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  • Summary: Life in the temple of rabbits hangs by a thread. Universal evil has struck again and kidnapped all of your disciples. Only you managed to escape. They let you live... and they'll soon regret it!

    Use your agility and combat skills to save your disciples! Jump from roof to roof, slide
    gracefully along walls, sneak up on your enemies and then rip them to shreds!

    Detailed graphics, humour, hours of gameplay and intuitive controls. Each level requires logic, precision, agility and lots of sabre rattling. The game also has plenty of trophies to win, babies to save, carrots to eat and a universal evil to expunge!

    - 80 levels in normal and hard mode, providing dozen of hours of play!
    - 15 unlockable items to customise your rabbit
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 14
  2. Negative: 1 out of 14
  1. May 17, 2013
    Overall, Kung Fu Rabbit is a bit of a surprise. We didn’t expect much from it at first glance but this is a really good effort from the development team. Controls are intuitive and slick, and the game world is bright and charming. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable platform game that really deserves attention from Wii U owners and it looks great on the gamepad as well.
  2. 75
    Kung Fu Rabbit is a decent and often enjoyable experience. Though some aspects hold it back, it is still worth a look as a platformer.
  3. May 22, 2013
    A simple platform game, clearly thought for mobile gaming and not completely suited for a home console. Nevertheless, it is entertaining and the remixed levels are pretty challenging.
  4. May 15, 2013
    This game is cheap, but even cheaper on the mobile phones. It's not really a game about fighting or kung fu. It's all about a cute bunny in a world wherein players are jumping and searching for carrots.
  5. Apr 30, 2013
    The levels are small but challenging, the hunt for carrots surprisingly motivating. But what looked charming in the beginning, soon became redundant.
  6. Pick it up if you need a platforming fix. [July 2013, p.87]
  7. Apr 29, 2013
    Ultimately, Kung Fu Rabbit just doesn’t cut it in a world where it sits alongside true platforming masters like Trine 2: Director’s Cut and Bit.Trip Presents: Runner 2. It’s cheap, yes, but unless you fancy chewing the cud as a carrot cash-cow, we’d recommend saving your pennies for another day.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 5
  2. Negative: 1 out of 5
  1. May 1, 2013
    I bought the game because I'm a big fan of plateformers, and I must say this one looks really nice, and the cost is very reasonnable. After playing, I still enjoy the graphics a lot, and the levels are very challenging. Maybe a little bit too challenging sometime, you might want to get the "rabbit spirits" in order to get some checkpoints (you just need to collect some carrots to unlock them in the inventory). Well, I can say, for this price I definitly recommend it. Expand
  2. May 18, 2013
    This game is so much fun. I like platformers with good controls and this game has good controls. Little variety, but that doesn't matter because it's fun. Expand
  3. Apr 26, 2013
    After watching the trailer for Kung Fu Rabbit, I decided to buy it because it looked like a nice, easy game I could enjoy. Plus it's downright adorable! But as beautiful as this game is in terms of its colouring and content, it just felt a little bit the same the entire way through. Not much variety. This, by no means, makes it a bad game. It's a good game. But it lacks that element of replay-ability. And that's due to the lack of variety. Overall, this is a fun game that will keep you entertained for a day, maybe two, though not much longer than that. But really, who can say no to saving a bunch of adorable square rabbits with no feet? I certainly couldn't! Expand
  4. Sep 27, 2013
    If you download this game expecting to get a typical console sidescrolling experience, you may be in for a bit of disappointment. That's not to say there isn't enjoyment to be had here; but the fact that Kung Fu Rabbit was originally a mobile game will make itself painfully obvious during your journey.

    The game features three worlds and a bonus Secret Cave. The goal on each stage is to reach and free an imprisoned rabbit, collecting carrots along the way. The carrots allow you to access the in-game store (called the "dojo") and purchase power-ups. Some carrots are cleverly placed, but overall it's all a walk in the park: stages are very short and very easy. You know, perfectly suited for short bursts of play on your smartphone.

    Of course, there's the fact that, in the Wii U, you have access to actual physical controls, which should be a blessing to anyone who knows the horrors of playing platformers in a mobile device's touchscreen. It seems, though, that the developers thought this would be enough of a feature by itself, and sorely refused to better adapt the game to the console. Options are represented solely by icons, which makes sense for smaller screens but feels half-assed when you're playing on a big, full-HD television. Many menu features are unaccessible by the physical controls, forcing you to needlessly use the gamepad's touchscreen. The music, although pleasant, is very repetitive. And like I said, the gameplay fails to justify itself for a full-fledged home console; the game would be much better off, for example, on the 3DS.

    The best feature here, by far, is the graphics. It's great how the simple 2D images are full of personality, avoiding the trap of looking like a cheap flash game. The main character has a Kirby-like charm, with its cartoonish expressions and funny mannerisms. This, perhaps, is the main reason you'll keep coming back to finish the game, but it likely won't be enough to make an impression. Kung Fu Rabbit may be good fun on its original platforms, but it amounts to a sadly forgettable experience on the Wii U.

    Rating: 5.0

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