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    It’s obvious Square knows how to make the game the right way… the company was just lazy with Crystal Defenders on iPhone until people complained, and that laziness transitions over to Wii where we’ve never seen a content update in any game on WiiWare, and I don’t expect one now.
  2. Crystal Defenders R2 features a bit more challenge and just feels a little meatier overall than the first release. If you enjoyed Crystal Defenders R1, you'll likely enjoy this second title as it's basically more of the same, just with a little more of an edge to it.
  3. Overall, Crystal Defenders R2 is better than R1, although it maintains the technical issues. It may keep you busier due to the greater variety of unities and the higher difficulty, but nothing changes the fact they should be launched as one, like in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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