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  • Summary: [WiiWare] Block Breaker Deluxe is a reinvention of the classic arcade brick-breaker game with a trendy graphical style, fun atmosphere and an exclusive multiplayer mode. Lively characters and amazing graphics provide distinctive settings of the jet-set nightlife, including a cool bar, dance club, casino and more. Special bricks, multiple bonuses, secret weapons, paddle size options and ball-speed variations make this game even more challenging. The Block Breaker Deluxe rage has arrived. [Gameloft] Expand
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  1. Ignore all the neon '80s nonsense going on around it and this is a solid game. There's plenty of it, and it gets tough as old boots as well. [Sept 2008, p.68]
  2. 77
    Block Breaker Deluxe is one of the better clones of Breakout to hit the scene, offering a well-produced take with some cool twists to the core theme. Shame it all has to be sullied a bit with the awkward "nightlife" theme.
  3. From the revised control method to the innovative level design, purists will be pretty happy with the outcome of this game. Too bad there is no paddle-plug in for the Wii remote.
  4. The nightlife theme might be a little corny, but the block-breaking gameplay offers a satisfying challenge.
  5. Level design is a cut above most games of this type, using different brick properties as well as imaginative wall layouts to keep the player problem-solving and the ball in the air. [Sept 2008, p.124]
  6. It may have not utilised the Wiimote as much as it could have, but the control is pretty slick still. Give it some time and it might just grow on you.
  7. A boring Breakout/Arkanoid rip-off in a long line of boring Breakout/Arkanoid rip-offs.

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