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Summary: Years after the battle against Orochi, the Serpent King, the heroes of the Three Kingdoms and the Warring States struggle to seize control of the new universe they were thrown into when a new threat arises. A terrible and colossal monster, resembling a serpent with eight heads, casts its shadow across the land and defeats most of the brave warriors. The ones that survived, assisted by the mysterious Kaguya, travel back through time to save fallen warriors and forge new alliances, collect powerful weapons and build an army so they can have a chance to defeat the terrible Hydra. But that is not all the help they'll get this time, as the vortex created by Orochi drags a few more allies to their universe. Dragon Ninja Ryu Hayabusa, Achilles, Jeanne d'Arc, Nemea and Ayane are only a few of the new additions to the 120 plus playable character roster!
Rating: T
Official Site: http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/Pao-_-ZoWw5IkupuiZdPkvbFoS-7Bc4B
Developer: Omega Force
Genre(s): Beat-'Em-Up
Number of Players:1-2 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Violence
Cast Credit
Hideyuki Hori Voice: Ryu Hayabusa
Kenji Hamada Voice: Susano'o
Hisao Egawa Voice: Yoshihiro Shimazu
Hisao Egawa Voice: Yoshihiro Shimazu
Hisao Egawa Voice: Yoshihiro Shimazu
Unsho Ishizuka Voice: Ujiyasu Hojo
Yukimasa Kishino Voice: Cao Cao
Tsuyoshi Takishita Voice: Sima Yi
Yasuhiko Tokuyama Voice: Sun Jian
Yasuhiko Tokuyama Voice: Xiahou Yuan
Keiichiro Yamamoto Voice: Xu Huang
Takahiro Yoshimizu Voice: Xu Zhu
Takahiro Yoshimizu Voice: Zhou Yu
Hirofumi Tanaka Voice: Zhang Liao
Yuko Sumitomo Voice: Zhenji
Hirohiko Kakegawa Voice: Taishi Ci
Hirohiko Kakegawa Voice: Zhang Fei
Takahiro Kawachi Voice: Pang Tong
Takahiro Kawachi Voice: Yoshimoto Imagawa
Takahiro Kawachi Voice: Yoshimoto Imagawa
Hisayoshi Suganuma Voice: Jiang Wei
Hisayoshi Suganuma Voice: Sun Quan
Hiroaki Miura Voice: Gan Ning
Hiroaki Miura Voice: Guan Suo
Junko Shimakata Voice: Daqiao
Junko Shimakata Voice: Xiaoqiao
Rika Komatsu Voice: Diaochan
Osamu Ryutani Voice: Ma Dai
Osamu Ryutani Voice: Yuan Shao
Chizu Yonemoto Voice: Zhurong
Yumi Toma Voice: Joan Of Arc
Masaharu Sato Voice: Zuo Ci
Ryotaro Okiayu Voice: Sima Shi
Ryotaro Okiayu Voice: Sima Shi
Ryotaro Okiayu Voice: Sima Shi
Ryotaro Okiayu Voice: Sima Shi
Akio Otsuka Voice: Tadakatsu Honda
Jurota Kosugi Voice: Nobunaga Oda
Joji Nakata Voice: Kenshin Uesugi
Joji Nakata Voice: Kenshin Uesugi
Naomi Shindo Voice: Ginchiyo Tachibana
Naomi Shindo Voice: Ranmaru Mori
Hiroshi Isobe Voice: Magoichi Saika
Masaya Takatsuka Voice: Kanbei Kuroda
Masaya Takatsuka Voice: Kanetsugu Naoe
Ryoichi Tanaka Voice: Narrator
Yuuko Minaguchi Voice: Momiji
Moriya Endo Voice: Liu Bei
Yusei Oda Voice: Yoshitsune Minamoto
Eiji Takemoto Voice: Mitsunari Ishida
Eiji Takemoto Voice: Mitsunari Ishida
Shinichi Yamada Voice: Sakon Shima
Hidehiko Kaneko Voice: Musashi Miyamoto
Hiroki Yasumoto Voice: Fu Xi
Kohei Fukuhara Voice: Shennong
Emi Uwagawa Voice: Sun Shangxiang
Yoshiyuki Kono Voice: Meng Huo
Yoshiyuki Kono Voice: Zhang He
Kohji Haramaki Voice: Ma Chao
Taiki Matsuno Voice: Ling Tong
Ryohei Nakao Voice: Liu Shan
Mami Kingetsu Voice: Da Ji
Takahiro Fujimoto Voice: Gyuki
Takahiro Fujimoto Voice: Masanori Fukushima
Jun Shikano Voice: Gracia
Ryuzaburo Otomo Voice: Kiyomori Taira
Ryuzaburo Otomo Voice: Shingen Takeda
Junichi Miyake Voice: Guo Jia
Takeshi Kusao Voice: Yukimura Sanada
Houko Kuwashima Voice: Wang Yi
Hikaru Midorikawa Voice: Mitsuhide Akechi
Yuko Nagashima Voice: Kunoichi
Michie Tomizawa Voice: Rachel
Kenji Nojima Voice: Lu Xun
Mariko Suzuki Voice: No
Nobuyuki Hiyama Voice: Masamune Date
Nobuyuki Hiyama Voice: Masamune Date
Masakazu Morita Voice: Pang De
Tomokazu Sugita Voice: Kiyomasa Kato
Ai Nonaka Voice: Bao Sanniang
Akemi Kanda Voice: Lianshi
Akemi Kanda Voice: Sanzang
Hiroshi Kamiya Voice: Nagamasa Azai
Hiroki Touchi Voice: Muneshige Tachibana
Ai Maeda Voice: Oichi
Wakana Yamazaki Voice: Ayane
Wakana Yamazaki Voice: Okuni
Wakana Yamazaki Voice: Okuni
Junko Noda Voice: Xingcai
Masami Suzuki Voice: Kai
Makiko Omoto Voice: Ina
Kanae Ito Voice: Wang Yuanji
Yasuhiko Kawazu Voice: Huang Zhong
Yasuhiko Kawazu Voice: Zhang Jiao
Yuki Makishima Voice: Kaguya
Yuki Makishima Voice: Nuwa
Yasunori Masutani Voice: Guan Yu
Yasunori Masutani Voice: Wei Yan
Yukitoshi Hori Voice: Dong Zhuo
Yukitoshi Hori Voice: Lu Meng
Sayaka Maeda Voice: Himiko
Shunzo Miyasaka Voice: Nezha
Umeka Shoji Voice: Aya
Umeka Shoji Voice: Hanbei Takenaka
Miku Yoshikawa Voice: Cai Wenji
Hiroshi Okamoto Voice: Dodomeki
Masato Obara Voice: Deng Ai
Ichitaro Ai Voice: Zhong Hui
Takuya Kirimoto Voice: Zhuge Dan
Kenji Akabane Voice: Xiahou Ba
Satoru Kamata Voice: Guo Huai
Yoshimasa Hosoya Voice: Seimei Abe
Rumi Kasahara Voice: Yueying
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