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  1. The Strike is about as good a substitute for the real thing as the rod that’s included.
  2. 48
    From the monotony of the tournament fishing to the annoyance of many loading screens when trying to quickly buy new equipment when out on the water, Bass Pro Shops: The Strike is a very disappointing endeavor.
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  1. scotts
    Jan 3, 2010
    Very realistic. I fished lake Amistad the first day, and caught several largemouth bass in the first hour. The largest was 19 lbs. For an avid fisherman like me, this was great!! Full Review »
  2. TimA
    Dec 31, 2009
    I like the game, but the controller? Don't they test these things to see if they really work. The controller for me sold the game; then I played with it, now it sits on the floor while I play. I am very dissapointed. Full Review »