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  • Summary: In Crash of the Titans, players fight a nefarious plot hatched by Crash's arch nemeses Neo and Nina Cortex to mutate the local creatures into titanic abominations. Using Crash's legendary mix of outrageous antics and daredevil bravado, players "hijack" enemies to take control of their action and use their fearsome powers against all manner of enemies. "Jack to Attack!" – Control, play and battle as 15 enemies, including titanic creatures such as Scorporilla, Ratcicle, Magamadon and Shellephant. While in control of a monster players can throw toxic stink bombs, call lightning down from the sky, fire lasers beams from their eyes or even impale enemies with a massive scorpion tail - use all of the creatures' special abilities to defeat Neo and Nina Cortex. Crash now has a powerful acrobatic fighting system that includes punches and flying kicks, multiple attacks and special counter moves. Players can power-up skills to unlock new attacks and blazing combos. Crash can now interact with his world in totally new ways. Players can wall-run, swing from ropes and flip off springboards – Crash can even toss Aku Aku on the ground to surf, skate, grind and shred. At any point in the game, a second player can join in the fun and play as Carbon-Crash to help unleash total chaos. In a totally innovative twist to co-op action gaming, Crash can even jack Carbon-Crash (or vice versa) for some hysterical Crash "jacked"-Crash mayhem. [Sierra Entertainment] Expand
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  1. You may have been expecting yet another "Crash" afterthought scheming to fleece you of another fiddy, but this is a rebirth well worth the investment. [Nov 2007, p.68]
  2. Sadly, Crash of the Titans is just more of the same in a new wrapper.
  3. A satisfying platform brawler that should easily please younger gamers while providing enough action and humor to keep older gamers interested.
  4. Still, it is a pleasure to find that while lacking in any real finesse, Titans does feel like a proper Crash Bandicoot title.
  5. This is a decent game that could have used a bit more innovation to really make this game top notch and stand out from all of the other platform games already available on this system.
  6. 65
    A good idea wrapped in a mediocre game.
  7. Those who dislike linear gameplay, lots of color and cartoon-like characters, however, should think about jacking elsewhere.

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  1. Rem
    Jul 11, 2013
    Crash of the Titans is a fun platformer overall on the Wii, and it shows. I played with a friend on the majority of the time, and we had decent fun playing. What's most surprising is the whacky plot (Crash is still speechless). I really enjoyed the mechanics of taking over monsters and using them to one's advantage of the battle. Monster designs are really creative and distinct. Gameplay remains the same throughout, but the overall light-hearted tone ensured smiles all the way. Not the best Crash or platforming game out there, but it was worthwhile on the $30 price tag. Expand

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