• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Oct 29, 2013
  • Also On: 3DS
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 328 Ratings

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  1. Negative: 59 out of 328

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  1. Oct 30, 2013
    Sonic Lost World, in a way, is almost like having a bipolar disorder; at one moment, the game almost perfectly captures the essence of a good Sonic game, while at others, becomes an incredibly infuriating and frustrating platformer that tries to put Sonic in situations where he does not excel in. For what Sonic Lost World does right, it really hits home, reflecting on the multiple archetypes Sonic's initial outings in terms of its level structure. However, for its wrongdoings, one can only question why SEGA did not overlook these wrongdoings, as they become apparent so easily. Specifically, Sonic Lost World is a balance between levels whose philosophy in design reflects his initial outings, and levels whose philosophy in design is questionable at best.

    In terms of this balance, the levels are associated with two different categories. One category places an emphasis on speed, and balances it out with plentiful of platforming and many alternate hidden paths and exits. This emergence of depth in level design was shown to an extent with Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, but has not been shown with as much depth since Sonic's initial outings. Sonic Lost World rekindles this fire incredibly strong in these sorts of levels. Grinding Levels are also welcome to this edition, as their depth has risen drastically. Multiple routes to grind and tons of ingeniously tricky spots make these levels almost, if not as enjoyable, as the sorts of levels listed above. The second category, however, withdraws almost all of these aspects in place of gimmicky and linear level design that lacks the depth of the multi-route levels. Whether this may be rolling around in a snowball, having to remain hidden from an owl, scale up a linear set of platforms, etc., it withdraws from the essence of Sonic's initial outings in place of something mediocre at best.

    To be even more precise, let me list every level that's fun, okay-ish, and not fun:

    Windy Hill: Act 1, 2, 3, 4
    Desert Ruins: Act 1, 2, 3, 4
    Tropical Coast: Act 1, 3, 4
    Frozen Factory: Act 3
    Silent Forest: Act 1
    Lava Mountain: Act 2

    Tropical Coast: Act 2
    Frozen Factory: Act: 1, 4
    Silent Forest: Act 3
    Sky Road: Act 1
    Lava Mountain: Act 4

    Not Fun:
    Frozen Factory: Act 2
    Silent Forest: Act 2, 4
    Sky Road: Act 2, 3, 4
    Lava Mountain: Act 1, 3
    Hidden World: Act 1, 2, 3, 4

    There are 32 zones in total (Not counting the Hidden Stages in each world, the Carnival Stages, or the Nights DLC), and 14 of them are fun, 6 of them are okay, and 12 of them are not fun. This means 44% of the stages are fun, 19% of the stages are okay, and 37% of the stages are not fun. Add either the fun stages and the okay stages, the okay stages and the not fun stages, or none as you will, but only 44% of the game is truly and undoubtedly fun. Luckily, that 44% of the game nails the gameplay down just fine. Also, if you think about it, 14 acts is roughly 7 zones in Sonic 2, and more acts than Sonic 3 (not & Knuckles) has to offer. Adding the okay acts with the fun acts, and you have almost as much acts as Sonic 3 & Knuckles (and that's not even counting the omission of Sandopolis and Lava Reef Zone -due to their mediocrity- from the list). If you think about it, that 44% isn't really that bad in retrospect.

    Sonic Lost World fumbles a lot, which is definitely a huge disappointment to an otherwise fantastic game. However, the parts that Sonic Lost World doesn't fumble on are truly fantastic and unforgettable parts. Take Sonic Lost World how you will, but it's a game in which its good aspects are engaging and creative enough to become incredibly replayable. Sonic Lost World is a game that may stumble quite a lot, but it comes through in the end on its feet.
  2. Oct 29, 2013
    This is a great game! I have been playing for a week now and it is amazing.Of course it's not perfect but besides the boss fights this is a game that is worth your time and money if you are a sonic or platformer fan
  3. Oct 31, 2013
    Well i have made it to the 5th world... and i must say that i was both impressed and let down. At first, the levels were fun and exciting, but as the game progressed, the difficulty level increased so much and there were millions of death traps at every turn by the time i reached the frozen zone. At this point i became extremely frustrated and cut the game off. The first few worlds were amazing and fun for me. The game does a lot of things right, but it also does a lot of things wrong... i do see the resemblance between mario galaxy and this game, and i must say, im a 100% fan of the mario galaxy franchise, and this doesnt come close. but i am an extreme fan of sonic, having every sonic game from the genesis days, to the dreamcast day games, and the newer ones when sonic went to gamecube, xbox 360 and now wii u, and anything in between. I have every game... and this is ok to me. To me this game is like Sonic Colors, its ok. I have never been a fan of the color powers myself... im more into sonic generations gameplay style myself.... and evne sonic adventure 2 gamestyle. but its worth picking up at least. Expand
  4. Oct 29, 2013
    Look, it's Mario Galaxy 3! No doubt the weakest installment in that series. It's nice idea to give more control to players and make world more interactive, but unfortunately final result is sort of letdown. Controls are sluggish, new parkour mechanics don't add much to game, and colour powers are thrown in for sake of having them. Complex gameplay is meant to keep Sonic speeding, but in the end they just slow things down.

    And it's not that speed is problem; Sonic used to be about flow and momentum. Momentum seems to be too hard concept to handle, so Sonic Team finally killed in favor of run-button. Flow however is concept that one does not simply ignore, but this games lacks the rhythm of Sonic Sonic games. Speedrunning is still possible trough the power of returning spindash, which happens to be more of an gimmicky version of boost.

    Speaking of gimmicks, level design varies between somewhat fun and incredibly frustrating and/or boring. There is no flow in some levels, and many design choices come of annoying. Game tries hard, but ultimately fails to understand what made any given platforming masterpiece, not to mention sonic's best games, fun in the first place. Same goes for boss fights, which are still one weak spot of franchise

    To add insult to injury, visual design is not always easy to eyes; Sonic games are known to be colourful, but putting bright colours everywhere is never good. Fortunately, happy athmosphere and catchy music makes up for it, albeit not-so-funny and not-serious-enough storyline tries hard to ruin it. Worst thing is that story, just like game, tries to have depth, but in the end becomes less deep than most games that aren't trying.

    Having lack of polish here, and trying too hard there, Lost World is mixed pack of some nice concepts and some lackluster results.Game isn't terrible, and shows that developer Sonic Team has learned something, but learning something today doesn't help much if you forget what you knew yesteryear. There was no need to break things that didn't need fixing, and there is no need for reinvention if you already have something that works. And there is no shame being different than all-around popular Nintendo.
  5. Oct 31, 2013
    Para aqueles que tem dúvida se compram ou não, o jogo vale a pena. um hibrido entre mario galaxy e o sonic the hedahog. Existe a velocidade e os inimigos clássicos de sonic, com o lvl desing das fases do mario, e alguns colecionáveis para procurar.
    O jogo tem a dificuldade um pouco acima da média dos demais sonic, e os controles responde de forma satisfatória. Em alguns poucos momentos
    senti frustração em decorrência da resposta de meus comandos. Mas isso se deve mais ao fato de se acostumar com a nova mecânica que um defeito do jogo.
    Em termos de gráfico e som, o jogo esta excelente, cumprindo bem seu papel.
    Os chefes por sua vez, apresentam uma dificuldade baixa, mas ainda sim divertida.
    Em minha humilde opinião, este um jogo obrigatório para os fãs do ouriço azul, e para aqueles que não o conhecem. Enfim, obrigatório a todos os donos do wii u
  6. Oct 29, 2013
    This game is proof that SEGA is trying new things to the Sonic formula.
    Some stage design flaws aside, this is one of the best Sonic games in recent years!
    A game with great production values, values that rival Nintendo's own games.
    I really cannot understand all the hate critics give to this game.
    Give this game a chance, especially if you like Sonic games in general!
  7. Oct 29, 2013
    Don't care about these reviews, this game is great. SEGA has changed that annoying "boost to win" gameplay to a new kind of gameplay that tries to bring Sonic for a more balanced platformer style, but it's still possible to make speed runs if you want to. The plot is simple and fun, and thanks God doesn't have nothing "ultra-realistic". The controls have some minor issues and most of people that complains about it, does it because the game doesn't have any tutorial and makes you learn in your own. But when you get used to it, you're gonna like it.
    The art and graphics are awesome and full of Sonic Style, reminding us the great times from the 90's.
    I recommend for everyone and hope that SEGA follow this path for the future Sonic games
  8. Oct 29, 2013
    A fantastic game and one I can recommend to anyone. The controls are tight, the level design is fantastic, varied visually and structurally, and often there are many paths through zones. Some stages have different play styles to others, such as grinding or floating, but all come together nicely. The Wisps take some getting used to with the controls being somewhat of a learning curve, but not one you will feel punished for avoiding as some Wisps use the buttons on the Gamepad too.

    The soundtrack is top notch and is ever catchy to continue the series trend and the visuals run at a smooth 60FPS, which launch titles for the other two consoles wish they could manage let alone maintain.

    Overall, buy this game, it's fantastic.
  9. Oct 29, 2013
    A fantastic game. For longtime sonic fans, they know how rough its been for the guy for quite some time and how he had his comeback with sonic colors (sonic 4 was very underwhelming). with the third game after the fact sonic team really turned sonic mechanic on its head and it shows some creative work here. the game plays very differently then the usual. They obviously drew some inspiration from sonic extreme so this comparison to the galaxy series is quite stupid with that logic, Mario galaxy stole from extream. In short great game! very unique and i highly appreciate that,this only goes for the wiiu version as i have yet to play the 3ds ver. Its a buy forget the critiques. Expand
  10. Oct 30, 2013
    Those who haven't played a Sonic game since the Genesis or Dreamcast might find this game a bit challenging at first. All Sonic games are supposed to be. It doesn't hold your hand like most modern platformers, but it makes it that much rewarding when you actually do figure it out. There is so much fun to be had in this game. It's the best platformer so far this year, even better than Rayman Legends (which I loved). Expand
  11. Oct 31, 2013
    Never before in 15+ years I have been playing video games have I seen such a great game with such inaccurate reviews. Some professional reviews seem to have only played the first level. Other reviewers who posted videos I've seen clearly did not take the time to learn how to play the game (there is a learning curve), and have it a poor review simply because they found the first few hours to be harder than they anticipated. These reviews are what compelled me to write my first Metacritic review for any piece of entertainment. Before I begin, allow me to say I've played and completed a lot of both 2D and 3D Sonics (games include the original, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic CD, Sonic Advance, Sonic 4 ep. 1 and 2, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic Colors, and Sonic Generations).

    Sonic: Lost World is a complete victory for the franchise and continues the upward swing in quality that has been happening since Sonic Colors. New gameplay elements like Sonic's new parkour abilities add a level of creativity to how you choose to progress though the well-designed, multi-path environments. If you love playing acrobatically, you may choose to wall run and jump through the same area that a speed runner would use Sonic's spin dash to get through. Other players may choose to destroy all Eggman mechs in an area using Sonic's homing, kick, and bounce attacks, and others still may use found power-ups (Wisps from Sonic Colors, for those who are familiar) to unlock all new paths altogether. I've personally played through some levels 6 to 7 times and have found that most levels have allowed me to play differently on each run through. To reiterate what I said earlier, there is a learning curve, but after about an hour I was playing with Lost World with fluidity.

    Sonic's new abilities and the level design have offered a gameplay experience unlike any I've had before. You may be able to draw comparisons in visual design to Super Mario Galaxy, which also used the idea of planetoids in level design, but the similarities stop there. The gameplay is as fresh as it can be, both for the franchise and platformers in general. It's no secret that Sonic has had trouble finding his footing in the 3D era, with the Adventure games offering fun but flawed experiences and Sonic 2006 becoming the poster child for a AAA game disaster. Sonic Colors and Generations seemed to perfect the 3D gameplay that the Adventure games wish they had, but Sonic: Lost World is the first real successful innovation in Sonic 3D gameplay in over a decade.

    The game has a beautiful visual style that pays homage to Sonic games of old while taking full advantage of what the Wii U can deliver. I'd recommend looking at a screenshot or two for a better understanding of what I mean. The framerate stays consistently high even with high amounts of enemies and projectiles onscreen. The game's sound and music are phenomenal, something that has been generally true over Sonic's lifespan. The characters, so far (keep in mind I've only beaten half of the game), are very cartoon-like and never dull, with their in-game dialogue and design making me laugh on more than one occasion. Given the light and humorous of the game, the tone fits well with what I believe the overall tone of the Sonic franchise should be (ahem, Shadow the Hedgehog).

    Sonic: Lost World has made a case for best Sonic title in a decade as well as best Wii U title currently available. I fully recommend the game to anyone interested.
  12. Oct 29, 2013
    Sonic Lost World is honestly a great game, not Sonic Generations great, but Sonic colors great. It defiantly has a lot of Mario Galaxy inspiration but it doesn't completely rip the idea off, it actually feels refreshing and unique. Gameplay is slower than most Sonic games but it isn't a problem since you need to pause and think everyone now and then on which path to take from the usual 3-5 given at times. Only real problem with the game has to be the fact that Sonics jumps seem extremely short and can cause plenty of deaths. Multiplayer is also a nice touch. Overall 8.5/10, extra .5 for the power up noises using various bits of Sonic themes from past games, very nostalgic. Expand
  13. Oct 30, 2013
    This game is probably good, I haven't played it but my mum said that I should give it a 10 because if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all
  14. Oct 29, 2013
    Great game with tight controls. When you die it feels like it's your fault and not the games. Great sonic title and greatly under-rated. The story goes back to its roots with a simple and cheesy story. Sonics voice actor is great and the villains are very cool. The over-all story is a bit childish but is not that bad. The game is very fast but you can slow down for better control. The wall running is a little weird but once you get used to it, its very cool and useful. The game does not hold your hand with tutorials and expects you to learn the game through gameplay, which I love. Expand
  15. Oct 30, 2013
    Don't believe the low critic score, it's a much better game than it's being given credit for. It's tough, challenging, a little different and definitely doesn't hold your hand after a couple hours of play. It's mostly because of this that the professionals give it low scores. This is simply a Sonic game that puts more effort into the platforming than the balls-out speed. Not perfect, but it's definitely at least an 8.

    So definitely don't believe what you read, it's a (finally) great Sonic game. Music is fantastic, art is amazing, story is actually decent for a change, controls are very tight, and the game play is fun and challenging (also finally). I personally hope that it does well just to spite some of the reviewers that seem to be intentionally sucking at the game to make it look terrible (check out gamespots video "review". Ridiculous.).
  16. Oct 30, 2013
    I just don't understand the negative reviews this game has been receiving. I'm going to go ahead and say its the best Sonic game since Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast. The controls are spot on, and holding the Z button to instantly run is perfect. To me, this game more closely resembles the 16 Bit Sonic games than any of the other 3D attempts. People forget but Sonic games on the Genesis had plenty of sections where You had to slow down and be very precise to make it through the levels. Playing this game just makes me think Sonic games are going to get bashed no matter what. In the past reviewers complained that Sonic had too many scripted 'go fast' events, now they complain that its too slow and methodical. Personally I feel that this game has a refreshing mixture of both. Maybe its just me, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this game to Sonic fans or anyone looking for a quality platformer. Expand
  17. Nov 1, 2013
    What funny fanboys. As usual Sega releases another mediocre sonic game. This is no surprise. What IS a surprise is that fans actually expected this to be good! Now THAT'S funny!

    Now this game was very short first off. It is not worth the $50 they ask for. I beat this game in about 7 hours. The level design is good at times but most of the time it's just horrendous! Also, where is Sonics
    speed? Sonic platformers suck when slow! Floaty jumping make this worse the double jump and the finicky targeting system are a pain. There is no fluidity to this game! Expand
  18. Nov 4, 2013
    Sonic Lost World is the greatest Sonic game I have ever played. The Controls are really great, the graphics are really beautiful, and level design is good. The bosses may be a disappointment but its still the greatest Sonic I've ever played. If reviewers are hating this they just don't know how they play it cause they're ignorant. this the Best Sonic game I've ever played, and one of the best Wii U Games I've Played so far. 10/10 Expand
  19. Nov 8, 2013
    I think this is a game that shows that SEGA is always going forward with Sonic series, the new mechanics are very good and i really want to see the next step. Very fun and interesting. Graphics are great, sound is awesome as always in Sonic games and Super Sonic is a good reason to replay the game. Totally recommended!
  20. Nov 3, 2013
    This is just hilarious. This is the best video game I have ever played. Than I see people who get paid to write reviews and don't know what they are talking about. Sonic Lost World to me is game of the year next to donkey kong tropical freeze.
  21. Nov 3, 2013
    sonic lost world has speed
    it just you must find it
    the controls are awesome if you know how to play
    if you played generations or colors you will know what i mean
    its a good game. its not a mario galaxy!!!
    stop with the critics!!!!
  22. Oct 30, 2013
    While it's not the best sonic game, it's the best 3D sonic game out there, It's a must have for a Wii U owner.
    The controls are not bad, but they need some time to get used to.
  23. Dec 23, 2013
    This is how sonic is supposed to be, this game is great. Sonic is treated so unfairly I feel. You can't make him go super fast and be able to control him in 3D it just doesn't work. The logic of him going that fast doesn't work. So if the devs try to help us control him it isn't interactive enough. If they slow him down so he is able to be controlled he is too slow. I think this game is great and 9/10 easy. The story is cheesy and full of lame one liners but I find it charming. Is doesn't need to be some masterpiece of a story. That's not what sonic was supposed to be. This game is pick up and have a good time.

    This game is in the colorful fun and imaginative world sonic belongs in. Instead of the modern day world.

    He is fast, you can hold a button to run faster and even spin dash.

    There is some small bits that are stupid yeah, but that doesn't make the game bad at all. Its just the difficulties of a fast paced 3D game.

    This game likes to switch from 3D to 2D and it's a lot of fun. Honestly the tunnel like gameplay is pretty great and is exactly how the games should have turned 3D to begin with. They let you dodge run and go fast, but I especially like the 3D Sidescrolling sections those are a lot of fun.

    Also this game is pretty challenging at times and I usually feel like it's MY fault not the games.

    Sonic is a bit of a jerk though, I feel like Eggman was nicer in this game than Sonic was.
  24. Nov 6, 2013
    I felt compelled to vent my frustration about this game.

    Poor visuals, broken controls and the multi player mode is a joke.

    There is a never a feeling of speed which I would have expected from a Sonic game.

    Like most games nowadays I feel as the end user I am the expected to be the beta tester.

    Paid £40 and lost £20 on the trade in as there is no comeback for shoddy games.
  25. LBC
    Oct 31, 2013
    Lost World is exactly what the Sonic series needed! By slowing the pace down they've actually made Sonic more nimble and easy to control. It seems like the players like this game and the critics do not. I wanted to make sure I actually played a decent chunk of the game before commenting. Bottom line, if you're looking for a great Wii U game (and let's face it, there aren't many right now) or you're a long time Sonic fan, GET THIS GAME!! Expand
  26. Oct 30, 2013
    Sonic Lost World is one of the best Wii U games you can pick up as of now. I purchased a Wii U solely for this game and it didn't disappoint.
    Sonic Lost World, essentially, is a classic Genesis game brought into the 3D realm. Just like other games in the series, Sonic's controls and his entire game play has been switched up. Gone is the boost to win formula of the previous games in favor
    of tighter control for more precise platforming. For the first time ever, Sonic now has a run button. Moving the control stick allows Sonic to walk around at a brisk pace, holding the right trigger (ZR) allows Sonic to go into a running sprint. For added speed, holding the left trigger (ZL) allows Sonic to roll into his signature ball and do the spin dash. With 3 different speed settings, Sonic is slower than previous "boost" games but is still fast non the less.
    The Mario Galaxy inspired levels of the Lost Hex are decently designed, allowing for branching paths and alternate routes that lead to secret areas or hidden Red Rings. That's not to say all the levels are fantastic. There's a difficulty spike during the end of the game that pulls no punches and some levels here and there are home to some painfully annoying gimmicks that can annoy even the most veteran of Sonic players.
    Back from Sonic Colors are the cute alien creatures Wisps. These aliens allow Sonic to use certain powers. New to the game are the Eagle Wisp, Rhythm Wisp and Asteroid Wisp. These powers, unfortunately are finicky in their use and are not as well implemented as they were in Sonic Colors. With an amazing soundtrack, gorgeous graphics and a goofy story, Sonic Lost World is a great game for anyone who owns a Wii U or is a fan of platformers. With a few flaws, it's still a decent entry in the Sonic Franchise and a must buy for anyone with a Wii U
  27. Nov 3, 2013
    Honestly, I don't see the hate. The controls are extremely tight and the game is just hard enough to be a good platformer, graphics are good, the music is downright amazing, only thing I really have to complain is the color power controls. Otherwise, it's a great game.
  28. Oct 30, 2013
    Sonic Lost World hits some things home, and others not so much. Some of the things it does well include the graphics, music and some elements of the gameplay. If you're playing this for a deep story with a plot that will make you think, drop that notion entirely. The writing for this game is "meh" at best. Though it does have some really good moments in the cutscenes. The music is memorable for the most part. A few forgettable ones, but for the most part its what you'd expect from a Sonic game. The graphics are crisp and really good looking, despite the artstyle.

    Now for the gameplay. I had a had a difficult time learning the controls, but this is only a learning curve which is natural with any game. Once I had the controls down, I still had a few issues though. Specifically in 2D, Sonic feels as if he has lead shoes on. He feels pretty heavy, even when holding down the run button. This makes it difficult to jump over bottomless pits simply because his jumping range is so limited. This can cause a lot of cheap deaths.

    Wall running is tricky. Sonic will move down the wall as he runs on it, so you have to be pretty speedy about getting from one end to the other. Prepare for MANY cheap deaths in the ice levels. Simply because the ice physics sonic's speed bottomless pits trying to dodge obstacles are just going to cause you many problems.

    Some parts can be very frustrating in the game. It just feels like (Especially in 2D) that Sonic really heavy, and it makes it difficult to platform with any sort of speed. So unless you want to risk spindashing to clear platforming sections, you gotta go slow.

    The gameplay, once you get used to it, feels rewarding however. When you play an easy game that has no challenge, the game is a bore. Its nice to see difficulty in a game, but I think the difficulty is bred from lazy design in some aspects.

    If you love Sonic, give it a buy. Hell, if you're just a platformer fan give it a buy. You'll surely love it if you loved Colors. Though wisps are a bit useless now if I do say so myself. The hateful reviews that Sonic Lost World has received are not justified, but I DEFINITELY see where they're coming from. But those reviewers only play straight through once and then drop it. They have other games to review. If you stick with it and persevere, you'll start enjoying the game. Its NOWHERE near as bad as Sonic 06. It is a great game, but not amazing.
  29. Nov 5, 2013
    Hands down the best Sonic game there's ever been made. Everything, including graphics, music, bosses, controls and general gameplay are top notch. Also one of the best Wii U games there are out there.
  30. Nov 10, 2013
    Sonic Lost World's been criticized for being slow. Really guy? There's a run button you know. Granted this isn't entirely bad as SEGA wanted to try something different. The controls are super fluid as you'll get used to them in a matter of seconds like I did. The Music's great like all the other Sonic games, Visuals are outstanding for a Wii U title (There's a lot of exploration in levels by the way.) and the story is pretty funny. Just watch some YouTube videos of the cut-scenes and you'll get a good laugh. Sonic Lost World may not be as good as Colors, the Genesis games or Generations but it's still really solid and hell it's better than the 3DS version and Sonic 06 by a long one. Expand
  31. Nov 1, 2013
    Do not listen to the reviewers. This game is amazing! I had a blast with this game since the day I got it until the game I beat it and I'm still playing it. Sonic Lost World lets you speed into amazing stages that let you run on or up walls and lets you use unique color powers. The story is really well done, at least better than Sonic Generations story. Sonic Lost World has an awesome 2 player vs. mode that is really fun and competitive when you have friend come over. This game is a big reason to own a Wii U, because your not gonna get this game on any other console that runs at 60 fps and is 1080p. The gameplay is fluid, the controls are tight, and the graphics are beautiful. The game gets some getting used to Sonic's new play style, but after a few levels or more you will start be coming a pro at it. I hope you can enjoy this game as much as I did. Expand
  32. Nov 6, 2013
    I think this game is worthy of an 8, but gave it a 10 in my score because I think the current user aggregate of 7.5 is too low for the game.

    As a lifetime fan of Sonic, I've seen him at his best and worst. Sonic Lost World is definitely one of Sonic's better 3-D offerings. The plot and storytelling are enjoyable. The game is stupendous from a visual and audio standpoint. The soundtrack
    is wholly fantastic, ranging from super rad to breathtakingly beautiful. The gameplay in SLW feels more faithful to Sonic's Genesis classics, both in concept and execution, than any 3-D Sonic offering to date. Rather than being the ridiculously fast "boost to win" Sonic of recent years, Lost World focuses on acceleration and maintaining momentum through skillful platforming, just like the old days. The level design compliments the control mechanics really well, with a subtle brilliance even. The game isn't perfect. The Wii-U exclusive features like wisps feel totally shoehorned in an unnecessary. As Sonic Team is often wont to do, the focus on creativity over refinement can really be frustrating at times. Difficulty spikes toward the end are infuriating. Some ideas just don't work and can take away the grin the good 80% of the game gives you. Boss battles are terrible in this game. Overall though, I think Sonic Lost World deserves a much better reception than what it has received from the press. It's easily as good as Sonic Colors and should not be missed if you're a Sonic fan. Expand
  33. Nov 2, 2013
    Here are my impressions of the game...No, this is not a bad game at all. In fact, I think it's a good step for Sonic to be slower. I don't know why those are complaining because Sonic is slower, or having similar Super Mario Galaxy aspects.

    This game isn't perfect, however. My biggest gripe about the game are tied with having to hold ZR to run, and the storyline. Why do I have to hold
    ZR to actually move? And the Storyline feels week, alongside with Colors and Generation. I wish the storyline could've taken the Sonic Adventure route. I also would've liked the option to use my d-pad in side-scrolling sections, but that's not much of a problem.

    +1 Choices instead of one line
    +1 A more 'controllable' sonic
    +1 Return of the Spin-dash, and away from the boost to win.

    -1 Hold ZR to run
    -1 Cheesy Storyline.

    I honestly feel that Sega is trying too hard to keep the old aspects and even try too hard with making new aspects. I think Sonic is close to being on the right path. This game isn't what reviewers are saying about the game, but I can guarantee that it is no gem. Very fun game, worth the buy, but I stand by saying that this is a good game.
  34. Nov 18, 2013
    Since Sonic Lost World was announced as a Wii U exclusive, I've had three main surprises with it. The first was the launch trailer, which looked like a much better experience than I expected a new Sonic game to be. The second came with the lukewarm reviews it got, a real letdown after all the hype. The third was finding out that, despite that, it is in fact a (gasp) pretty good platformer.

    Even before the actual gameplay, I was impressed by the game's presentation. The graphics are sharp, vibrant, and brightly colored. The music and sound effects hit all the right notes, and a lot of the tracks are as memorable as the amazing tunes of the series's 2D beginnings. Sure, the storyline won't win any awards, but it should be serviceable as a well-made Saturday-morning cartoon, especially for younger gamers.

    Playing the game is, for the most part, a joy. Sonic isn't always running like mad, which makes the platforming aspect a lot deeper. Controls are responsive and mostly intuitive; after the game's initial batch of gamepad-activated tips, it's very easy to get the hang of everything in a mostly seamless process. Some of Sonic's parkour moves aren't exactly easy to execute, but mastering them feels like a worthwhile process rather than a drag. Sadly, the same can't be said about the wisps, color-based powers than transform Sonic into special forms like asteroid, eagle, and bomb. In trying to use the gamepad touchscreen in innovative ways, wisp controls are inaccurate at best and grating at worst. Thankfully, they're not a fundamental part of the gameplay for the most part, serving mostly as a simple diversion.

    The level design, especially when it comes to diversity, is the best thing Sonic Lost World has going for it. The game mixes 3D platforming with old-school 2D stages, sometimes resorting to endless runner levels and more offbeat designs. This ensures the gameplay never gets stale, and the way stages are expertly crafted goes a long way towards making you keep playing.

    Nothing in Sonic Lost World is breathtakingly innovative, with the Super Mario Galaxy influence being pretty obvious, but it's still a great piece of software that will get platforming fans invested. Add extras like collectibles, time trials with online leaderboards, co-op play and item-sharing Miiverse integration, and you've got a tight package that is much better than the average review will let on. If you like what you see on the game's many trailers, rest assured you'll have a lot of fun when you play it.
  35. Nov 1, 2013
    Sonic the Hedgehog has been quite the icon as of recent years. Hanging around for 22 years, the blue blur has drifted from Genesis Killer-App to Pop-Culture Icon. In 2013 comes Sonic's latest foray, Sonic: Lost World, a game that seeks to transform the character even further to help balance adrenaline and curiosity. Can Sonic go 3 for 3 on the Next-Gen Wii U, or will the blue streak break his streak?

    Most people realize that the hedgehog's written plots aren't exactly works of Shakespeare, but this time they decided to have a little fun with the story to Lost World. Seeing Eggman, Sonic, and Tails interact with one another reveals a little bit about themselves, and they always have a one-liner afterwards. However, there are a couple holes in the plot. The wisps, making a return from Sonic Colors, are never explained why they're there, Knuckles and Amy play little to no role in the overall plot, and there can be a lot of cheesy lines. Fortunately, the plot does have its moments, with genuine character interaction, superb voice-work, and some points that can get a little dark. It's not exactly emmy-worthy, but for the blue blur himself, it's one of his better plots.

    The layout for Lost World takes a lot after Sonic Colors, with a hexagon based map filled with the different levels you'll come across. Animals in this game act as collectables, and you'll need to collect them to unlock the later levels in the game. Fortunately, the amount you'll need won't have you running around for too long, and the carnival mini-games let you grab more than a handful of them. Red Medals also make a return, collectables that are hidden throughout each level. Some of them you'll have to think outside the box to find, but most of them are relatively harder to get than to find. Getting all the Red Medals will also provide for a very good bonus. There's certainly a lot to do in Lost World, but most of it will depend on how committed the player is to the game. While having a low time on a level is nice for bragging rights, there isn't a whole lot of incentive to do all the activities that the game wants you to do. But for the outgoing players who play everything the game has to offer, don't worry, this game certainly has a lot.

    While the last few games expanded on a single style, Sonic: Lost World brings a whole new style to the table. Ditching the boost and re-learning the classic Spin Dash, Lost World takes a new idea into the speedy platformer. The Lost Hex not only contains an interesting landscape, but the levels are sporadically organized, and the first level has you traversing across cylindrical tubes suspended in mid-air. You can move completely around the tube without the fear of falling off. While these levels remind others of the exploits of Mario, the similarities begin and stop there, as the two couldn't be more different. These however aren't the only types of levels in the game, as the game sports several different types, enough to have you doing something different every level. Sonic now has three different speeds that one can activate by the press of a button. Sonic walks around at a smooth jog at all times, but holding down the ZR button will make him break into a run, with the ZL button being responsible for the Spin Dash. One last mechanic is Sonic's new acrobatic set of parkour abilities. Holding ZR on any landscape will have sonic wall-run, run straight up, jump between, or climb on any surface in the game.
    Being able to grab onto any surface saves the player from a lot of unfair fall deaths, letting them continue their run. However, the game isn't exactly the best teacher, leaving most of the mechanics to figure out to the player, and while the game embraces experimentation in the beginning, later levels can get a little unforgiving. Compounding the problems is the overabundance of automated sections, which take control away from the player. Some assortments of springs and speed boosters can last for as long as 30 seconds. The boss battles against the Deadly Six don't fare much better, where some battles are ridiculously easy, and others can drag on for a while until you figure out yourself how to beat them.

    Sonic: Lost World takes on a new face with its graphical fidelity, ditching detailed textures and complex shadows for a more simplistic art style that's easy on the eyes. Every level in the game is bright and colorful, and each one has its own flavor. However, the crowning achievement of the game is a 1080p resolution at a perfect 60 fps. The music is some of the best in the field. You can trust the next sonic game to have a fantastic soundtrack most of the time, and this game certainly holds true to that philosophy. You'll find just about every genre in this game. Every level track is fantastic, and sometimes you'll be tempted just to stop and listen.

    It does a lot of things right and can keep the player extremely happy through and through, but things can make the player quit outright.
  36. Nov 2, 2013
    I liked the game, could be to the best Sonic game of all.
    Clássiquista graphic style. Difficulty, exploration, music

    Contra: Wisps, boss design, only Sonic playable Homming Attack, level design, few levels, bosses easy trail 1 ups (for that?).
  37. Nov 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. So after playing Sonic Lost World, I can say that this game is very solid, but needs several improvements to the formula and some polish in all areas. To start off, Sonic feels very slow. I know this was to make sonic platform better, but even then, it fells like a snails pace. And running is good for speeding in straight lines, but try to turn and Sonic's speed will plummet. Then there is the new parkour system, which is a good concept, but can get complicated at times, and cause deaths when you need to navigate over bottomless pits. Despite these complications, Sonic manages to control well enough to make platforming manageable. Most frustrations arise from some levels with poor design. And when stages bite, they REALLY bite.
    The story is alright for a kids game, but contains two problems I felt hurt the story overall. The first problem is the zeti who, despite containing charm and humorous lines, are only really there as a Big Bad for Sonic to pulverize (and it doesn't help that there boss fights are pathetically easy). The second is that it Eggman was put in as a Big Bad at the last second after "dying", but the way they did it seems like it was a last second decision just to have Eggman as the final boss.While an ok story, with much character building between our heroes, it kinda felt flat at certain points.
    The music and art is as good as usual for Sonic. Not only is the music a great listen, but it is also used at the right points during the levels. The visuals are also bright and cheery or dark and ominous to fit the situation.
    Overall, the game has some problems, but it didn't stop it from being a good experience. The music and visual are nice, the gameplay is very good (when it isn't very bad), and story is generally ok. I can definitely recommend this to anyone who has a Wii U and looking to add something to their much needed library of Wii U games, they just need to do it better next time.
  38. Nov 4, 2013
    A lot of polish with little substance. This game is lacking in the most fundamental areas, which is a damn shame because in concept it showed much promise. Sega played it too safe with this one, and the result is an awful lot of uninspired aimlessness with a few brief glimmers of what could have been.
  39. Nov 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It is not a Super Mario Galaxy Rip-Off, its Graphics are good, the music is good, and the gameplay has been shown to be fun... but the characters, voices, and terrible plot makes it too painful and unlike Sonic.

    Amy sounds like a certain female Disney Mouse, and does not match her appearance, almost everything Sonic says involves "WOMP WOMP WOOOOOOMP" or is a "Zing' worthy of the Picard Facepalm. Tails sounds forced with everything he says, though I do not think he's voiced terribly.

    Eggman's voice is great as always, and even the Deadly Six's voices seem fine, but the lip-movement with almost everyone seems off.

    Having every single one of the Deadly Six being a stereotype of some sort be it
    ~Old people
    ~... Fat

    The only one who doesn't seem like a stereotype is Zavok, but that isn't saying much. He doesn't sound like a villain, and while they all look... odd, they look more like villains for Yo Gabba Gabba.

    When I see Miss Green going "Call me" after Sonic beats her up, I just say "What?!"

    Also, they try to put in some... tension? Character development? One of those, maybe both. Eggman warming up to Sonic, and Tails doubting Sonic and his friendship out of nowhere, is just dumb.

    But then I remembered... this isn't the Sonic I'm used to. This isn't Ryan or Jason, this is Roger, while he's great at Ezio and Batman, Sonic he is not.

    Everything involving moral... lessons(?) is something you'd see pop up in a kid's show, and I mean REALLY little kids, five years maybe. I cannot play this game thinking "Yeah I can relate to this, my intelligence didn't drop." and if someone sees me watching the cutscenes, or even playing to game's corny-kiddy-looking-levels, I'll be embarrassed.

    The gameplay, again, is great from what I've heard, but the boss fights are terrible, synches with no challenge whatsoever.

    The graphics, while I did praise them before, look the best on the characters, and only the characters. T he backgrounds in cutscenes look passable, but nothing special. That isn't to say they look grainy or pixelated, but simply extremely simple or plain.

    I am a dedicated Sonic fan, and I will not abandon the franchise, nor do I think it's dead... but I have yet to enjoy a Sonic game to the fullest ever since the Comic Penders issues, and the game's... voice-changing. Honestly I think that had the voices stuck around it would not be so cringe-worthy as it is now.

    I will not recommend it to anyone, but if you want to try it, I would suggest rental before purchase to see if you can handle the corny scenes.

    I am extremely sorry for offending all fans of this game. If you enjoy it, that's a good thing, I'm jealous, because I keep noticing the terrible parts, and that makes it harder to notice the good.
  40. Nov 2, 2013
    Don't care about these reviews, this game is great. SEGA has changed that annoying "boost to win" gameplay to a new kind of gameplay that tries to bring Sonic for a more balanced platformer style, but it's still possible to make speed runs if you want to. The plot is simple and fun, and thanks God doesn't have nothing "ultra-realistic"
  41. Jan 1, 2014
    lost world is a sonic game that challenges gamers more than any sonic game since the genesis. By doing this it makes some missteps but when it does things right it is an exhilirating game to play. their are chase levels, their are levels were you precisely move from falling platform to falling platform. the tougher levels require speed and you will even have to rotate sonic around the world to dodge gisnt snowballs and enemies occasionally. this shows that the galaxy formula actually gives sonic greater freedom to roam and its neat when its used. the problem is their should be mandatory movie sequences or something to show that it can be done early on in the game. onto whats irritating, the red rings are inconsistently difficult. one red ring has icicles surrounded it which you have to dodge but then rewards you with rings for attempting it while the next red ring requires careful wall jumping skills which give no room for error. their are also segments which although interesting and creative. jumping on clouds. running toward blender gears so you can be carried by the fruit juices. these segments are fun but their different trom the visceral experience in a typical sonic game. this game is an extremely fun difficult game which reminds me of the original crash bandicoot. I think once fans get a hang of the difficulty theyll love how much precision and speed is behind their actions. Expand
  42. Nov 4, 2013
    Fun game, simple level design. More of an 8/10 but choosing 10 because this site has too many trolls that give it a 0. Not even sonic 06 is a 0 and this game is by far and away one of the best sonic titles in years, far better than sonic 06
  43. Dec 24, 2013
    Sonic Lost World has been bombarded with a significant amount of negative, low scaling reviews. I for one do not understand it. Sonic Lost World is a much needed upgrade to the franchise. The level design is the best aspect of game. Each zone offers some unique and different. This game is far from perfect but it appears that all the negative reviews are pushing players away. If you find this game on sale you need to still add it to the library. It still one of the top 5 games on the WII U to play.

    I suppose the negative aspects is what is really holding the game back.

    Cons Game play. This is a big one. It need's a bit of polishing. You often fine yourself bumping back and forth into walls. It lacks an overall smooth flow to the game. Some areas, secrets just seems a bit of a hassle to discover instead of an accomplishment.

    Flow Landing attacks on enemies is easy, but your character loses all it speeds and reset it's running speed. It's quite odd that developers felt like this was the correct way of programming.


    Pro Level concept. The game still offers great concepts, and beautiful art style. The part that hold it's pack is the actual design which hinders the flow.


    A more accurate grading would be high 7.8 to a low 8.0
  44. Nov 10, 2013
    This is a return to classic Sonic the Hedgehog. This is the 3.D. experience that is required in order for Sonic to feel as he did back in the days of Genesis/Mega Drive. Brilliant soundtrack and voice acting make Sonic Lost World feel how Sonic should be. Remember the attitude and cheesiness that Sonic used to have? It's back, and it has been done very well.
  45. Nov 5, 2013
    Great Platformer. but it feels like a Mario Galaxy game oh well.

    Controls are more.... Controllable. Great Cartoony visuals. the story had alot of emotion and dialogue that the story was a thrill ride of fun. This is a good sonic game and a must-get for the Wii U
  46. Nov 8, 2013
    I like this game and this comes from a die hard Mario fan, I choose Mario over Sonic years ago when I first started to Console Game (SNES vs Genesis). If you are a Mario fan give this game a try. This game is arcade platform meets 3D platforming, replay levels differently each time, explore the areas for hidden surprises. Find loops to build your lives up, die and rerun that area again. For Wii U owners this title should find a place in you gaming library. Expand
  47. Dec 27, 2013
    I've grown up with Sonic the Hedgehog. I've been there for the high points as well as the many low points along the path. After hitting a brief wave of decent to good games, it feels like things are beginning to slip again.

    The games largest failure is in the games controls. It's not very intuitive and it took me quite awhile to get a grasp of it. Even when I finally mastered the
    games controls I still found that they would often fail me. Jumping is horrendously inconsistent. In 3-D, your jumps carry a lot of momentum, and once you perform that double jump, there's nothing more you can do. You lose control of Sonic, and I have died many times as a result. Once you reach 2-D, you find that your jumps carry little to no momentum. I kept trying to push the control pad further to get him to budge and it further hindered the experience. Jumping provides this games greatest obstacle, and the changes between 2-D and 3-D jumping make it difficult to gauge movement.

    Then there's the parkour system. I love the idea of the parkour system, and in 3-D, it works very well. It took me awhile to master some of the more technical maneuvers, but once I had them, zipping through walls, climbing up ledges, and wall jumping were marvelously thrilling. I would love to see the parkour system return in future games. There is room for improvement though, particularly in 2-D sections. If you're hold the R trigger, Sonic will run up walls whenever you come in contact, and when you hit some narrow passages, it can be a pain to control.

    My only other complaint is that the other buttons need to be better utilized. The 4 buttons on the right each share one function with another. It would've been nice to separate the double jump and the homing attack, or even giving a separate parkour button to one of them.

    As far as level design, the game is a mixed bag. There are a few enjoyable levels, some mediocre levels, and some terrible levels. Frozen Hill and Silent Forest in particular feature some frustrating level design, and the late game levels feature several frustrating sections as well. Frozen Hill features some of the same level design as Windy Hill, but with ice. Skating along the ice works great and the 2-D ice skating sections were a blast. Jumping seems simple enough, but Sonic will completely follow the momentum of his skating, making it hard to maneuver, sometimes forcing you to stop to perform your regular jumps. Furthermore, when you jump on ice to break it, Sonic flies off the handle once you hit 3 blocks. This created many infuriating deaths as well. Of course, then you're placed in a giant snowball in the second act and forced to roll around along narrow pathways which will almost certainly cause dozens of deaths due to the levels unforgiving nature.

    The level design as a whole feels overly ambitious. It expects players to have mastered it's hard to grasp control scheme in such a short while, and then throws everything they've got. It leads to an overall disconnect that makes the later levels of the game unsatisfying.

    The bosses were a drag too. They were never difficult, by the battle with Zavok and whatever the girl was names are bad simply because of the failures of the control scheme. Zavok's was a pain due to the fact that the lock-on targeting for the homing attack is spontaneous and often unreliable, and the later because she was the boss of the ice stages.

    Good thing the music is great. If it were as annoying as some of the levels, I would've quit, but it seems that the music was it's best during the most annoying parts of the game. Oh well, it's a small treat for a game that's so disappointing. The game's Deadly Six and their dialogue though are embarrassingly horrible. It tries to be dark and childish at the same time. It's disgusting.

    The color powers make a return from Sonic Colors. Although I don't care for them in particular, they functioned well enough as I played through them.

    Ultimately, this game let me down. I knew it when I watched the trailers that this game would be a flop. The levels are overly ambitious, and expect the player to remain on track with the steep learning curve. Once you do, the difficulty spikes further and some inconsistencies in mechanics will only continue to frustrate. After completing the game though, I've gotten a better grasp of the controls, but the gameplay isn't rewarding enough to forgive this issue. The parkour system is promising though. Sega made a mistake, and it's certainly not as bad as some of there other flops. I only hope to see the parkour system improved for further installments and for Sega to find it's mojo again.
  48. Mar 28, 2014
    If only the DLC of Zelda and Yoshi could of been the main theme worlds of the whole game. Serious I would buy this again if this was how they made a Sonic game. As the main game stands... its okay/bad. Game play is everything I don't like and come to expect. Buy this if you wanted to see a Zelda and Sonic game level or love Sonic colors that much.

    So yea... Conflicted gets a 7 game
    overall but people will be happy once they get to the DLC levels .... Expand
  49. Nov 21, 2013
    Here's how I determined this was a good game and worthy of being purchased. I downloaded the demo, which is just the first stage (Windy Hill Zone 1). I played it, then I played it again. Then again, and again after that. Next thing I knew, three hours had gone by and all I'd been doing is playing one stage over and over again. The last things I did before turning in for the night were buying the game in the Wii U shop and starting the download.

    There's a bit of a learning curve as far as the controls are concerned, but after awhile, I find them to be far more responsive and precise than Hedgehog Engine games. My only real complaint about the controls is the unnecessary addition of color powers, which appear to have been added simply because they felt they had to put something in the game that utilized the gamepad touchscreen. I don't like the very idea of the gamepad touchscreen in just about every Wii U game I've played. Having to shift and refocus your eyes back and forth is awkward and uncomfortable. In a game like Sonic, it really breaks the flow, although Sonic Team was smart enough to make the game pause after using a color power to give you a chance to reacclimate yourself with the TV screen.

    As far as the people saying it's copying too much off of Mario Galaxy, so what? That's what Sonic has always done. Sonic games take the elements from Mario games and speed them up. Sonic 1,2, and 3 copied Super Mario Bros. Sonic Adventure copied Mario 64. Sonic Lost World copies Mario Galaxy. It doesn't matter as long as the games are good, and this one is good.
  50. Nov 28, 2013
    I'm someone who had previously written Sonic games off as just plain crap thanks to some bad
    experiences with previous games starring SEGA's blue hedgehog. Out of all the Sonic games I had played, only one of them I enjoyed, and it was deviation from Sonic's platforming roots into the realm of an RPG. Something about Lost World just stuck out to me when I was hearing about it, so I
    decided to try it despite my reservations with the series. I'm glad I did try it, because this is a great game and the best Sonic platformer I've ever played. It has made me change my opinions about what to expect with a Sonic game.

    The presentation is excellent. Graphics are charming, bright, and colorful. The voice acting is great, making the Saturday morning carton style story enjoyable. It's the first time I've not been irritated by the story and characters in a Sonic game since Sonic Chronicles. The soundtrack is nice, but I never really noticed it while I was playing the levels. So Lost World nails it with the presentation, but none of that matters if the gameplay is crap. Thankfully this is the tightest gameplay I've experienced with a Sonic title yet.

    It plays out with both 2D and 3D platforming sections. Both present a fun gameplay and a nice challenge. The controls are tight and responsive, but wall running in the later levels is irritatingly off. One of the first things that stuck out to me is that Sonic isn't tearing through levels at high speeds, but instead seems to casually jog through levels in a way that's more traditional with 3D platformers. This isn't a bad thing at all, it's just at odds with what I've come to expect from a Sonic game. If anything it's actually an improvement over past games. With this slower sense of speed I feel like I had more control over Sonic's movements and could pull off more precise platforming. Overall the level design is mostly excellent, except for a few cheap hits that the game will throw at you from time to time. So as a single-player experience everything is great, where the game stumbles is with it's co-operative and competitive multiplayer.

    Everything still works out well for the person who's playing as Sonic, but it's the co-op buddy who ends up feeling left out throughout the majority of the game. Player 2 is stuck playing as some kind of lame aircraft that is a pain to control and is basically useless. The second player can only attack a few types of enemies with an awful targeting system, they can't do any sort of platforming, and they are constantly losing themselves off screen thanks to the fact that Sonic moves faster than them. The only thing they can do is collect the occasional ring or shoot the occasional enemy. For the most part co-op was a useless addition that will just leave whoever gets stuck playing as the second player bored. Unfortunately competitive multiplayer isn't much better. Sure both players get to play as a different colored Sonic, but these levels are boring and just plain don't work. The "Ring Race" has each character competing to collect the most amount of rings before time runs out. This mode just goes on for way to long and the enemies here just aren't any sort of threat to your stash of rings. The other two modes just has each player racing through levels to get to the goal first. This mode suffers because before either player can reach the goal the time limit will run out and the whole thing will just be considered a draw. I don't understand why they made these race levels so big and not give players enough time on the clock to get through them. It really is just a waste.

    Still as a single-player experience everything works out great, and single-player is how the game is meant to be played. Tight level-design, nice challenge, and just all around great gameplay save the package. Sure it's not exactly perfect but it's a heck of a lot of fun to play. Lost World has successfully restored my faith in Sonic games and I am more than willing to give the blue blur another chance. Sonic Team really did a great job with this one.
  51. Nov 14, 2013
    Very bland level design, parkour is a cool idea but poor execution, and the deadly six are some of the most one dimensional and boring villains in video game history in my opinion. Its a decent game at best but a huge step backwards from Sonic Generations.
  52. Apr 23, 2014
    The problem with Sonic Lost World is that it doesn't know what it wants to be. It mixes in many different gameplay styles, some that don't work at all. Sadly the wisp power-ups, one of the great features in Sonic Colors, are one of the biggest pase brakers. The characters interactions are charming enough, and the game is very colorful. Over all this is not the worst Sonic game, but it's not one of the better ones either. Over all I'd put Sonic Lost World a step below Sonic Unleashed. They have the same set back, in that they show new ways to play a Sonic game. However Sonic Unleashed was more sure of what it wanted to do, where Lost World feels like it can't make up it's mind. Expand
  53. Jun 4, 2014
    I'm very surprised to find that this game scored so low. In my opinion it is one of the best sonic games of all time. The controls are tight and visually it is great. The coop could be better though, but as far as playing through single player it is great, the switching between 3d and 2d modes is cool(kind of like Sonic Generations but better) If you own a Wii U and love that sonic speed, give this one a try, it's very good. On a side note get the Yoshi DLC, it's short but looks amazing. Expand
  54. Nov 8, 2013
    I agree with the 80 and above because the fact that after wacthing gameplay its so realistic, but it goes with bad reviews. I don't get it why some games are so good but then you know what happens.
  55. Feb 4, 2014
    The only reason this game suffers is because of the level access. You have to have freed a certain amount of animals to unlock the latter levels which becomes an issue around World 4. It takes away from what Sonic games embody which is speed. On the positive side, it does allow you to go back to favored levels, but it's unnecessary to say the least. Other than that, I have no idea why this game received such bad reviews. It's not only a good game, but it's a lot of fun. I think if it wasn't a Sonic game it would've done better. If Sonic 2 on Genesis wouldn't have been one of the greatest games ever made, we wouldn't expect so much from him. Expand
  56. Jan 4, 2014
    I did enjoy the game for a while but after beating Tropical Coast, the game suddenly became frustratingly hard. There are some good things, like i said Windy hill, Desert Ruins, and Tropical Coast all have fun levels, the acting is good, and I do like the deadly six. Then there's the bad stuff, the story felt rushed and unfinished, each world now only has 4 levels which is really disappointing, after figuring out how to attack the bosses they become way to easy, I had to figure out some of the controls by experimenting with buttons, and every time I died after Tropical Coast, was because of a cheap death trap. This could have been a great game like Sonic Colors, but someone messed up. Expand
  57. Nov 24, 2013
    Sonic Lost World is a very Different take on the Sonic games. I've 100% completed the game and I say its a great Sonic Game. Single-Player and Multiplayer are both a blast to play (with the exception of the RC Vehicles). Multiplayer was surprisingly fun to play, the two screen feature works perfect for the Multiplayer. However, this game is not perfect. In the last world, there is a huge difficulty spike and can really get annoying and frustrating. The Boss Battles are Jokes, with the new Homing Action it is pretty easy to defeat the bosses. The Pre-order bonus is alright, but could have been better. Gyroscope controls and the Wisp are poorly implemented into the game. Gyroscope controls are twitchy and are from the console instead of the senor bar and can be frustrating to control. Wisp are not even mentioned or put into in the game's story which is a complete let down to me. Other than those small problems, the game is great. Very underrated in my opinion. One of my Favorite Sonic Games. Expand
  58. Feb 5, 2014
    Just to start this off, the game is good. Not great nor bad, just good. It passes just above decent. Though I'm sure you're wondering why. That is why I'm typing this down.

    Now what most of us expect in a Sonic game is being able to run fast. Well, how fast you move in this game has been taken down a bit. And it takes the Rayman Origins/Legends approach and has you hold down one of the
    Z buttons in order to start running. Which I suppose is actually needed, considering that there is a lot of platforming in this game, so running all the time would prove to be incredibly annoying.

    Some of levels can get pretty frustrating. This is mostly because of how some of them are designed. Most times, it's hard to tell where you're supposed to go, as one of the snow levels causes you go around in circles for what seems like an eternity. This level just proves how bad some of the designs are. Of course, not all levels are like that. In short, levels range from being straight-forward and easy to 'holy crap, where the hell do I go?'.

    The bosses are really easy...like, really easy. I'm sure most have noticed that the difficulty for the bosses seems a bit too easy. Maybe it's just the fact that I'm a bit better at games than I used to be, but I honestly think these bosses are too easy. You may only die a few times trying to figure out how to dodge some of their attacks, but once you get down when to hit them, the fight is over in just a few minutes. Not that I'm saying that the fights should be longer, but just a bit more challenging.

    Just the one thing that bothers me more than anything else in this game. When you die way too many times on a level, the game will give you this little capsule that has a wing in it. What happens when you touch it? It sends you to the end of the level. I really hate this kind of hand holding. Even New Super Mario Brothers 2 did something similar, but with the gold tanuki power up, which makes you invincible to all enemy damage and have unlimited flight. Only with this game, the power up just immediately ends the level for you. I understand most people would like to get to the end of the level, but what point is it when it's just handed to you? It doesn't make the game fun, it makes boring. What point would there be in beating the level when all I have to do is die a few times and the level will just be like "Oh hey, you just wanna beat the game now?". This feature I cannot ignore.
  59. Dec 29, 2013
    A game with so much wasted potential. It looks amazing, with vibrant colors and wonderful backgrounds, with very catchy music. Everything else is just... ugh. The 3D tube like levels are fun, but the other levels are terrible. The 2D sections have sluggish jumping controls, are very slow and generally poorly designed. Very few multiple pathways in them, unlike the well designed 3D ones. The gimmick levels like the flying levels and the snowball levels are horrible, some of them are some of the worst levels I've ever played in a Sonic game. The new parkour system is fun in 3D, but in 2D it will lead to many death due to you climbing up things by accident. The Wisps returning are pointless gamepad gimmicks, not even explained in the story. They all control terribly except for the laser and drill since you don't need to use the gamepad. The story itself has a few plotholes, but it's OK for the most part. The Deadly Six are all very annoying sterotypes, and the only funny lines are from Eggman. The "Deadly" Six are all pathetically easy boss fights which are short and unfun. The game is easy until you get to the last world, which will make you want to throw your gamepad into the wall. Especially if your going after the red rings.... Overall, this game is just a massive disappointment. It could have been good, but it's just meh. Don't buy until it goes down massively, until it drops to about 20 dollars. Even that's pushing it, though. Expand
  60. Nov 6, 2013
    Okay, lets start with the story.
    The plot is okay, I don't really care for it. I can tell effort was put into it, but some things just weren't explained that well (I.E The deadly six's origins/Lost Hex). It is dark, but cheesy at the same time. I feel that the edgyness of the story is the same level of sonic adventure 2. with that being said the cheesyness and the edgyness clash and ruins
    some of the story because of it. I think the writing is trying too hard to be like colors, but due to the darker story, it fails miserably (Although I did get a few laughs here and there from the dialogue.) I also must remark that the deadly six are decent villains, but their personalities are too generic and stereotypical. Which is a shame because that is the only thing from keeping these villains from being somewhat intimidating. Now, on to the gameplay and graphics.
    The graphics are beautiful, they are faptastic and filled with vibrant HD colors and textures. Not only that, but the game runs at a smooth 60 frames per second which is something i've been waiting for in a modern sonic console release since 06. Gameplay-wise, it's all over the place. Some things I really liked, some things i didn't like, and some things I down-right hated. The things I liked included the parkour, the nice change of pace of the game (I.E it's not the Boost To win game like in past games) and the very neat and challenging platforming. I also feel that this is the first sonic game in a while to really ramp up the difficulty. This brings me into the things I didn't like. What I didn't like was the cheap difficulty in some levels (I'M LOOKING AT YOU ZAVOC AND LAVA WORLD ZONE 2). Seriously, It almost made me rage quit, some levels are chalk full of instant death hazards. Some are easy to avoid and are not a problem and some are plain unfairly placed. And the things I down-right hated: The control and level design. Now, Let me tell you, I liked the parkour. and I liked some levels. But the majority of the levels were either A) A Pipe-like structure A Tube or C) Legit levels that weren't a pain to navigate through. If you didn't notice, I'm not a fan of A or B mentioned above. They honestly in my opinion were generic and boring.
    Also, I hated the wisps. They were unneeded. I didn't even use them unless I was forced to. They have no reason being there and they aren't even plot important like they were in colors. Now to the last thing i hated. The Control. It wasn't all horrible, but the majority of it is. First of all, sonic doesn't gain momentum unless he's moving in a straight line in a 3d place. Also, I feel that sonic stays at one speed, and nothing influences his speed, which is a same because I really felt that they could have done more with it.
    Now the last thing, the music. I will proudly like to report that the music is beautiful. Everything is memorable and I'd like to say that the cutscene music is the best in the franchise in my opinion. I gotta download that ****
    Final Verdict:
    It's an good game although it has some flaws that really takes away from the experience.... Also it has a ton of replay value.
  61. Nov 17, 2013
    First, for those saying it ripped off Mario Galaxy, actually, Sonic Adventure did the whole flying from area to area place first (Windy Valley for example)!

    Great game. One of the best Sonic games. I really enjoyed all of it, the 2D and 3D levels and found the new gamepad color controls innovative and wonderful. I loved the way one could run onto another side in the 3D worlds for
    different play and paths. And most of the levels were just beautiful! Expand
  62. Nov 23, 2013
    This game is truly amazing in every way Its so fun to play and so many different ways to play through each level it never gets boring. I love how the story is on this game and it has superb graphics and music in this game. I'm going to admit it the last sonic game I enjoyed was sonic adventure on the dreamcast but this one is my new favourite with adventure a very close 2nd. I recommend this game to everyone and yeah as you get through the game it can get hard and frustrating at times I've lost count how many continues I have used but I get there in the end. Sonic lost world really should of had better reviews overall and this is a fantastic wii u exclusive game to own. if you haven't got this game yet then you are missing out big time! Expand
  63. May 22, 2014
    Sonic Lost World is a game that shows just how important the fluidity of controls are to any experience. First I'll start with the positives. Right off the bat you can tell that the game is absolutely gorgeous. Honestly the visuals in this game are very impressive and I'm surprised that more people have not praised it for it's impressive art style (which is a tasteful nod to the Genesis era Sonic we all love) and high graphical fidelity.

    Next the sound is also very well done. The music is catchy and sounds like it belongs in a Sonic game. The story is fresh and the new characters, while at times silly, are ultimately a plus. It's fun to play against someone other than Robotnik, err Eggman, as Sonic. I welcomed their presence. Also the game is focused entirely on Sonic, which is a great positive.

    The content in the game is also pretty extensive. Each level has red rings which of course leads to the Chaos Emeralds and there's also a co-op mode and time trials along with online leaderboards. I also love the Yoshi and Zelda DLC as they feel like they were put together using a lot of effort and charm. Overall the amount of content is pretty good.

    Now it comes time for me to mention the gameplay. Firstly I would like to say that I found the level variety to be very enjoyable and added to the experience. There are several different types of levels (ranging from both 2D and 3D) that keep the game fresh throughout. Another positive is the new moves that were added to the gameplay. The wall jumping/running is a welcome addition. But that is where things turn sour.

    Unfortunately for Sonic Lost World it has a very...clunky feel to it. And clunky just doesn't work with video games. In fact I would go as far to say that if anything should be as far from clunky as possible, it's Sonic. I just don't feel nearly as fluid as I had while playing other Sonic games. Of course there is a learning curve and you can learn to adjust, but it still isn't at the level of past Sonic titles (but better than Secret Rings). Sonic loses momentum very easily and seems to be very touchy while doing a lot of his moves. The double jump is sporadic and can often screw up any wall jumping or running leading to cheap deaths. There's nothing I hate more than cheapness. Overall the gameplay just feels a bit....off.

    In the end I really want to love Sonic Lost World. I am willing to go as far as to say that if the gameplay was more fluid that it would be the best Sonic game since Sonic 3. Everything is superb except for those controls, which aren't awful, but a bit frustrating. If you're a die hard Sonic fan, pick it up. If not, it's probably not for you.
  64. Dec 12, 2013
    I honestly don't understand why this game would get poor reviews. Sure, the controls take time to get used too, especially if you're used to the Unleashed/Colors/Generations controls, but that doesn't make it a bad game, does it? I personally think Sonic Lost world is a worthy successor to Sonic Colors. It isn't perfect though, the Whisps in this game are useless, and i would of liked some online multi-player like on the 3DS Version, but aside from that, this game is worth buying! Expand
  65. Dec 16, 2013
    Sonic Lost World is so far, and by far, my favorite platforming and Sonic game.

    The controls are tight, but take some time getting used to, as the controls ARE explained fine, but no one usually ever feels like touching the tutorial button as it pauses the game and I don't feel like stopping.

    Also I feel like critics like IGN or gamespot tried a little bit too hard to make the game
    look bad, and the only reason this annoys me is because they give some players who want the game the wrong idea, because the game in my opinion, is just aced perfectly. The parkour (which may seem like a "overly hyped idea to some) is possibly my favorite part about the game because of the satisfaction from running up a wall away from what could possibly be a cheap death and again, the parkour takes a little bit of time getting used to, making the game start a little slow, but it only gets better and better the more you get used to the game.

    Honestly, there were two flaws in the game that occurred to me, and those were the way the controls were to be explained and surprisingly, the wisps. The wisps didn't really need to be in the game in most parts and only added a small gimmick to do in the game.

    Now, to all the people that say that this game "shamelessly rips off super mario galaxy", SONIC LOST WORLD IS NOTHING AT ALL LIKE SUPER MARIO GALAXY. The level design is to the game, but sonic actually started the planetoids and gravity trick idea, especially from a canceled sonic game for SEGA Saturn named Sonic X-treme which looks VERY similar to Sonic Lost World, and a Sonic Adventure 2 stage called "Mad Space". In nutshell, sonic lost world plays nothing at all like mario galaxy, such as some, actually most critics, just slam the game saying that it rips off another game.

    As the for the graphics, "non-offensive visuals" (seriously?) doesn't quite describe it's graphics. It's more like "downright sexy" because sonic lost world has 1080p resolution with silky smooth 60 FPS without a single frame drop. Sonic lost world has to be the most beautiful looking games for the Wii U as of now.

    The gameplay, as described and hyped about during the making of this game, SONIC IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THE FASTEST IN THIS GAME PEOPLE. You can make sonic go fast using the infinite spin dash (which admittedly, is pretty freaking sweet and the best spin dash of all time in a sonic game) to make sonic go very fast and if you've figured out the controls, you can just blaze through the level. The plat forming for me was at its best in sonic lost world as sonic can actually climb up platforms along with the help of the parkour system and the double-jump returning from sonic colors. Yes the game is challenging, all sonic plat forming based games are, and for some reason that's randomly a problem now which really confuses. You will die a lot, but it never came to a point where I found it ridiculous and made me want to stop playing, it actually made me want to keep trying and trying and even if you die too much, you are given a capsule that will transport you to the next checkpoint. But after I got the hang of the game and completed it, I loved this game even more and did not encounter infuriating deaths afterwards.

    Sonic Lost World is a really great plat forming game with some minor flaws (to me at least). The parkour was a great and life saving addition to the game that added tons of satisfaction and once you get the hang of the controls and the levels and how sonic works, Sonic lost world has become an addiction.
  66. Jan 11, 2014
    Sonic lost worlds has its very strong points and allot of negative. People didn't expect this type of a sonic game coming out because its a lot like Mario galaxy but that's were people get mad because its not as good as super Mario galaxy. the concept is the same but once u feel the controls its nothing like Mario galaxy. the positives are: this is as tight and the best sonic has ever controlled. you have more control into sonic's turning and controls compared to ever before. sure hes slower but that's the beauty of it. I'm a sonic adventure 2 guy so i like super speed but this game is like its own play style. nothing like anybody has ever seen from sonic and it controls well and the general amount of the levels are fun and enjoyable. the music is decent and its a good game. Negatives: for some people it is too slow ironically. the storyline is plain and boring but all of the 2d sonic games weren't very good either because it was all about game-play so focus on the game-play for this game. Negative is that they introduce you to the controls so poorly stopping you in the middle of your level to tell you which stops the game flow completely. overall a solid good sonic game. But there is allot more they could have done and i feel they went in the wrong direction for the fans stand point Expand
  67. Jan 17, 2014
    A cobbled together confusing mess of ideas that are not properly explained nor executed. What seemed like interesting concepts are much more stripped down and streamlined than they first appeared and the world is left empty and easy to zip past without thinking; never before has Sonic "played itself" so much, which makes it all the more confounding when you are forced to use the game's failed "parkour" system. Expand
  68. Jan 19, 2014
    This game, It does I admit have its fair share of fun moments an speedy gameplay(The type you would expect from a Sonic game) but in other times it trys to be something I believe a Sonic game just shouldn't! It adds gameplay features that you may recognize to their similarities to Mario Galaxy(And even Sonic X-Treme) but these gameplay features are just horrid in my eyes when they are used the way they are, The controls for me are just awful! I miss the classic controls of the Sonic Adventure series or hell, Even Sonic Unleashed and Generations had the nice controls you would expect a game like this to have but sadly, It doesn't. The homing attack is flawed in this game to say the least, Some of these moves I've never seen in a Sonic game before are just impossible to get used to if you are trying to play this the first time. Another mistake this game made was trying to make Sonic a slow-paced Platformer game, I cannot stress how much I hated the platforming in this game. I went from Generations which I loved the New-Gen Sonics gameplay in that. I presumed that this game wouldn't be that far off , I was wrong. Even when you're running through the level in 3D It's awkward and INCREDIBLY clunky. Another major problem that bothered me was the Deadly Six's voices are so annoying to hear when you're running through the level, It gets to the point where I wanted to rip my ears off when I would keep messing up but have to keep redoing the part of the level and hearing the Bosses annoying voices over and OVER AND OVER! But, I have only been speaking of the bad parts of the game, It has its own(Minuscule) amount of good features, When you get to the speedy parts, You get there. When it comes to the small amount of parts where you can actually go fast, It gets really fun. I also love some of the cinematics..But..That's all the good I can think of. So yeah. I personally think if you want a good Sonic game, Stick with the older ones, Sega just screwed this one up. Bad. Expand
  69. Mar 23, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Sonic Lost World is all about one thing: variety. Whether or not you like the game, you cannot deny that there is a multitude of different activities in each world. In the first world alone, you're in a Mario Galaxy-esque stage, to be followed by a classic 2D Sonic the Hedgehog. Following this, you're in a circular mind-shaft - and then there's a boss - and that's just World 1! There is a lot you can do in this game, but this also means that there's a huge variety in scores offered.
    I liked everything the levels offered, and was willing to play them again just so I could get the red rings. However, I know many that weren't keen on some of the different level designs and this put them off the game. For them it was almost bipolar - one minute they were playing their new favorite level, only to be followed by their worst.

    In short, if you want an original Sonic experience - where you get to do a lot of different stuff- then this is the game for you. If you want a classic Sonic experience - running around at the speed of sound in 2D or 3D environments then you should avoid the game.

    Personally, I loved the game but I feel that there could have been more, and I'm still confused at why, after spending so much time perfecting the 3D stages in Sonic Generations (and the critical acclaim the Daytime stages in Sonic Unleashed obtained), they would completely revamp the 3D sections of the game to something completely different. This didn't change my opinion on the game, as I still loved it - but I can understand why people wouldn't.
  70. Mar 6, 2014
    Sonic lost world for the Wii u is a blast to play. I have never had any issues with the controls, the new layout for them feels very natural the game is a lot of fun to play, the graphics are amazing and music is great. Sonic lost world for Wii u is a great purchase and i recommend it for every wii u owners and fans of platformers just, be prepared for the difficulty 8.5/10
  71. Mar 27, 2014
    This Sonic game has good graphics. Sonic is unfortunately a little to slow in this game. The music is not the greatest but there are a few good songs, like The Deadly Six Theme, Desert Ruins, Lava Mountain and colour power Yellow Drill sound. There should have been a feature to watch cutscenes after you watched them already. This game is fun but could have been better.
  72. Mar 6, 2014
    Sonic Lost World to me is good game and my Second favorite sonic game.
    The story is ok not dark or nothing it's ok the humor is really funny and for the deadly six.......ehhhhhh I don't no they ok but not mind blowing or anything. The gameplay is different from previous sonic games you can choose to make sonic run really fast or make sonic walk
    Alot of people say it's like Mario galaxy
    and I actually see it now.
    The game is not bad like glitches everywhere and stuff it's a playable game. Give it a try and see if u like it or not.
  73. Mar 21, 2014
    Sonic Lost World is a very fun game. A huge problem with the game on your first playthrough is that the game does a terrible job explaining you the mechanics. Some stuff I didn't even know you could do until just recently. But once you get used to the controls and the parkour mechanic you're good to go. There are a few levels that can be annoying, and some levels do feel a bit gimmicky (take a look at Frozen Factory act 2 for example) But there are too many fun levels that overshadow these parts of the game. This game is actually one of the more difficult Sonic games, you might end up getting a couple of game overs on your first playthrough. But none of the deaths made me call the game cheap, or made me rage quit. The grinding levels get heavily criticized for being cheap, although those levels are exactly like the minecart levels in Donkey Kong Country Returns, except in returns everything kills you in 1 hit, but apparently people love those... Anyway, this game is definitely worth it in my opinion, but I know this game is very mixed so perhaps try getting it used or at a cheap price. Expand
  74. Mar 22, 2014
    I wonder why people hate this game. I mean it's not perfect but it's not bad but I do happen to know who this game is for: If you like the classic sonic games where you earn your speed (like remembering the level design like how the genesis games worked), you want a little difficulty in your sonic game (this game is harder than most but now that a patch has released you should be showered with lives), If you have the patience to read the instruction manual (this game has a slight learning curve when it comes to getting used to the controls but trust me when you get used to them the controls are really good), and the final and most important thing you've got to remember this game is nothing like generations but more like the genesis games. Also you got to give it a chance if it frustrates you try again later because there is a lot of good in this game but you have got to understand some of these things. Expand
  75. Apr 26, 2014
    che cosa solo un voto nella media a questa sonic che devasta letteralmente gli altri prequel in 3d che era tra l'anonimi ( sonic adventure dx , sonic unleashed) oppure giochi buoni ( sonic heroes , sonic colors) questo titolo stramerita i vostri soldi
  76. May 31, 2014
    When i look at the other reiews, I feel like people are underating this game. But it's actually a pretty good game. yeah i know it has weird controlls but i got used to it. and it has a weird 3-D crap. but it has a good storyline, new characters, and some pretty neat stuff such as some awesome kick-ass moves and colors. but i can't beileve the score on this game i feel like it's so underated. but it's still a pretty good game which takes advantage of the Wii U Expand
  77. May 13, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. While it's not the game I expected to be, Sonic Lost World is a decent entry to the Sonic series. Yeah, the parkour system are pretty bad, the controls are floaty at times, the boss battles are just embarassing, the special stages are awfully hard, difficulty spikes are infuriating, story mode are short, and uninspired level themes and designs.

    Besides all of that, you all need to give this game a chance. It's a fun game and worth the buy
  78. May 20, 2014
    First of all, nice gameplay! You did a great Job innovating this idea of gameplay into the gaming world. The whole point and basic Idea was good, and the storyline was just as good! It was a great game with some innovative gameplay and great music and character description! I'll give a 10/10 for the innovation and gameplay as well as music and scenery! But there was one problem however, this was not a game for such a poor system as the Wii U! It would make more sense on next-gen consoles and PC than such a mess of a system! SEGA seems to be saving the WII U somewhat by giving it a chance to perform mediocre gameplay. The game, was amazing and well deserved a 10/10. The console the game was exclusive to, a mess. Good job on making a decent game on a crap system SEGA. I never thought anyone could pull that one off! I'll be relieved when Sonic moves over to the PS4 and XB1 as well as PC! That, will make him successful once more. Expand
  79. Jun 9, 2014
    So this usless peice of **** video game i dont know where to get started. Matter of fact ill only say one thing. If you want to be sent to a mental hospital this game is for you. Just in case you was wondering what that would be like play outlast in real life
  80. Jun 12, 2014
    An average game that honestly disappoints. This game is actually the reason I saved up and bought a Wii U in the first place. The story is bare bones and isn't very fun to listen too. The gameplay however is a mixed bag. I like the exploration, I like the sense of speed, but the parkour never works for me. Maybe I'm running on the wrong side of the wall or something, I don't know. But from someone who got this game launch day, I'd say approach with caution. Expand
  81. Nov 11, 2014
    Now beating a dead horse until his bones are reduced to sand particles, the Sonic team attempted to clone Super Mario Galaxy...without the fun.

    If we had to quickly mention the good points of the game, it'd be the artistic design of the environment, and some of the power ups that are a bit interesting to use.

    The bad points? Well, everything else. The controls aren't very intuitive
    or make much sense sometimes, half the power ups are not fun to use, the level design in the non straight-forward levels is an utter mess, the gameplay just doesn't go accordingly to Sonic (tight platforming with a character who's supposed to run at tremendous speed, anyone else sees the problem?), and overall just not fun at all.

    In short : Sonic Team once again made a game that was not fit for their mascot and ridiculed him further again. They keep trying too hard on originality, but that just didn't work. I barely recommend to even glance at this game in the game stores.
  82. Nov 14, 2014
    If you have the patience to learn exactly how everything works you will find that Sonic Lost World isn't as bad as it seems. The largest complaint I have is that many of the features and controls are not intuitive and are not properly explained. There are way too many sudden deaths that could have been avoided with a better control scheme. Nonetheless, once you figure out on your own how to overcome these obstacles, things start to make sense and the game becomes more enjoyable but players shouldn't have to put this much effort into learning how to control, what should be, a simple platformer. Once I became acclimated with the controls I did enjoy my time with the game. The level design was much more fantastical than recent Sonic games, which I appreciated. Expand
  83. Jun 24, 2014
    Sonic Lost World, like any game, has its strengths and its weaknesses. Its main strength is very easy to identify, as from the moment it loads the first time, you will be drawn in by its stunning visuals and gorgeous level designs. But as it starts to grip you, it slips quickly through your fingers, leaving you cold to experiencing the daft, clunky controls that everyone despises so much. Because the controls are so lackluster, Sonic Lost World is made that much more frustrating -- that much more disappointing -- that it's an absolute shame it wasn't taken better care of. As a gamer, I am always going to be attracted by great visuals, but that won't ever be enough to hold me. Silky controls are an absolute necessity, especially when playing as a character as wild as Sonic. Granted, some of Sonic Lost World's stages are absolutely brilliant, highly reminiscent of Super Mario Galaxy -- a game that I am particularly fond of. The great stages don't control any better than the mediocre ones, but the hazards involved are not nearly as frustrating to overcome. The stages that require fine movements are awful to play, as Sonic is very much a two-gear fellow; he either isn't moving much or moving really fast. Wide open areas played much better, such as in the The Legend of Zelda DLC, which I found to be awesome. Even the Yoshi's Island DLC was great because it didn't require tiny fiddly movements. On the other end of the spectrum, the boss battles were so astoundingly bad. Sonic's homing attack is pitiful, and as a result you're forced to put him in way more danger than you'd like. Overall, Sonic Lost World is a very challenging game, but for all the wrong reasons. If you're a die-hard Sonic fan, you'll enjoy this game without question. However, it's not one of the Hedgehog's better outings. That's an absolute certainty. Expand
  84. Nov 25, 2014
    As 'mixed bag' as a game can get. Virtually every triumph in the game is paired with a failing. Some of the levels in the game are an absolute joy to play, e.g. Desert Ruins Zone 2, Tropical Coast Zone 2 and Frozen Factory Zone 2 and some levels are just an array of mediocrity and frustration, e.g. Windy Hills Zone 3 and Frozen Factory Zone 1. Sonic: Lost World's biggest strengths lie in the sumptuous visuals and mostly excellent level design, but things take a hit when the controls come into play. Sonic is far too complicated to control, the lock-on system is unreliable and the controls are a touch too sensitive, making the game much more difficult than it was probably intended to be (kids - the target audience, will have a hard time beating this game). The game's voice acting, while overly exaggerated and clichéd fits the tone of the game well but sadly, the character's dialogue is insufferable but will likely make the younger players laugh (in the right way) at least. The new characters, the 'Deadly Six' are appallingly designed but some of them will appeal more than others. The music is also a mixed bag, some tunes are upbeat and catchy while some will probably make your ears bleed. Sonic: Lost World has been heavily influenced by Super Mario Galaxy and even though the inspiration is clearly evident, the execution is somewhat lacking in Sonic's outing, but it is still a decent attempt at replicating the style into Sonic's universe. Where Sonic: Lost World does do right is in the variety of the levels, every level offers something different to see and do, making the thought of advancing to each level rather exciting despite some control frustrations.

    Graphics: 9.0
    Gameplay: 5.5
    Features: 7.0

    Sonic: Lost World will annoy more unforgiving gamers as the template of the game is superb, but SEGA did a half-hearted job of the controls, which ultimately almost destroys an otherwise breathtaking experience. What is also baffling, surely Sonic's controls could be redesigned with a patch or two....so why haven't SEGA done it? There is plenty of room for improvement here and it would be a shame to see such a visually spectacular and otherwise well designed game be shrouded by a cloud of mediocrity that is the controls. Do something about it SEGA. 4/10.
  85. Oct 17, 2014
    Alright here is an interesting little mess in the Sonic franchise. When I first heard of this game I really didn't know what to make of it and frankly its still very confusing to me. The story in this game is almost unbearable to witness but here it is. Sonic and Tails are pursuing Eggman and his two robot cronies in an attempt to get back a capsule of animals that he had stolen. In a desperate attempt to save the creatures, Eggman damages the Tornado (Tails' plane) and forces the duo to land on a mysterious planet/floating isle called the "Lost Hex". It's a very interesting looking place to say the least and the opening scene is unsurprisingly incredible for the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, unlike Little Planet, the Lost Hex is given no narrative about itself at all and is merely.....a place. At least in Sonic CD gave a little backstory about Sonic going to visit Little Planet in the place where it only appears once every year and that it was rather mysterious in nature. Here is not the case and is never questioned by Sonic and Tails. Anyways the Lost Hex is home to the Deadly Six, easily the most boring and mundane villains I have ever seen in a Sonic game. They hardly have any personality and while they can be funny at times, I find them completely uninteresting. The cutscenes in this game are also pathetic I must say and while I'm at it I will confess my complete distaste for the tone SEGA has been making these Sonic games these days. Recently since Colors, SEGA gave Sonic and many of his friends new voice actors and gave Roger Craig Smith the new role for the blue blur, who he has had for the past 4 years. I really despise Sonic's voice as it really doesn't sound how I imagined him to be. In previous titles (even Colors to an extent), Sonic was rad, cool, a hero willing to do anything it took to save the world and look cool doing it (but not showing off too much). Here, Sonic is seriously dumbed down to an Adventure Time style character who jokes about everything all the time and really fails at it most of the time. Really I can't believe the lines I hear Sonic say sometimes like when one of the crazy Zeti's announcing he's about to kick Sonic, with Sonic retorting "Oh I know just where to kick YOU"! The delivery is off with Sonic's lines and the script isn't helping anything, but your hearing this from someone who was spoiled with the Adventure games and Unleashed. Moving on, Eggman loses control of the Deadly Six with the help of Sonic thoughtlessly destroying the device keeping them under his control, and the two teams end up having to team up to survive the Six and save their home world down below. Now after some painfully simplistic dialogues and a very bipolar Tails who can't decide if he hates Sonic or not (they're arguing over Eggman joining or something idk it really comes out of nowhere), Tails gets kidnapped in the 5th World much to the fault of Sonic and it's really bogus to me what happens next. The game is ending, the planet is in a crisis with Sonic's friends getting hurt in the process down below, and Tails is about to be transformed into a robot by the Six. What bothers me here is how they make Tails COMPLETELY helpless. Did he FORGET that he could run as fast as Sonic?! Tail's is Sonic's sidekick! Why has SEGA been ruining Tails by just making him a techy and a pilot for the Tornado whenever Sonic needs one?! This has been bothering me increasingly since Unleashed and I think their is no reason for it. Anyways a lot of boring stuff happens later. Eggman "dies", Sonic is all alone, and the Six turn a very dumb looking robot Tails on Sonic, only to be given the turnaround almost immediately (how Tails kept himself from being roboticized I'll never know) with Sonic giving the chase once more. The Six are defeated only to.....disappear and Eggman reappears in his clone mech to the final boss in Sonic Colors and is quickly defeated, with power once again returning to the planet (their was a power sucking machine I forgot to mention but there you go). Okay the gameplay is okay...but that's just it, it's a convoluted mess, with confusing spherical world design that I don't like, a parkour system that's only fun SOMETIMES, and inconsistent level design that becomes UNBEARABLE later in the game. This game has the worst level design since Sonic 06 (yeah I said it). The music still good though but has some annoying tunes I don't care for (like the main theme). Also I feel like this level design makes Sonic look like he's trying to copy Mario Galaxy which does fit well with Sonic. Also the bosses are pathetically easy and boring as heck too. The speed is very inconsistent too with the game switching between 3d and 2d views. The 3d is good but the 2d brings Sonic to a slow down that regresses the player's inertia. Also the introduction of a run button is not a good choice imo. The game really just feels bland and was not really designed well. All in all I would not recommend his one. Expand
  86. Jan 26, 2014
    HOW can anyone give this game a 10 review? I mean were we playing the same game? The execution of the game design is HORRIBLE! I mean simple things are just over complicated. This Mario Galaxy clone has beautiful graphics but it doesn't matter if the game is so stupidly designed. It's not a hard game because it's challenging it's hard because of the poor game design. Another **** Sonic game.
  87. Nov 11, 2013
    This hardly deserves to be a Sonic game at all. In Sonic Lost World, Sonic Team discards many of the things that have made previous titles great, such as the smooth and fluid boost-based gameplay as well as the gorgeous visuals. Replacing these elements are things like slow, jittery controls, awful level design, a hideous art style, and practically nonexistent physics. In addition, the music, villain designs, and attempts at lighthearted "humor" in the cutscenes are downright cringe-worthy. Overall, the whole game seems broken and unfinished, as if it were developed on a very tight budget. I would not recommend this to anyone. Expand
  88. Jun 25, 2014
    Sonic Lost World is an interesting idea for a Sonic game. Though in the 3DS version the objective is to get to the Goal as fast as you can, while the WiiU version. It is a mixed kind of game, some people hate some people like it. I did miss the speed that Sonic had over the years, but it seems that Sega wanted to try something different, like Nintendo changing the way Mario's game style into a standard platform, into party games, kart racing, sports, traveling the galaxy, being playable in a RPG style gameplay. Sega also tried that idea like Sega All Star Racing, Sonic Chronicles that is RPG style, tried a party game which is not as good as Mario Party. Then Sega would try to think out of the box of 3D platforming for Sonic. Sonic Lost World having similar styles like Super Mario Galaxy, however the objective is much different. I have to say though the soundtrack is quite impressive. Expand
  89. Jun 11, 2014
    This is a port of Sonic '06 for Wii U, It is, For starters, You call this HD? SA2B Looks better than this! Secondly while it is possible to pull off insane speeds it is way too hard and it is nowhere near the speeds Sonic has reached on other platforms, The game has great mechanics with the free running and around enough ideas to fill 10.2 levels, The game has a major bug where the homing attack sometimes refuses to work which is a huge problem with the last 3 bosses,

    The only redeeming features is the LOZ DLC, which is what this game could of been, Fun. and the multiplayer, its a 1v1 race to the finish line, So if you hate someone who is a sonic fan you can play this with them.

    I always hear how "Sonic is dead" But i just imagine each bad game just giving him a injury which will eventually kill him, Sonic '06 Broke his left leg, the Sonic games on the Wii chopped off said leg, Shadow the hedgehog and Sonic Unleashed broke his arms, And Sonic Lost World chopped off his right leg, leaving him a quadruple amputee, And that new fangled Sonic Boom thing will just get it over with and shoot him already.
  90. Nov 1, 2014
    No one can agree on what crafts the perfect Sonic game, but let me get this straight. Sonic Lost World is a step in the right direction with poor execution, bringing in new ideas with sloppy performance. It isn't broken, just trying to be unique like Super Mario Galaxy (which is extremely hard to accomplish). On to the game itself, Sonic controls like a beauty ONCE you get use to the control scheme. This game is also pretty; colors pop, character designs remain smooth-looking, and the frame rate succeeds, locked at 60 FPS with rare drops. Even the new music is catchy; sometimes I replay levels just to hear the tunes over and over again! As for the content offered, Sonic Lost World takes a beating. It isn't a long game, online multiplayer races is absent, there are no Chao Gardens, and there are ZERO Special Stages. It's tough to take all of this in, because the game is in desperate need of more DLC. All in all, Sonic tries to match the plumber's critical success, and while it doesn't fail like Eggman's plans, the Blue Blur sure did try his best. Let's hope for DLC...Or Sonic Lost World 2! Expand
  91. Aug 1, 2014
    I heard this game back at of Spring 2013, I went to my mind and said "Wow, this is not a creative Sonic title".
    I give it, 5 - 10 for chucky graphics and awkward cutscenes.
  92. Oct 10, 2014
    Had this been the first ever 3d Sonic game to come out it would have been a revelation. This certainly feels the most like a classic Genesis Sonic game was translated to a 3d environment, much more so then any of the other attempts at this, but therein lies the problem.

    You see, there has been other 3d Sonic games; and while they've suffered from some harsh criticism, I've enjoyed most
    of them (with some exceptions). And what I enjoyed most is how they explored the different things you could do with a speed based character in a 3d enviroment, things you couldn't do with 2d; and, although, some of those experiments didn't produce the greatest results I always got the feeling that they were cultivating a formula with each game being a bit better then the last (with some exceptions); but with this game they've achieved this more classic approach to Sonic through a method of subtraction. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, but in some areas it's very frustrating.

    Now I'm not just upset that we're not getting another Generations or Unleashed, I was sure of that from the trailers before I bought this. I did enjoy the Super Speed approach to Generations and Unleashed though, with the fun of the game coming from level memorization, the reward being getting through the whole level without letting go of the boost button, but I know that's a very limited style of game play and doesn't appeal to everyone, and it would get tired fast if a whole franchise were built around those mechanics. But even coming off of Colors or Secret Rings the capabilities of the eponymous Hedgehog in this title are severely limited. Just some examples, if I covered everything we'd be here all day: Sonic can no longer increase or decrease speed while grinding, he also can't quick switch rails; there's no slide ability; no ring dash; Sonic can still execute a stomp, of sorts, but when and where you can execute it is a bit strange, like, you can't execute it coming off a rail (which would have been useful) and you can't execute it coming off of springs...Anyway, just a few examples here.

    There are some added features, however; I guess in an attempt to supplement all that they took out: there's now a wall run, a kick attack, multiple lock ons, and they brought back the spin attack, I guess in an attempt to make it more like classic Sonic. But the thing is, these new features weren't implemented well. The wall run doesn't add anything, it's useless, anytime you use it a simple wall jump could suffice just fine. The kick is an interesting idea, it adds a bit more variety to combat so it's not just lock on and press jump twice everytime, it reminds me a bit of Sonic Heroes, but it's not as well implemented: in Heroes it's very clear what enemies can and can not be hurt with a lock on jump, they'd have a shield or an electric bubble or something, here it's trial and error; you jump into an enemy, lose your rings, and then you know you have to kick that enemy first. The multiple lock-on is another good idea, that could add variety to combat, but it's so hard to control: locking on to a single enemy multiple times does extra damage, but you initiate this by getting close to the enemy and waiting for the lock on's to activate, but, by the time they do, another enemy may have come into view, and jumping into position to hit the first enemy may switch the lock on to this new enemy, it's very frustrating. And then there's the spin dash, which is completely useless; there's a reason it was taken out of most 3d sonic games, it's just a wasted button; it can hurt some enemies, but the times it will hurt enemies or the enemies will hurt you while using it seems to be completely random, on a side note, it's the same thing with the standard jump attack, you know, without locking on. Sometimes just jumping on an enemies head will take them out just fine, and sometimes it doesn't; added to this frustration, alot of the enemies that appear in this game are ripped directly from classic Sonic games, and I remember those games, I remember I could just spin dash through them or jump on their head and take them out, but in this game you gotta kick first, or you just can't kill them at all (like the tree monkeys); so, what? Did Sonic just get weaker over time?

    This isn't a bad game, I don't want to give that impression; it's extremely fun, and they did a lot of things right! Like, it's all Sonic levels, no Tails in a mech or Werehog **** and, just in general, no filler levels; The Wisp powers are integrated into a lot of boss battles (something, very much, lacking in Colors); and, shockingly, the Red Rings actually do something in this game! Instead of just netting you a trophy. But being such a long time fan of the series, I can't help but feel they threw the baby out with the bath water a bit with this one.

    Last complaint: DON'T MAKE ME BEAT THE GAME TO UNLOCK HARD! Have that **** available at game start, normal's sooooo easy in this game
  93. Aug 22, 2014
    This Game is overall just meh to me i liked the story and the deadly 6 were mostly likeable (cough zeena cough) the controls could be better the parkor works but is quite annoying and i freaking love the legend of zelda stage but there is 1 main problem the "unique" level design it SUCKS!!!!! i like windy hill and the beach zone but the others SUCK!
  94. Nov 21, 2014
    Now this is an interesting case... It's not bad and it has the great Sonic-feeling like few previous titles but then sometimes level design or controlls brings you back to on Earth - and hardly. It can be extremely frustrating few points like flying segments and using whisps but overall it's okay, I think...
  95. Sep 16, 2014
    At worst, it is a mediocre, slow Sonic game. At best, it is a relaxing and fun experience of running (at a moderate pace) through levels. The game definitely takes some warming up to; the first time I played I abandoned the game halfway through due to frustration. The second time, I played fresh from the beginning and enjoyed it a good bit. The games departure from boost mechanics are a nice touch as it allows you to see what you are doing, but Sonic Team made the unfortunate mistake of horribly underclocking Sonic's speed in this installment. The parkour mechanics are usually either are aneurism-inducing to attempt or just plain useless 95% of the time. This game is definitely a mixed bag and a large portion of people will not enjoy it. Expand
  96. Nov 9, 2014
    Sonic Lost World is a hard game to review, but darn it I am gonna try!

    Story: The story revolves around Sonic and Tails chasing Eggman once again, and discovering the "Lost Hex". New villains are introduced, but near end game nothing really comes of anything. What happened to the main villains of the game? What is Lost Hex? These questions aren't ever really answered in this game.
    Combined with cutscenes that are pretty bad (I hate being hard on them, but they really aren't that good) and you have a story that is pretty forgettable (Albeit not offensive, looking at you Shadow and 06).

    Graphics: This game looks GREAT! It is super colorful and clean looking. With so many different environments the game really pops with attitude and excitement! I really do hope more Sonic games can be this colorful! The game runs at 60FPS and it really shows, gone are the days of 30FPS from Sonic Unleashed and Generations. With the higher FPS the game feels like it runs faster and plays more responsive than the other games. I really hope all these new Sonic games being made stay in the 60FPS domain.

    Sound: As always, Sega does not disappoint with this marvelous soundtrack. I would recommend looking up the soundtrack so you can see how amazing it is. Sounds from the game are also very nice. Sonic's homing attack and spin dash sound very nice in action, and enemies getting destroyed really feel like they are getting destroyed. Sega is doing a very good job in the sound department.

    Gameplay: This is one of the hardest aspects in the game to talk about. Sonic's controls have been completely revamped. Gone are the days of boosting in Unleashed, Colors, and Generations. Sonic has been slown down and given a new parkour mechanic to work with. This all sounds great, and it is. The problem here is that gameplay is stretched really thin in this game.

    The main levels are a blast and having Sonic doing the new parkour while going through impressively designed cylindrical levels. It is a blast, but there are a few problems here.

    1. The game doesn't really tell you how to work the new controls, it's up to you, the player, to figure everything out.

    2. The game throws in the color powers from Sonic Colors, and it just doesn't work in this game. They just are not fun to use, even with the new patch letting you use the analog stick to control them. You can avoid them for the most part, but sometimes you have to use one in order to progress.

    Then, when not in the main levels, you have to do these weird mini game type acts that are just tedious. Sonic floating in the air? Sonic trapped in a snow ball? It's all lame, and a bore to play. There is also a lock on the levels until you rescue so many animals, but they are so easy to collect it's hard to imagine why the lock is there in the first place.

    So, the game is really good sometimes, but really boring at others.

    Replay Value: Really depends on if you want to go back and S rank all the time trials, and get all the red star rings to get the chaos emeralds. So, there is plenty to do that is fun the in the repeatability aspect, but it will not keep you busy for days on end.

    The game is good, but it does have it's fair share of flaws. If you can look past them, there is an amazing game to be played and experimented with. If you don't want to do a some boring missions to get to the good ones, and you don't want to experiment with how to play the game, then you probably won't enjoy this one.
  97. Nov 13, 2014
    Sonic Lost World, is it good or bad. Well, Let's review it now!

    Story: The story is a bit shallow, a bit bad really. The Deadly Six aren't interesting in the slightest, and all of them is dreadfully one dimensional, with no real character. Each of them can be described in one word. Also, the story tries to make Sonic very unlikable, as he causes all the problems. So the plot is a bit
    on the messy side.

    Gameplay: Gameplay is a bit messy as well. The parkour system was a great idea, but the game does a terrible job on teaching you how to use it. The Homing attack is also a complete mess. It locks on to multiple targets at once, by it self, which would be ok, if it wasn't broken. Sometime it will lock on enemies when it feels like it, or lock on to enemies, to randomly stop. It doesn't happen often, but its still a mess. Also, the wisp are back, for no reason, and most of them are bad! The levels are flat as well, and seems more like a Mario game then a sonic. There are no slopes and hills, so the levels are not as fun. Many levels also have gimmicky, as you will be doing many random things, like pushing fruit into blenders, becoming a snow ball for a rolling type level, flying in the sky, with painful controls, and none of them are fun in the slightest. The bosses are a joke! All of them, even the final boss, can be beaten in less than a minute, and are just poorly made.

    Graphics: The graphics are great, all the levels pop out with this games sweet graphics. Could it be better, yes, but graphic doesn't make a game.

    Music: The music is very catchy and cool. What do you expect!

    Problems: For one, the plot is a bit shallow, and dull. The gameplay felt like a bootlegged Mario games, with levels built for Mario, but played with Sonic, and it doesn't fit! The game is also very short, with 4-6 levels per world and 8 worlds to explore in, so around 40 levels are in this game. Its not worth the money.

    Overall: Sonic Lost World is a very mediocre with some enjoyment here and there, but it barely teaches you the new controls, have only decent at best levels, and seems lazily made.
  98. Nov 21, 2013
    Here's how I determined this was a good game and worthy of being purchased. I downloaded the demo, which is just the first stage (Windy Hill Zone 1). I played it, then I played it again. Then again, and again after that. Next thing I knew, three hours had gone by and all I'd been doing is playing one stage over and over again. The last things I did before turning in for the night were buying the game in the Wii U shop and starting the download.

    There's a bit of a learning curve as far as the controls are concerned, but after awhile, I find them to be far more responsive and precise than Hedgehog Engine games. My only real complaint about the controls is the unnecessary addition of color powers, which appear to have been added simply because they felt they had to put something in the game that utilized the gamepad touchscreen. I don't like the very idea of the gamepad touchscreen in just about every Wii U game I've played. Having to shift and refocus your eyes back and forth is awkward and uncomfortable. In a game like Sonic, it really breaks the flow, although Sonic Team was smart enough to make the game pause after using a color power to give you a chance to reacclimate yourself with the TV screen.

    As far as the people saying it's copying too much off of Mario Galaxy, so what? That's what Sonic has always done. Sonic games take the elements from Mario games and speed them up. Sonic 1,2, and 3 copied Super Mario Bros. Sonic Adventure copied Mario 64. Sonic Lost World copies Mario Galaxy. It doesn't matter as long as the games are good, and this one is good.

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  2. Negative: 9 out of 64
  1. Dec 11, 2013
    Sonic Lost World has its problems. The controls are imprecise and the difficulty somewhat uneven. But it is still one of the better Sonic games in later years with some great level design. It is not the best platform game out there but well worth a closer look.
  2. Nov 27, 2013
    The best true Sonic in years. [Christmas 2013, p.83]
  3. Nov 18, 2013
    Sonic is no longer a good or even passable video game character.