• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Apr 19, 2011
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 55 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 41 out of 55
  2. Negative: 9 out of 55

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  1. Mar 27, 2012
    The single player game is quite short. But the game itself is pretty enjoyable. What disappoints the most is the storyline. It is really boring and weird at times. If you have nothing else to do and you like just to shoot at things than this may just be you're game.
  2. Apr 21, 2011
    I am severely disappointed by the single player length. I beat it in 3 hours. I am DEAD SERIOUS!!!
    Yes, there are objects to scan to make it longer, but that shouldn't be the only thing that makes it long.
    Fortunately, it's multi player is damn good. Local or online, you can't go wrong with the multi player in this game. It's just too bad that I'm more of a single player guy. If you want a
    good multi player game on Wii, get this game. If you want a good single player game, keep looking. Expand
  3. Apr 28, 2011
    Saga & High Voltage try again- why? Not sure who this game is for? Maybe little kids, or your Dad who has never played a shooter. Single player is so short- less than 4hr of uninspired game play. Multiple-player experience is so lacking from it's competitors on the "big boy" systems! Story and art direction seem thrown together from the leftover bag of 90's shooters. I feel bad for anyone who thought this was going to be anything other than a crappy rework of the first. The game looks ok considering its on the Wii, but looks cant hide the uninspired game design. Sega must be feeling the same with the lack of marketing around this game. Expand
  4. Apr 25, 2011
    Conduit 2 is not a flawless game. The voice acting and story is ridiculous, and I don't know how much of that was intentional. The graphics and art direction are solid but a bit gaudy and very uneven (you can tell exactly what had the most time put into it) A few levels are obviously converted multiplayer maps. The level design feels "off". The AI, while improved from the original, freezes up sometimes and doesn't have the same intelligence to it as rival FPSes. However, I had a blast playing this game, mostly due to the controls and imaginative weapons. With the possible exception of Killzone 3 + Move, this has the best controls I've ever seen in a console FPS. It's a shame hardcore gamers rejected motion controls, because this game bridges the gap between console gamepads and the PC keyboard and mouse. The weapon selection is very refreshing compared to its competition and reminded me of Duke Nukem 3D, though my favorite was straight out of BioShock - a weapon that shoots enemies with pheromones designed to attract killer insects. The single player is very short (about 4-6 hours), but the levels are varied and open and High Voltage tried hard to mix things up, so it never becomes a total drudge (ha ha) like the first game. However, it was the multiplayer that made the first game get noticed, and the sheer number of multiplayer modes here is amazing. There's co-op, splitscreen mode, an online multiplayer system and I haven't even finished going through all the different modes, suit upgrades and maps, and it easily makes up for the short singleplayer. Conduit 2 will get buried under Portal 2, SOCOM and MK9 and it'll probably sell even less than the original. Maybe it deserves that. But it's obvious High Voltage put a lot of love into this, and I think it ties with GoldenEye as the best FPS on the Wii. Who knows? Maybe Conduit 3 for the 3DS will become an all-out parody of FPSes like Halo. Finally, it's a stupid little thing, but I love how the doors in every level have their own elaborate unlocking sequences Expand
  5. Apr 20, 2011
    Conduit 2 is a very fast paced and and an action packed game tht is very enjoyable and fully satisfying for a wii gamer.The story maybe a bit dull but the gameplay doesn't turn ur backs and keeps u engaged. The boss battles are great.Multiplayer modes in Conduit 2 kept me glued to the tv and is fun especially firefight modes.The ampaign as well as multiplayer levels are designed to perfection and the the enemy types , AI works really well.Finally, the graphics, High voltage software hav ramped up athe graphics and have truely understood what is the wii capable of. FINAL SCORE -10/10 Expand
  6. Apr 20, 2011
    I bought it on GameSpot because of the limited Edition. Conduit 2 is bigger better and bolder than the first conduit. Conduit 2 have many improvements from the first game such as those in the multiplayer mode. Okay I did not beat the game yet but my opinion this game is really awesome. Sound - 9.0 - Yes the Music is great. Same type of music like the first one but better

    Graphics -9.5
    Graphics does not make up a game but these Graphics are close than Halo 3 and halo odst .

    Gameplay - 10 - perfect thats why wii shooters controls are better than 360 and ps3 controller

    Multiplayer - 8.5 - Multiplayer right is flawless. No lag, No hackers and better multiplayer modes.

    Overall - Great game and best shooter for the wii
  7. Aug 8, 2011
    This game was really well done. I don't know what you other people think, but i think they did really well. Making a campaign is hard for others. You may say i finished it in 3 hours but that is because you spent it all just trying to get the campaign over with. For me, i like to explored around and find all the secrets in the game. I think they also did good on the multiplayer, because of no more hackers or glitches in the game. I like that you also get to choose what weapons you get to start with and what your guy gets to look like and it is much easier to upgrade than in the first one. I hope they do make a 3rd Conduit. It would be really amazing what they would come up with. Expand
  8. Apr 22, 2011
    This is a purely single-player based review: I really liked this game when I first started playing it- the graphics, the weapons, the gameplay; everything was really gripping me at first, just like the first game. But then it ended. Quickly. Yes, I know the phrase "quality over quantity", but the campaign ends just when it starts to get good. So much more could have been done, at least the Invasion mode is fun. Expand
  9. May 3, 2011
    Conduit 2 is better than The Conduit. It's not original but it's very good for Wii players. Call of Duty: Black Ops and GoldenEye 007 have a great rival in this game.
  10. Jul 13, 2011
    Two "faults" with this game keep it from a perfect score: the very short single player campaign and a fairly generic feel. The first fault matters if you feel cheated on an hours of entertainment:cost ratio, which is kind of silly given how many hours online mode keeps you playing. The second fault may or may not even go noticed depending on how many FPS you play. Not the best FPS shooter ever made, but amongst the best for the Wii and a solid entry in the genre overall. Expand
  11. Apr 29, 2011
    this game is fun from start to end with a single player mode of 8 hours, split screen , great online and multiplayer skins and some of the best weapons in any FPS, just dont take the story seriously
  12. May 9, 2011
    Don't let the mixed reviews fool you. This is an excellent FPS that improves (in some areas, greatly improves) on nearly all the faults of the original game. Yes, it's the single-player mode is kind of short with some bad voice acting and dialogue, but it has it where it counts in gameplay and multiplayer plus some really good graphics. There are some glitches, but it includes a patching system to fix them and to thwart hackers. The amazing motion controls (which include MotionPlus support) make the experience better than any FPS on the HD consoles. The multiplayer in this game is basically Halo 3 with lower resloution graphics but much better controls. Expand
  13. May 14, 2011
    I was waiting for this game for a long time. This game has almost NOTHING in common with the first game. Why is the main character cracking jokes like an 80's action hero? I give this game a total fail!
  14. May 31, 2011
    A lot people under me don't know what there talking about. This is a great game it's far superior from the original. While the story is short it has a lot of witty lines and pokes fun at other shooters. This game is not for those gamers who like speed running through games. Its probably one of the best first person shooters on the wii to this date. It has some glitches here and there and the controls aren't as customizable as the first game, but you'll have fun with this game as long as you go slow and steady and try to find all the hidden items and weapons. Expand
  15. May 25, 2011
    I thoroughly enjoyed the game, maybe even a little more than Goldeneye, but then I like futuristic weapons and my protagonist sounding like Duke Nukem (both voiced by Jon St. John). Lots of different locations, very satisfying kills, and very tongue in cheek humour along the way. I still prefer my FPS games on the PC with keyboard and mouse, but Conduit 2 on the Wii was a lot of fun.
  16. Jun 27, 2011
    I was super excited about this game! I cried out in anger every time it was delayed. Now that I bought it (the Limited Edition version) I can say I walked away happy. The story, while not great, held me down for a couple of hours. It was nice to play it just for the good action and to get the blueprints. I have not played it on-line because sadly I don't have Wi-Fi. I have played split-screen multiplayer. Though I wasn't blown away. Invasion mode greatly lengthened the game for me. It was fun to play though there are only three maps to play on. :( I loved that you could customize your character and change his loadouts. Game Informer is biased! This game is good, not great. Expand
  17. Nov 16, 2011
    A enjoyable game, but don't take the story to seriously. I liked the voice work in the game aswell as the gameplay with the interesting weapons. Only played single player, because im not into multiplayer that much, so my score is based off of two 5 hour campaign playthrough's.
  18. Aug 24, 2011
    The first Conduit game was fantastic, and is easily one of the best games on the Wii, the sequel while good is a huge disappointment, everything is worse than the original, the graphics which were fantastic in the first game are surprisingly bad, the controls feel loose unlike the original, all the voice actors have been changed, and they are all awful, the story makes absolutely no sense, you never know why your doing what your doing, it has glitches like an enemy wont take damage when you shoot them some times, and most of the weapons are underpowered this time, and there's only a few new ones about half way through, luckily the multiplayer is great, and is the reason you should pick this up, although the slight looseness of the controls are here too, while it's not as good as the first it's still a good game, and fans of the first should pick this up, and I hope they get things right for the next Conduit game. Expand
  19. Apr 25, 2011
    Conduit 2 isn't really a bad game, but its really never is a great game, the story is lacking, but humorous, and the frame rate suffers. Though i can live with all of this because this is the second best FPS on the Wii ( First is Goldeneye) Conduit 2 has an ok story which i found pretty decent thanks to the humor and style. Conduit 2 is a beautiful game on the wii and it is gorgeous, Conduit 2 is the wii's halo. Conduit 2 is a shooter, so since im okay with the campaign, its time for multiplayer.i know multiplayer is what makes a great FPS, but the multiplayer is still great. i'm still playing it instead of Portal 2, and thats pretty awesome. conduit 2 is great if wii fans want a halo for the wii, come get it, i also recommend this to all players on wii. Expand
  20. Apr 20, 2011
    Conduit 2 is a good sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed the first game even with its flaws. Conduit is superior as a FPS. The Graphics are outstanding is some levels, and par in some. The art is amazing this go around. The shooting / control system has been raised a notch as it is a little better for long shots now. The motion plus definitely helps as you can momentarily (for like 30 seconds) cover the end of the wiimote and still fully play the game, this really helps when melee attacks used to throw off cursor bad... Overall this is an excellent First Person Shooter and I am having a Blast Playing it.

    Graphics: A+++ Excellent Visuals (For any system), Great Art, Good Level Design for most of the game. Few glitches.

    Sound: Like the batter ambient sounds (Actually sounds like a war now, before world was silent) Surround Sound seems to act differently that the first game, Still good but different. Music is standard fair.... Like the old music much better. Bass and punch is much improved for gun fire and explosions.

    Control: Excellent, could not be better. This game proves the Wii remote + Motion Plus for FPS. Fully Customizable and mappable.

    Game-play: Amazing boss battles, better AI and some destructible environments. have not tried multi-player yet.

    Specific Complaints: A few glitches in the graphics at specific points. The AI is better, but Sometimes the Upgraded AI makes them do stupid things.
  21. Apr 20, 2011
    The single player may be lacking in originality and voice-acting, but the multi-player experience is what will suck every bit of negativity and skepticism out from players that give it a try. From what I have played, it is extremely well varied, plenty of weapons, gear, loadouts, modes, everything a hardcore wii fps gamer could possibly want is here!
  22. May 20, 2011
    people, as much as i love the wii for mario and zelda games its just not the console for fps. you go to xbox or ps for that, just look at the cod ports, they just dont compare. do what i do, i own a xbox mainly for shooters and use my wii for platformers and adventure games, simple as that.
  23. Jan 11, 2012
    than the first conduit. Conduit 2 have many improvements from the first game such as those in the multiplayer mode. Okay I did not beat the game yet but my opinion this game is really awesome. Sound - 9.0 - Yes the Music is great. Same type of music like the first one but better Graphics -9.5
  24. May 23, 2011
    I never played such a horrible game, this game is just a joke Halo rip-off wannabe and im not into the Halo games at all.
    This is just another example of shameless shovelware garbage wii gamers accustomed to, just another quick money cash in because there are no other alternatives on the wii.
    Now i donâ
  25. Jun 21, 2013
    Fairly lame sequel to a great game. The new multiplayer mode tried to be like cod but failed. Very unbalanced. The story mode isn't fun at all. Part of the problem might've just been the limitations of the Wii but either way this game was not as good as I'd have hoped.
  26. Dec 1, 2012
    Better Conduit and takes advantage of motion plus, headset and online. I like this better than any Halo or Call of Duty and weapons are unique. Any gun that acts like Kirby you know is sweet action. On-line is better and survival mode is great. I love killing hackers, but story could be more detailed.
  27. Mar 8, 2013
    Conduit 2 should not have been put on to the Wii, it should have been made the Wii U. As a result of using a standard definition console, Conduit 2 seems to really suffer. Bugs, glitches and frame-rate dips galore. The motion controls for some reason which were great in the original Conduit here seem too loose and difficult to control. Visuals are a mixed bag, nice and varied environments mostly hide the average character models though the animation is decent to be fair. Gameplay wise the game is one step up, two steps down from it's predecessor. There is more action this time round and some really impressive set pieces, although these get fewer and fewer as the game progresses. The control scheme makes what would have been a average at best shooter into a often frustrating one. Yes there is the option for classic controller play but that doesn't really add to the experience nor take away. Multiplayer is surprisingly deep and entertaining but lag issues are what makes the online multiplayer uncomfortable to play. Fair to say it's no Call of Duty beater when it comes to online multiplayer, but High Voltage Software should be praised for making an attempt at a HD console quality online multiplayer experience on Nintendo's online shy platform. The story lasts about 3-4 hours (each level gets shorter and shorter literally!) Multiplayer lasts the same amount of time as your patience which means it varies for each person.

    Graphics: 7.5/10
    Gameplay: 5/10
    Features: 6/10

    A disappointing sequel to The Conduit but it puts up a fight for itself, something that should be commendable. I would support High Voltage if they propose to port the game (in HD) to the Wii U, I believe it would find it's home there. I would also go so far to say, don't blame HVS for this disappointment...blame Nintendo and their fear of progression into territories that other companies ventured into years before. Of course, I am talking about HD.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 51 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 51
  2. Negative: 5 out of 51
  1. Oct 19, 2011
    A quite decent FPS and certainly an improvement over the original. It's quite unoriginal, though, and the opening level is very dull, but it gets better after that. [June 2011]
  2. Jun 27, 2011
    Awesome graphics, jaggy gameplay, grasping story and loads of action.
  3. Jun 25, 2011
    Even with several errors and limitations, the robust content is here, collecting various virtues, and, at the same time, primary failures, which, even with the help of patches, are condemned. But they are not condemned enough to commit an injustice and say that Conduit is not worth the play. No way.