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  • Summary: Bomberman Land brings together 3 exciting game modes into one. The series introduces a bevy of mini-games, where most can be played in multiplayer mode. The PSP system version features 50 mini-games, the Wii features 50, and the DS has 40 unique mini-games. In addition, the Bomberman Land series features a robust single-player Story Mode, where players can explore a fantasy land and solve quests and puzzles with the ultimate goal of restoring peace and tranquility to the beleaguered Bomberman world. Best of all, the game includes the Battle Pack Mode, the classic multiplayer Bomberman experience that gamers know and love. The PSP system and the DS versions both allow gamers to share one game cartridge and network with friends to create the ultimate party game. [Hudson Soft] Expand
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  1. A fantastic game that serves to not only pay tribute to Bomberman's proud heritage and introduce a new audience to the old classic, but prove that there's a new lease of life for Bomberman in 2008 and on the Wii.
  2. 72
    If you're trying to decide which of Bomberman's recent adventures to try out, we recommend Bomberman Land Touch! 2 for the DS. However, if you specifically have eyes on Bomberman Land for the Wii, there's a good amount of fun content included.
  3. If you like Bomberman, there is no reason not to check this game out, it's a perfect weekend rental.
  4. Like I said, if you're looking for another mini-game frenzy and can't wait to invite your friends over, be careful with what you choose; this is not the one.
  5. Compared to other minigame collections, Bomberman Land is a dud.
  6. And would it have been that hard to include direct character control instead of using a remote-only point-and-click interface? [Mar 2008, p.86]
  7. Bomberman Land isn’t worth a purchase on any level. The story mode’s cut scenes are boring and consume way too much play time, the mini games are dull and endlessly repetitive and the battle mode, while fun, is available elsewhere for much less.

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