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  • Summary: Welcome to Big Brain Academy, the only school where you can school your friends and family! How big is your brain? Find out as you test yourself with numerous lightning-fast activities like across several categories. When you enroll, headmaster Professor Lobe will introduce you to Test mode, challenging you with a bevy of hilarous and exciting brain-teasers. Then, when it's all over, the professor will calculate your brain weight, award you with a grade, and give you an idea of what career track is best suited for your brain weight. Don't worry, it's all in the spirit of fun! Features: The Wii Remote's easy hands-on control makes playing the game a breeze. People of any age or education level can play together. Show off your smarts in multiplayer versus and co-op play modes like Mind Sprint, Mental Marathon, and Brain Quiz. The better you get at an activity, the harder it becomes. Send your grades to friends with the Wii's WiFi connection feature, WiiConnect24. While Big Brain will keeps your neurons dancing in Practice and Test mode, multiplayer and co-op modes bring challenges like only the Wii can deliver. [Nintendo] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 33
  2. Negative: 3 out of 33
  1. It is great to see games with a specific goal in mind succeed, and the funny thing is that Big Brain delivers in a pair, providing a learning experience and a degree in fun. I for one could not be happier.
  2. 80
    There's no question that Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree will be divisive among gamers. The hardcore will balk at its lightweight mini-games and family-friendly vibe.
  3. Overall Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree is a pretty good first entry of the Touch Generations onto Nintendo’s Wii.
  4. Big brains are certainly desirable, but big price tags are a different matter, and Wii Degree's standard $49.99 asking price is a little hard to stomach. While the game is tons of fun, there's just a handful of minigames and not much else, which puts it in a different class to other full-priced options.
  5. 65
    Wii Degree is, at the very least, a decent, briefly satisfying experience for gamers starved for new stuff to play on their Wiis. It just won't keep them happy for long.
  6. As I said, some of the multiplayer magic was lost in the transition to Wii, which puts a kibosh on some of the fun.
  7. A big disappointment. While the game does try to bring over the fun of the DS title and the controls aren’t bad, no one should be forced to pay full price for such a very small number of games with little or no replay value.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 24
  2. Negative: 4 out of 24
  1. Nov 23, 2012
    Few controls.10/10

    The gameplay has Single Player and Multiplayer.The Single Player has review and test;and Multiplayer has 3
    to play.10/10

    Finally,the graphics.The design brought the game to the NGC(for those who don't know Nintendo Game Cube)era.For Mario Party 6 it's acceptable(8/10).But for Wii:6/10.The game was released in 2007 not in 2004.

  2. Oct 16, 2010
    Well ... Where can I start? The game has some good sides and some bad sides. We will start with solo .. It can get really boring and irritating . multiplayer, the test does take to long that you can do and the other people playing get really bored whilst watching. I rated it two because of how boring it can get and they do have a little worm character and it makes the most annoying sound when talking it's hard to skip but it really annoys you. Expand

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