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  1. Jun 15, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Baroque is a rouguelike game, it means that the dungeon or dungeons will be all generated at random, however this is what makes rouguelikes interesting as you will always start both fresh on some dungeon or will keep items but every dungeon you visit will be different. The Wii and Possibly the Ps2 version start with an anime intro that will give you a vague idea of this contents, you start as the 'chosen one' who is amnesic and does not knows anything about who or what he is, this was just the thing that made me take the bait, moving on you will see nearly everyone is twisted and few are not physically twisted but rather mentally, example are the bagged one, the horned girl as physical twisted mentally is the grave keeper and a few others. Moving on you will see the Archangel who will give you the angelic rifle and warns you to use it against the absolute god (yes i know you were just asked to kill god this shocked me A LOT), once you enter the neuro tower you will start by seeing that the only stable element is the first floor it never changes and it's very advised to come armed, so go to the grave keeper and finish his dungeon/tutorial and you will probably have some bones, meat, seeds a coat and a sword. The way of progressing on this game is reaching the bottom of the neuro tower and shot, or embrace the absolute god, the ending sequence for the first games for some is bizarre as hell, so allow me to explain until you trigger a flag in the game the protagonist is asleep so to speak, and is being cloned en masa my dear readers, so it keep going and going until said flag is triggered, afterwards you can start to collect the idea sephiras (their souls so to speak what was their embodiment) and so you will need to keep heading down and down. The Challenge on this game is on 4 points, the first your VIT bar, you need to eat to restore it and level up so you can survive longer on the tower, the second is the items, unless you are able to search and use the orbs you WILL lose all you collected on your current run, enemies will get stronger, but so you will get better equipment. So what still wondering what is this all about? here it is: The archangel conspired with the Dr.Angelus to steal from the Absolute God the ability to feel pain, unable to feel and understand pain the absolute god went crazy and started to unleash the distortion, people slowly began to look what they were inside, then the protagonist comes in, he was part of a double being, conjoined twins after the death of one of the twins the surviving one kept on with his life until he was offered a chance to fuse with the absolute god, yes said being was about to regain what she lost and more become more humanlike, but sadly the archangel had a hand to play on this, he interrupting the ceremony caused the blaze essentially accelerating the distortion and choosing to blame all on the protagonist. All the reason was for the Archangel to get revenge on the absolute god as she stole his sister, he would steal her godhood and embody it within him. The protagonist was to mend things, sadly after you finish the game you learn that it's impossible to turn back the hands of the clock, as the blaze truly revealed mankind deepest wishes but as a fix they chose to create a consensus reality were they can try to make the events less Traumatic for mankind. Baroque crude play style is truly the only bad thing that surrounds this game aside from the limit of objects you can take out of the tower. In the end Baroque is an excellent gothic rouguelike game with a deep saddening atmosphere, with a deep reaching story that will make all those hours of suffering worth something, and the game can take up to 50 hours just to finish the story part if you a re patient you can get up to 300+ hours of pure game play!. Before i forget this game is a re make of the Saturn game known as Baroque and it was originally a FPS not a 3rd person. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 22
  2. Negative: 11 out of 22
  1. 78
    The gameplay can be cheap, but it does have a good degree of challenge. Technical aspects are weak, but there is some style going for it.
  2. 54
    Baroque is unique in concept but lacking in fun. That idea that you have to die in order to put the pieces of your life together is interesting and could work, but you still have to give the player a sense of direction and accomplishment.
  3. Not a terrible game but if you want to be scared witless, go for Resi 4 instead. [Issue#22, p.78]