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Critic score distribution:
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  1. 100
    It may be a little out of left field, but if you have love for puzzles, platformers, or excellent blob-based fantasy realms, you’ll almost certainly enjoy it. The Wii needs more games like this one.
  2. With this update of A Boy and His Blob, WayForward have somehow been able to accurately capture the unique gameplay elements of the original title and wrap them up inside one of the most beautiful and polished Wii releases to date.
  3. 90
    WayForward and Majesco have produced a top notch title that carries the spirit of the original game and brings in plenty of new material.
  4. AceGamez
    If you are a platform fan, retro nut, or if you want something that won't insult your child's intelligence, then you will be hard-pushed to find a title that exudes the same level of charm and finesse.
  5. A Boy and His Blob looks and plays great, and at forty stages it doesn't wear out its welcome. The main game is just long enough to be satisfying, but there's enough bonus content that you'll be coming back to unlock extra stages and concept art. It's truly meant for all ages and is a must-own title for the Wii.
  6. 90
    A Boy and His Blob is in the upper echelon of Wii titles in terms of quality and is a must buy for anyone looking for a fantastic gaming experience. An unforgettable experience.
  7. Don’t pass this one by. Sitting at less than half the standard price of a 360 or PS3 game, A Boy and His Blob offers more entertainment and replay value than most Wii titles can attest to.
  8. Nintendo Power
    It's a magical adventure full of mesmerizing sights and compelling gameplay, held together by whimsical characters and a simple but surprisingly powerful story. [Nov 2009, p.85]
  9. A Boy and His Blob is a slow burn that requires patience, so those looking for a bit more action should stay mindful of this. However, if you're hankering for a great 2D platformer with clever, inventive puzzles, you'll find plenty to love here.
  10. Delightful, skillfully made, and full of wonder, is far and away the best puzzle action game in years. What it lacks in technical prowess it more than makes up for with fluid animation, ingenious gameplay, and outstanding level design.
  11. It may be a little too simple for most gamers, especially those old enough to remember the original, but it never stops being fun.
  12. An excellent and highly original puzzle-infused joyride of near-epic proportions.
  13. Games Master UK
    Like a diamond-centered jelly bean it looks sweet but it's hardcore underneath. [Winter 2009, p.80]
  14. Pelit (Finland)
    Charming, clever and gorgeous, A Boy and His Blob is a great puzzle platformer. If only the Blob's AI was a little smarter and the boss battles a little less aggravating. [Dec 2009]
  15. 83
    It's a first-rate puzzle platformer. And it's so charming that you won't be able to help but make frequent use of that hug button.
  16. After careful analysis we can confirm the undisputed quality of the title product from Majesco. The combination of genres and the incredible ability to create artistic backgrounds recreate an atmosphere of familiarity that is now rare in recent titles.
  17. An old classic comes back to life for nest-gen consoles and players. A Boy and His Blob offers great 2D graphics and an original gameplay – even for the present standards – but most of all it is a work of art of rare sensibility.
  18. Despite these problems, there is something undeniably magnetic about the game.
  19. Another classic series is reborn on Wii with impressive results.
  20. This lovable platform puzzle game will charm you with its visuals and draw you in with its clever puzzles.
  21. This gorgeous remake of the old NES classic is the perfect example of how to remaster a glory from the past. The original formula is still there, with a consistent number of abilities to play with. Some minor problems in the control system and in the Blob's A.I. don't ruin the experience.
  22. 80
    No one says that a game has to move fast to be entertaining, and those blemishes are easily made up for by the title's creative use of strategy when attempting to solve its numerous platforming-puzzles. This again is a credit to this game's ingenuity and is something it shares with the original A Boy and His Blob, whose legacy is only strengthened by this great title.
  23. Simply put: you’d have to have a frigid, icy heart to not love this game on some level.
  24. There's an unassuming thoughtfulness to A Boy and His Blob that, in an odd sort of way, has the feel of some of the better children's programming you might see on public television. It's not educational per se, but it values subdued atmosphere and elementary puzzle design over flashy, merchandise-friendly mascots with prepackaged catchphrases.
  25. There's no sense of urgency or pressure to break the mood. It's a game that invites you to wallow in its languid depths, wriggle your toes, stretch your brain a little and take in the view.
  26. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Once you get used to the fact that the blob's practically brain-dead, this is a fun puzzler. [Dec 2009, p.74]
  27. To see WayForward’s lovely creation as a mere respite from the messy business of warfare and killstreaks is almost an insult to what they’ve achieved here. A Boy and His Blob deserves to be in everyone’s Wii collection, whatever their age.
  28. An old style classic, a bright bidimensional platform.
  29. This unique, challenging and innovative game is a bit of a diamond in the rough and hopefully won’t fall away into obscurity again. WayForward Technologies have captured all that was good of the original, whilst perfecting what needs perfecting.
  30. A Boy and His Blob takes a little for meshing and almost all the first "world" slips away without any particular emotion. The eighty playable stages make up for the lack of alternative modes to the main one, that's deliberately simple and immediate: the boy wakes up, calls his friend blob and runs every time for a new adventure.
  31. Boy and His Blob is a both a unique and wonderfully designed title. It's no Mario Bros but it's still a title worth considering.
  32. The relationship between the two main characters is remarkably real - so much so that the ending of the game comes off as bittersweet. Thankfully, the moment it ends you can return to the game, and the adventures of the boy and the blob can continue for as long as you'd like them to.
  33. 76
    A Boy and His Blob is a fun and oftentimes beautiful 2D puzzle platformer that complements other Wii efforts like Muramasa and New Super Mario Bros. very nicely.
  34. Lovingly crafted, sure, but for a game revolving around the rich variety of jelly beans A Boy And His Blob can be flavourless stuff.
  35. But what of the gamers who have paid WayForward’s bills, the Contra lovers and Shantae fan clubs? They're rewarded with extreme difficulty spikes, enacted by the amorphous lovelies of a Miyazaki film. A Boy and his Blob panders to the Wii’s unique audience all too well, dividing itself, and its impact, in the process.
  36. This punch-pulling retro update is charming and beautiful but doesn't quite have the mind to match.
  37. I reckon 15-year-old chavs should be forced to play A Boy and His Blob after they put videos of themselves having a fit over Modern Warfare 2 on the internet. I wonder if David Crane would approve.
  38. Mario may be monopolising the classic platformer this season, but A Boy and His Blob definitely fills a gap on Wii with its brain-bending challenges. A gorgeous visual look to boot makes it well worthy of gem-status on the market.
  39. Clearly A Boy and his Blob has been lovingly created by a team who appreciate the original and overall have done a tremendous job.
  40. If you are a Wii owner looking for something a bit different, and incidentally if you’re a twenty five year old man who misses the days he could sit in his pants watching Going Live, then A Boy And His Blob is still definitely worth a look-in.
  41. With its beautiful presentation, well designed levels and two adorable titular characters, A Boy And His Blob is a game that rewards and appeals in equal measure. Would all curmudgeons now kindly leave the room on tiptoe.
  42. On the whole, this is an enjoyable, beautifully presented and well-planned reinvention of a classic game, that retains the fun of the original but also caters for today’s modern gamers and casual gamers, especially with the obvious and liberal use of the big signs that tell you which transformation you need to use, thankfully these are not over-used allowing some experimentation.
  43. That frustration of knowing what’s needed but being unable to pull it off is much like the well-intentioned developer trying to reproduce this game’s source material, but falling short.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 37 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 37
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  1. Jan 28, 2011
    The game art is so cute, and the levels so creative, it's a really great game. I haven't played the original but I can assure you that thisThe game art is so cute, and the levels so creative, it's a really great game. I haven't played the original but I can assure you that this does worth playing! Full Review »
  2. JohnM
    Oct 16, 2009
    Wow! This is how to do a remake. There is something magical about this game that sticks with you long after the credits roll. You just cant Wow! This is how to do a remake. There is something magical about this game that sticks with you long after the credits roll. You just cant stop playing it. With all the extras, and bonus content, it is a nice long adventure. Everything from the story to the graphics, music and vibe feel very "new" fresh" and "exciting." In a way, if 3D games never became big, and instead, 2D games just kept on being mainstream, then this is the type of game that 2D would and should have evolved into. Now I just say bring on the sequel, and make it even better so I can give it an "11.00" :) Also, this si how you make a game ending. The ending is adventurous, long, sweet, emotional, and has some cool twists. Full Review »
  3. JervousF.
    Oct 14, 2009
    This game is absolutely fantastic. It's a hidden gem among huge AAA titles. A game like this comes only once in a blue moon. Be sure to This game is absolutely fantastic. It's a hidden gem among huge AAA titles. A game like this comes only once in a blue moon. Be sure to pick this game up, and help the developer continue to make amazing games such as this. Full Review »