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Summary: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze has players help Donkey Kong and his friends get back their home from Vikings. Swing, swim, leap, and barrel-blast your way through tons of eye-popping levels to save DK Island from a permanent freeze.
Rating: E
Developer: Retro Studios
Genre(s): 2D
Number of Players:1-2 Players
Cast Credit
Dave Broske Engineering Lead (Monster Games Inc.)
Scott Petersen Audio Supervisor
Evan Brown Art (Monster Games Inc.)
Elben Schafers Principal Art (Environment)
Bill Vandervoort Senior Design
Frank Maddin Engineering
Rhett Baldwin Design
Jay Fuller Design
Brad Taylor Art (Environment)
Rob Kovach Senior Technical Art
Tim Little Vice President Of Engineering And Technology
John Talley Contract Engineering (Mock Science)
Vince Joly Creative Director
Ted Anderson Art (Environment)
Michael Kelley Engineering
Patrick Krefting Contract Design
Matt Peterson Engineering
Jonathan Delange Design
Gray Ginther Senior Art (Character Art)
Shigeru Miyamoto Supervisor (Nintendo)
Satoru Iwata Executive Producer (Nintendo)
Kenji Yamamoto Music Supervisor (Nintendo)
Yusuke Nakano Illustration Supervisor (Nintendo)
Andy Hanson Engineering
Stephen Dupree Lead Design
Clark Crawford Contract Audio
Preston Palmer Art (Monster Games Inc.)
Owen Justice Coordination (Monster Games Inc.)
Richard Garcia Team Lead (Monster Games Inc.)
Evan Rattner Engineering (Monster Games Inc.)
Troy Harder Art (Monster Games Inc.)
Brian McCabe Art (Monster Games Inc.)
Todd LeGare Design (Monster Games Inc.)
Hugh Ackerman Art (Monster Games Inc.)
Shinya Takahashi General Producer (Nintendo)
Tsuyoshi Watanabe Character Supervisor (Nintendo)
Kensuke Tanabe Producer (Nintendo)
Katsumi Suzuki Voice: Character Voice (Japanese)
Yoshito Yasuda Technical Support (Nintendo)
Nate Bihldorff NoA Localization (Nintendo Of America)
Michael Kelbaugh Executive Producer
Ryan Harris Production Director
Russell O'Henly Senior Design
Brandon Salinas Design
Andy Schwalenberg Design
Ryan Powell Art Lead (Environment)
Chuck Crist Senior Art (Character Art)
Sean Horton Art (Environment)
Teague Schultz Senior Art (Environment)
Matt Manchester Art (Environment)
Thomas Robins Art (Character Art)
Aaron Walker Lead Engineering
Alex Quinones Senior Engineering
Jesse Spears Engineering
Jim Gage Senior Engineering
Ryan Cornelius Engineering
Derek Bonikowski Senior Animation
Dax Pallotta Senior Animation
Stephen Zafros Senior Animation
Carlos Mendieta Animation
Raphael Perkins Animation
Matt Piersall Contract Audio
Minako Hamano Music / Voice Recording (Nintendo)
Mike Roska Engineering (Monster Games Inc.)
Aki Sakurai Manual Editing (Nintendo)
Toshihide Tsuchiya Voice: Character Voice (Japanese)
Mitch Ernst Art Lead (Monster Games Inc.)
Venkata Kishore Goli Art (Monster Games Inc.)
Chad Jasper Art (Monster Games Inc.)
Ryo Koizumi Artwork (Nintendo)
Yoshitomo Kitamura Artwork (Nintendo)
Charles Brahmawong Contract Technical Animation
Greg Kopina Contract Art (Environment)
Toshihiko Okamoto Design / Coordination Support (Nintendo)
Takumi Kawagoe Cinematics Supervisor (Nintendo)
Takehiro Oyama Technical Support (Nintendo)
Kiyomi Itani Manual Editing (Nintendo)
David Wise Music
John Schneider Game Design Chief (Monster Games Inc.)
Ethan Smith Contract Design
Takashi Nagasako Voice: Character Voice (Japanese)
Chris Carroll Contract Audio
Tomoe Aratani Cinematics Supervisor (Nintendo)
Daisuke Matsuoka Music / Voice Recording (Nintendo)
Adam Schuman Art (Character Art)
Kenneth Bassham Contract Audio
Jim Richmond Engineering
Risa Tabata Assistant Producer (Nintendo)
Todd Buechele Project Development (Nintendo Of America)
Shinji Ushiroda Music / Voice Recording (Nintendo)
Dan Higdon Engineering
Nestor Hernandez Design
Amanda Rotella Art (Environment)
Russell Lingo Art (Environment)
Reed Ketcham Art (Environment)
Will Bate Character Art / Animation Lead
Chris Torres Technical Animation
Eric Rehmeyer Engineering
John Sheblak Engineering
Jose Guerra Engineering
Bobby Arlauskas Contract Audio
Shane Lewis Design
Chiaki Aida Character Supervisor (Nintendo)
Scott Haag Engineering (Monster Games Inc.)
Isaac Turner Design (Monster Games Inc.)
Eli Libson Art (Monster Games Inc.)
Mike Reider Art (Monster Games Inc.)
Josh Defries Art Lead (Monster Games Inc.)
Sam Johnston Engineering (Monster Games Inc.)
Caryn Krakauer Design (Monster Games Inc.)
Rebecca Flannery Technical Art
Pete Nielsen Contract Production
Nick Shaw Contract Production
Paul Schwanz Design
Jessica Spence Design
Brandon Strong Contract Design
Eric Kozlowsky Art (Environment)
Sylvia Rowland Art (Environment)
Kenneth Kozan Contract Art (Environment)
Tim Reed Contract Art (Environment)
Allison Theus Contract Art (Environment)
Crystel Land Contract Art (Character Art)
Mookie Weisbrod Animation
Rick Blankenship Contract Animation
Dominic Pallotta Contract Animation
Kyle Ruegg Contract Animation
Tony Bernardin Engineering
Sam Grantham Engineering
Akintunde Omitowojli Engineering
Andrew Orlando Engineering
Cale Scholl Engineering
Jason Spafford Contract Engineering
Matthew Thies Contract Audio
Walter Boswell Design (Monster Games Inc.)
Ryan Glovka Art (Monster Games Inc.)
Mark McKay Engineering (Monster Games Inc.)
Theresa Apolinario Project Development (Nintendo Of America)
Cesar Perez NoA Localization (Nintendo Of America)
Thaddee Wiseur NoA Localization (Nintendo Of America)
Kaori Miyachi Coordination (Nintendo)
Riyu Tamura Music / Voice Recording (Nintendo)
Kaoru Sasashi Voice: Character Voice (Japanese)
Takumi Wada Illustration (Nintendo)
Miyako Takayama UI Design Supervisor (Nintendo)
Ryo Kataoka UI Design Supervisor (Nintendo)
Satomi Tateishi UI Design Supervisor (Nintendo)
Shotaro Iwanaga Technical Support (Nintendo)
Ethan Smith Contract Design
David Wise Music
Chris Carroll Contract Audio
John Schneider Game Design Chief (Monster Games Inc.)
Daisuke Matsuoka Music / Voice Recording (Nintendo)
Takashi Nagasako Voice: Character Voice (Japanese)
Tomoe Aratani Cinematics Supervisor (Nintendo)
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