully combining competitive and cooperative multiplayer. "Tranzit" allows you to travel between different areas with a bus and tasks you with learning to survive as you go. Finding new ways to play "Tranzit" is always exciting and keeps me coming back.

    Overall Black Ops 2 is another excellent entry in this long-running series. While it doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel, you'll be hard pressed to find another game that successfully provides a polished and addictive single-player, multiplayer, and cooperative experience the way that Black Ops 2 does. It truly puts other FPS games to shame.
  2. Oct 23, 2014
    It is Call of Duty, yes, but this game at least shows that FPS can be done well on Wii U and it shows a lot of promise for the future. The mechanics are good enough, and there is definitely enough content to keep you busy.
  3. Dec 27, 2012
    Its the same problem its the same as any other Call Of Duty game since COD4. They even go as far as copying a lot of weapons models from Back Ops and not even adding new textures to make them look better. They have added a few things into the multi-player to make it a bit more interesting however they are not genre changing and will be easily forgotten about. The game pad features are awful, nothing like the cool features seen in Zombiu. If your new to COD then i would buy this game however if you have played any COD since COD4 then don't waste your money. Expand
  4. May 23, 2013
    Super short (6hrs.) but really fun. Graphics are pretty good and the sound is great. This game is not optimized for the gamepad at all. I don't play multiplayer so this game to me is worth no more than $20 if you buy it. But your better choice is to just rent it so you can just experience it over a weekend.
  5. Mar 16, 2014
    Is this the same recycled Call of Duty crap that everyone trashes? Probably. But I haven't bought a CoD game in years, and so picking this up for Wii U to have a game that I could play online was a good call because I really enjoy it. The campaign was entirely forgettable, but its pretty addicting to pick up and play online. Being able to play on the gamepad is really neat. I prefer the TV and the Pro Controller, but playing on the gamepad is a really nice feature to have. Using it as a map is also super useful. Overall I am very pleased with it, but probably won't be buying another entry in the series anytime soon since this scratches my FPS itch just fine. Expand
  6. Apr 22, 2013
    This is a solid shooter. I swapped my Xbox 360 copy for this one because I thought I would enjoy playing it on my gamepad while my wife watched TV so far I'm quite pleased with it.
  7. Sep 4, 2013
    Its practically the same version of the repetitive series. Why don't people realize that there is a difference from repetitiveness and fun and quality. Yes this is the same game but it is the first call of duty i got since modern warfare 2 because i didn't like the Xbox community or how you had to pay to play. I think that this is a fun game but still with some flaws that i hope are fixed in ghosts, i am still deciding if i am getting ghosts but so far i am enjoying this game which is the same game as all of the other consoles. I just don't care for the story mode. Expand
  8. Dec 28, 2013
    Overall, it's a really fun game. The story was good for what it was, and the graphics are also great. I am a HUGE 'Call Of Duty' fanboy, so this is just really fun. But the story drags a little to much for a campaign and the multiplayer is fun to, but it's also very predictable. But overall, it's really fun.
  9. Jun 21, 2013
    I haven't really played the single player so this review is really only for offline and online multiplayer. The multiplayer is great, having the loadout on the game pad as well as the ability to choose ari strikes from it is a nice touch, but really the games best feature which makes it better than other COD's is that you have 2 screens, so if you have a friend round the experience is so much better than split screen. Also being able to play single player just on the tablet while my girlfriend watches TV is a nice compromise of the living room.

    I've also not come accross any issues trying to find a game. Games like Sonic Racing and FIFA are a struggle, but there seems to be alot of people always playing Blacks Ops 2 on Wii U
  10. Nov 21, 2012
    A slight upgrade in graphics from my 360 version and the game pad is actually helpful unlike most launch titles. I am about 2/3's into the campaign on the 360 version and on the 4th mission on the Wii U. I have encountered 2 glitches on this version but neither were a big deal. The multiplayer is intact except for Elite but there is only a small group playing online right now. Expected from a launch title but this is C.O.D. It supposed to be "The" multiplayer of this gen. Or is the Wii U next gen? Either way that is a disappointment. But this is still the best Call of Duty yet. Is there franchise fatigue? Sure, but it is still a great game and I would say a must buy on the Wii U for multiplayer alone. Expand
  11. Oct 17, 2013
    Call of duty BO2 is an excellent example of an fps game it's crazy fun and competitive But it's too old and it gets boring quick Besides those flaws I think it has great graphics and decent gameplay .the wiiU version is the best way to play this game
  12. Mar 28, 2013
    While I enjoyed my time playing Black Ops on the Nintendo Wii, graphically the game wasn’t as good as it’s 360 counterpart and some important things were missing.

    Two years later we get Black Ops II which surpasses the original game by a fair margin. It’s worth noting that it’s the third game of this particular spin-off (the previous games being World At War and Black Ops). Graphically
    this game can compete with it’s 360 counterpart and even has some unique features which I will explain in more detail.

    One of the major differences is the way the game works with the Wii U Gamepad. It is possible to play the entire game using the Gamepad alone without looking at the TV. You can also do local co-op by giving one player a Wii Remote while the other uses the Gamepad. This is brilliant for Combat Training or Zombies mode as being able to talk to your friend in the same room is a great bonus.

    Instead of killstreaks you now have ‘scorestreaks’ which are awarded to those who earn points, including assist kills and completing mission objectives. There are a wide range of scorestreaks including a pack of dogs, flying robots, bombers and more.

    The new class customisation system called ‘Pick 10’ is brilliant because you can decide between lots of perks, lots of grenades, lots of weapon attachments or anything inbetween. As you level up your character you earn more perks and guns which is always a nice touch.

    Zombies mode has several new maps, including one in which you hop onboard a bus and travel down the road, be warned though if you don’t get back on the bus it will leave without you!

    Campaign mode is great and works as a continuation to the previous game’s story. This game is set both in the near future of 2025 and the 80s, starring Alex Mason and Mason’s son. Some fantastic voice acting and great set-pieces make this a fantastic interactive experience.

    Overall this is a fantastic game and the online multiplayer is worth the price of the game on it’s own, everything else is just icing on the very tasty cake.
  13. Nov 19, 2012
    Great looking game but I have found too many bugs in it, unlike the Xbox or PS3 version. Graphics, sound, all are great. Just too buggy. I was a bit let down after playing it.
  14. Dec 1, 2012
    Do you like eating the same crap every year? Do you like Crap that copies Goldeneye? That is what you Call of Duty people are now. Maybe one day Call of duty will be like call of duty 3, but that is just a dream. Since when did Call of Duty become Guitar Hero. Oh my bad I have to remember this is activision.
  15. Mar 22, 2013
    Game has some slight hiccups graphically compared to the other two big consoles. Minus that gameplay the same. Single player is short and entertaining, while the multiplayer is as time consuming as ever. Best part of the Wii U release is the ability to play on the gamepad screen. I found myself doing much better, and having a lot better accuracy on the smaller screen compared to my HD tv. Best FPS experience on the console so far. I just hope that the Wii U community will receive the DLC from other consoles, but the player base may just be too small to justify. Expand
  16. Nov 19, 2012
    I have seen all versions of this game. The WiiU has the superior graphics by far. There is a comparison video online that proves this but I've seen it first hand. Now what you think about the game is your own personal opinion. But anyone who is wondering if the WiiU version is worth buying over any other console, my answer is a big fat YES!
  17. Dec 4, 2012
    While no game deserves a 0 as a score this game definitely does not deserve a 10. Single player basically comes down to more of the same old formula Activision has forced these development companies to work with. The AI is laughable at best, but every one knows the Call of Duty franchise has never had the best coding for AI. The story line in general is 5 hours long and is really bland, unimaginative, and well, more of the same. They try to deviate from becoming a linear corridor shooter by supposedly providing player with options but they don't truly affects the game. The ending on the other hand might. Which is suppose to add re playability to the first person campaign, but there's really no reason to play over the same campaign for just a different ending. Multiplayer, this is the are where this game should shine but it seems the MP portion of this game feels a lot similar to that of MW3 and of course Black Ops. Small scaled maps with tons of areas to camp. Basically comes down to which ever team can camp the middle ground the best wins the game. The rest is just protecting the same corner through out the game with occasionally moving 3-6 feet away from your old camp spot to corner camp in a different spot. There are no need to watch your back as certain equipment and streaks do that for your. The game is slow paced and also suffers from the same old bad hit detection. While it does some what fix old issues like knifing people from miles away, it does at times glitch and can cause your character to launch at another player. Kill streaks seem re-hashed but with an added "futuristic" approach. There's always lag and horrible host selection, the spawn points are mediocre at best, but what can one expect from such small maps that are crammed with buildings to make them seem "big." The leveling system online has been set to keep players from playing. While it gives players who have been playing the game longest the upper hand with over powered weaponry and the best perks. The new set up is suppose to force players into playing the objective, that is not the case. The way the maps are set up actually encourage players to whore kill streaks and never actually go for any objective. Word of advice, try to level as fast as you can to get ghost perk, it's a uav whore type of game. Zombies: This is where this game shines. It's somewhat new but refreshing at the same time reminds me a bit of Left for Dead. Which is great fun to be honest. If this game was just a zombie installment I would definitely recommend this game. Other wise, save yourself some money and just rent this game or save up for MW5 or BLOPS 4; Skip a generation or two just like any one in their right mind would with Fifa games. Expand
  18. Aug 7, 2013
    Black Ops 2 para Wii U, a ser sincero mejora y empeora las cosas con respecto a las otras entregas.
    Con la posibilidad de usar el Wii U GamePad como apoyo, esta pudo ser la mejor versión, pero no, un multijugador mediocre, empeorado, un modo Zombies mediocre, errores, sin DLC, caídas en el framerate y gráficas desmejoradas arruinan esta versión del juego que pudo ser la mejor. Y no es que
    Wii U no sea potente, porque lo es y mucho, sino que la mediocridad de las third-parties no puede ser peor. Expand
  19. Mar 2, 2013
    I very much like this game. It is a very good addition to the Call of Duty franchise, especally the Black Ops series (which is my favorite). I enjoy the most of the maps, almost all of the guns, and the new features. The 10-points class making system makes you rationalize what you wish to use. The scorestreak system is very well developed. I will say, there seems to be something mssing from the game- something that would make it more fun, even though I do not think it is one certain thing. However, it is amazingly enjoyable to play with friends. And the Wii U version allows for all controllers- the Wii U GamePad (whose features are great, but do not make it too OP compared to the Wii U Pro or Classic Controller Pro), the Wii U Pro, the Classic Controller Pro, and the Wiimote and Nunchuck (though the last one is not as much fun, in my opinion, as it was in MW3, but they have been updating it to be better). I would have liked the Nuketown 2025 map (and i hope they have it for DLC), as well as Season Pass, but i will not complain. If you do not care for DLC, this is the definitive console version of Call of Duty:Black Ops II (which in my opinion, is the best, if not second best game in the series). Expand
  20. Nov 21, 2012
    ¡FINALLY! Finally you can play Call of Duty IN YOUR BATHROOM. Is that not amazing? Well, that's good. Maybe the touchable screen is not required, but the ability to play in the control it's well received here. The Wii U version looks a little bit better than the PS3/360 ones. I'm saying that because it's very destacable. Out of that stuff, Black Ops II is completely the same as the other consoles. Like in Assassin's Creed III and Arkham City, nothing changes. Elite it's not here, but you won't miss it, trust me. And stay relaxed, because the Season Pass is coming, the experience is the same. Saying this because many people affirms that this verision is an inferior one. Now, checking the game, unfortunately, the Black Ops II campaign it's too short, we're talking about between the five and ten hours. Always depend on the difficulty and the player's abilities. Multiplayer doesn't change much since the first Modern Warfare but anyway, Call of Duty it's still fun. Expand
  21. Mar 1, 2014
    The way that Call of Duty has been going these days, I was not expecting much with this game. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this Call of Duty outing.

    Call of Duty games of late have not been very variable. The campaigns have been basically shooting into huge crowds of enemies while trying not to be killed, and the multiplayer's just been the same, but with minor changes. With
    Black Ops 2, however, this has changed slightly. The campaign does have its fair share of shooting and running and craziness, but there's also some stealth elements mixed in there, as well as some interesting new mechanics, for example the Millimeter Scanner which can detect cloaked enemies, and the real-time strategy-esque"Strike Force" missions which can also be controlled with a Wii Remote. This on top of a surprisingly good storyline helps to breathe a little new life into the ageing Call of Duty series.

    The multiplayer's had some changes as well - Whilst retaining the gameplay of previous games, new weapons and attachments make the game just a bit more interesting. In addition, the Create-a-Class menu has been completely reworked, now allowing players to select more than one attachment by default, as well as the new Wildcards, taking some of the Perks from previous games and reworking them. The online community is a lot more pleasant too - much fewer "CoD Kids" who throw a tantrum every time you kill them. The use of the Wii U GamePad is also quite interesting - classes can be changed and killstreaks used through the touch screen, overall making the game much more streamlined.

    All of this makes Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 one of the better Call of Duty games, up there with Modern Warfare. If you're going to play any Call of Duty game, this game, and this particular version, is the way to go.
  22. Oct 27, 2014
    Really, nothing more than a solid Call of Duty game. With the same addicting online multiplayer, underwhelming campaign and more focus in online. If you remember the original Modern Warfare, then you know what Black Ops II is about.
  23. Nov 27, 2012
    I love this game. Being able to actually play the whole game on the gamepad is awesome to say the least. The graphics rock and controls, well, take a bit to get used to, are great. If Nintendo keeps this up, and encourages fps shooters on the platform and game pad, they will have a Hugh success. Could not be happier with this purchase.
  24. Dec 3, 2012
    This is absolutely the best version of black ops 2. I love that I can use the pro controller and put the game pad on the screen showing the map and kill streaks. Even playing the entire game on the gamepad feels right and is handy when my fiancée wants to watch tv. I actually had the ps3 version but sold it so I could get it on the wii u and I absolutely don't regret it. The sheer ammount of controle options make it worth it. I, like many other people would say that the graphics are slightly improved but not overly so. The only complaint I had was that there wasn't many people online but then the community literally doubled then doubled again over the last 2 days so I don't have that complaint anymore. Overall I have to say from experience that the wii u version is the superior versions. Expand
  25. Jan 22, 2013
    Black Ops 2 on the Wii U is the superior version hands down. You would think this wouldn't be that different on the Wii U but you are wrong, playing it in full 1080p makes a huge difference. I sometimes go back and forth between the 360 and Wii U and the difference in notable in both visuals and smooth gameplay. Then playing online multiplayer on the gamepad is one of the best features. Treyarch does a good job on implementing the gamepad without overly gimmick commands. Setting air strikes can all be done by the gamepad touch screen and its awesome but other killstrikes are done on the TV. The analogue stick placement can take sometime getting use to but it's worth it. I find myself playing the wii U version more than the 360. Expand
  26. Sep 12, 2013
    This is a great game! Don't listen to any of the negative reviews. This is just like all the other Call of Duty games which is why it is an amazing game. Single player and multiplayer online are fun. Too bad I get killed rather quickly online with so many experts out there. Oh well, but the game is really fun. Being able to play multiplayer on 2 separate screens is a major plus! Definitely a good buy. Expand
  27. Jun 23, 2014
    I LOVE how the Wii U page gets a more legit user score simply because no one actually plays it that much. Especially because, as I've said in my review of the PS3 version, Black Ops II is the best game in the series since Modern Warfare 2.
    Thanks to MW3 being a total rehash, every Call of Duty page from MW3 onward has been VANDALIZED! I urge everyone reading this to
    go to Gamerankings or find a new review site for the Call of Duty franchise because, chances are, this will be the LAST COD page to have get any legitimacy. And screw Metacritic for not doing something about this! Expand
  28. Nov 19, 2012
    Wow local mp online without split screen,Higher resolution then the other console versions I dunno if its 720p or higher but it defiantly looks better then the 360 and PS3 version,Solid 60fps in MP and surround sound but its not Dolby Digital instead a 5.1 PCM mix. Needs Elite and more players online..but as the Wii U continues to sell out you can expect more players will be online shortly.
  29. Nov 27, 2012
    this game is great, showing new weapons, items and new ways to play online but in the wii u is the same as on other consoles except that divides the screen and does not charge for online play
  30. Dec 22, 2012
    Call of Duty, a franchise that has been milked more than any other franchise to date! I almost gave up on it and in fact haven't owned one since MW2 but I have played and beat all of them since. After MW3 I was about to give up on the COD franchise forever, thank goodness I didn't! COD:BO2 is a fresh take on the series, adding many new features and actually warranting a purchase this time around. I decided to go with the Wii U version despite knowing that the 360 version was the best in terms of performance, out of the 3 consoles. There is a reason for this, the Gamepad! The Gamepad is an awesome addition to the COD world and it has to do with asymmetrical gameplay, not really the extra features of the Gamepad during single or multiplayer. COD on Wii U offers a unique experience that can NOT be found anywhere else, it has the ability to play multiplayer on separate screens without the need of split-screen a second console. This may not sound to impressive but the fact is that the game is running twice sending different images at the same time to the TV and Gamepad! One might think that playing on the Gamepad itself wouldn't be a good idea, thankfully that isn't the case. The Gamepad works flawlessly and displays a good enough image that it really doesn't matter what screen you choose to play on. The cool part is being able to play local or online with a buddy right next to you enjoying the action. This is the future my friends and it's great to see developers capitalize on this opportunity... Every game should have this feature as it really enhances the experience. Okay you get it, the Gamepad is AWESOME, you want to know about the game itself; COD:BO2 has been resurrected into something special. It looks like Activision and Treyarch were listening to the fans cry's because the game has got a facelift. Graphics are surprisingly topnotch, and where MW3 failed to impress, BO2 doesn't. It's beautiful destruction and one of the best looking in the series. The gameplay has also been reworked. They have an RTS type mode that is limited in scope but succeeds where others have failed! (I'm looking at you Command an Conquer Generals) In this mode you are given an option to have an overhead view of the field, seamlessly switching between FPS and RTS, giving orders to squad members or other types of vehicles and/or devises. It's not without its flaws but Treyarch is on to something special if they improve on it. They could even make an entire game based on this mode! It's that good... The game is a step in the right direction. Zombies is back and you could take it or leave it. I don't really want to get into that because everyone I know seems to have a different opinion on it. I like it but really can't compare it to the previous one because I really didn't like MW3 too much and didn't play Zombies last time around, but playing it now is great!

    My main gripe on the Wii U version is that the game wasn't optimized for it like the 360 version which runs at a locked 60fps. The Wii U version manages to maintain 60fps throughout the MP but the campaign suffers when the action gets heated. It's not too bad and shouldn't really affect most people but it is noticeable nonetheless. The Wii U version is a great alternative for those looking for something new on Nintendo's new system and I do recommend it to those that have friends come over on a regular or family members that want to play at the same time; this is where the Wii U version outshines the competition and is the major reason why I would recommend it over the others.
  31. Jan 5, 2013
    Excellent conversion of BLOPS2, playing with the gamepad off TV is worth the price alone even if you have this on other formats. I already have this on PC but being able to play in the day whilst my daughter hogs the main TV is a huge selling point!
  32. Dec 1, 2012
    All I have to say is what a package. The campaign was amazing and such a blast to go through, even though it was quite a short blast. Much like the other games in the franchise after cod 4, it is heavily story oriented. The difference is the branching story line system and customizable classes for single player campaign. They add a good amount of replay value so replaying this game through making different choices will change how the story pans out. Contrary to popular belief, you don't change the path of the story line solely in the 'strike-force' missions (the RTS portion of the game). The way you maneuver, who you kill/ not kill and how you execute your assignments in the normal storyline also affect the story. Speaking of the RTS portion, though they were quite unique and a change of pace in the campaign, I really didn't enjoy them at all bar a select few. It didn't help I did this on the hardest difficulty (veteran). Luckily, you are not obliged to complete these strike-force missions and can continue without but will affect how the story pans out. The best thing about it, none of what happens is too far fetched and is quite believable. The characters are very memorable and you feel empathy for them: friend or foe. For a fictional character (s) that's quite the accomplishment.. Admittedly, the graphics are not mind boggling but the game makes up for that with a very smooth 60 FPS frame rate, something no other console shooter can do. The audio on the other hand is excellent and as far as the score is concerned, Trent Reznor (composer of the main theme) did a remarkable job. 'Tis so chilling and so epic at the same time.
    The multiplayer portion manages to stay true to its franchise and feel completely different simultaneously. Looks can be deceiving. Judging from trailers and what have you, it looks like a carbon copy of its predecessors. It really isn't. It has to be played to really grasp hold of it. The customisation is top notch. None of this cosmetic stuff but tangible benefits of mixing and matching different 'perks' and attachments. Every weapon is unique and have benefits for electing each. Overall, the futuristic maps really help make the game more fresh and the gun play still fasted and hectic.
    I'm going to cop-out of talking about the zombies portion as we could talk all day. It's zombie killing at its finest. One things for sure, the crafting mechanic is a welcomed feature and turns the challenge dial up just a tad. The grief mode (4 people vs 4 people vs zombies) is well... meh.

    Solid 9/10. Not perfect 10 as the campaign was a smidgen too short for my fancy. BUY IT NOW!
  33. Dec 4, 2012
    My view might be a little off as its the first COD I've owned (have played others). I like BF formula better, but picking up my WiiU, I wanted the local multiplayer this offers as well as its online.

    I never have cared for FPS story mode, so it doesn't affect my score.

    The multi-player is a lot of fun and I'm glad I bought it. Additionally, with the various control options you have
    with this on WiiU, plus the capability to only play on Gamepad (TV off or doing something else), its easy to say this is the best version to own. Expand
  34. Sep 17, 2013
    Since this game has three main modes-Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies, I will dedicate each a separate review.

    Campaign: There are returning characters from the first Black Ops, but plenty of new ones too. The story flips between the 1980's and 2025, where futuristic weaponry is incorporated with style. The voice acting is great, and this, combined with a nice script, makes the time
    jumps easier to follow. I won't spoil, but this campaign definitely incorporates player choice nicely, which affects the fates of a few people in the game and also the ending. This campaign is not one to be overlooked.

    Multiplayer: A few changes have been made here. You can know freely edit your class and choose attachments, perks, kill streaks, etc. to make your customized load out. The variety of modes and maps is mostly above satisfactory. The online community isn't very large, mainly because the Wii U's sales aren't very high. The gamepad can be used to call in score streaks and to see your load out, all without pressing a button. The two player split screen truly rocks. One person uses the gamepad, and the other person uses the tv screen and a pro controller, classic controller, or wii remote and nunchuck. You can easily add friendly or enemy bots and change their difficulty, or set the amount of time you have in a match. This mode is fantastic, and even players who mostly play locally will put in hours on Multiplayer.

    Zombies: This mode isn't very different from the past Black Ops. There are multiple modes even without DLC. Survival is no different, you start with 500 points, an M1911 pistol, and a knife for melee kills. You keep fighting the undead, hitting the mystery box, buying perks, and throwing monkeys until you die. Grief mode allows up to 8 players in two four-player teams. They can choose to work together or fight against each other. Finally there is Tranzit, an adventure mode with a bus that takes you around. There are buildable objects, from a turbine to open doors to an overpowered wonder weapon for high round lovers. This is very fun either with friends or solo. Dlc is already out with new maps for zombies along with multiplayer, so these three modes aren't alone. If you enjoyed Black Ops zombies, you will certainly love tip his one.

    Overall this is an amazing first person shooter that is worthy of your money. Even without DLC, this game is truly amazing. The Wii U's new features are incorporated fantastically, and in the end, this should be stuck in your Wii U while you game the night away. Definitely a great addition to the COD series. Treyarch should be applauded for this.
  35. Dec 8, 2012
    El juego es básicmente el mismo, parecería que en momentos la versión de Wii U, tiene sus leves problemas, en otras sale mejor posicionada que las otras versiones.
    Las nuevas funciones del Game Pad no han sido aprovechadas del todo, pero funsiona, la posibilidad del multiplayer uno en la pantalla principal y otro en el Game pad es un añadido que se agredece
    mucho, una bueno opcin para los que los gustan los juegos de acción en la debutante Wii U. Expand
  36. Nov 27, 2012
    I am the first one in line to be a Call of Duty hater. But after years of being that "other" Call of Duty studio, Treyarch has shown not only can they make a great first person shooter with amazing graphics, but also a cohesive narrative that actually makes sense and is easy to follow. The ability to play on the tablet is an added plus.
  37. Nov 26, 2012
    Pound for pound Black Ops II competes with the other console versions as well as surpasses them with superb GamePad support. A vast number of control options are available, and the game no matter what console has a great campaign and multiplayer as well as good zombie co-op.
  38. Nov 21, 2012
    This is Cod so you know what to expect. The WiiU version is the best looking and most player friendly version with all of it's controll options and the gamepad's awesome ability to let you pick classes, use killstreaks, and see the entire map without leaving gameplay. I highly recommend it to WiiU owners that don't have the game yet. The online is great and I haven't experienced any bugs at all. The custimization is by far the best of any CoD game to date. Treyarch has done an amazing job this year with BO's 2. Expand
  39. Nov 18, 2012
    This has to be one of the best versions to get Black Ops 2 on, Good graphics and I personally believe the tablet adds to the game play. I believe that it definitely has the best game play considering that it is a call of duty game but if you want to get Blops 2 and you haven't got it yet. The Nintendo Wii U version is the way to go.
  40. Nov 28, 2012
    This game is awesome! I got both 360 and the Wii U version,but i find myself having more fun with the Wii U version.You can use pro controller,gamepad, or the wii motion plus controller whatevery u prefer. Being able to play the whole campaign and Online multiplayer on the controller alone is pretty awesome. Not to mention that there's no more crappy splitscreen though you can still play normal splitscreen.If you own a Wii U I highly recommend this game you will not regret it.besides this cool website you can always check the Black Ops 2 community on Miiverse. Those are legit reviews from people that actually own the game not like **** like @lancevance8 that go around rating low scores for a game they don't own. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 31 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 31
  2. Negative: 1 out of 31
  1. Jan 15, 2013
    GamePad play doesn't make up for online gaps, but this is the best Nintendo CoD. [Feb 2013, p.77]
  2. Jan 9, 2013
    As a Wii U launch title, Black Ops II strives to innovate upon the well-known Call of Duty-formula, and to some extent it also manages to do so. While it still is very much the same game previously released on Sony's and Microsoft's consoles, it is the ability to play the game single-handed through the game pad that should be Nintendo's selling point.
  3. Placed in the greater CODverse and BLOPS2 is too inconsistent to rank among the classics. Nice ideas rub shoulders with absolute howlers, and smart additions are hampered by a complacent disregard for beginners. In the Nintendoverse, however, this COD is a big fish in a small pond.