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  • Summary: Includes 15 classic arcade games: BurgerTime, Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory (the rare sequel to Burger Time), Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja, Burnin' Rubber, Caveman Ninja, Crude Buster, Express Raider, Heavy Barrel, Lock ‘n' Chase, Magical Drop III, Secret Agent, Side Pocket, Street Hoop, Super Real Darwin and Wizard Fire. [Majesco] Expand
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  1. Data East may not have had the golden touch when it came to making arcade games, but they certainly had a few gems in their catalogue, which Data East Arcade Classics does a good job of sampling.
  2. More options would have been nice, however, and it's a shame that legit classic Karnov isn't included. [Mar 2010, p.91]
  3. Seems more like a randomized assortment than a collection of “Classics,” as evidence by very notable absences.
  4. This game is fun for those that want to relive the feeling of walking into an arcade in the 80’s or 90’s. Unfortunately the number of bad games outweighs the good.
  5. While Data East Arcade Classics isn’t the worst arcade compilation I’ve played, it’s far from the best. The staggering amount of mediocre games hurts it immensely, and unless you’re a fan of the handful of good-to-great games on it, or absolutely must own every classic compilation that comes out, you can safely skip it.
  6. Unless you're a hardcore fan of BurgerTime, Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory or Bad Dudes, you're better off saving your quarters. [Issue#203, p.97]
  7. 50
    Data East Collection has all the pieces, but it's just thrown together so haphazardly, and ultimately there are only a couple of games here that are really worth the time.
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  1. AnnetteG.
    Feb 25, 2010
    A great collection that includes numerous of my favorite arcade games from my childhood. Burgertime, Bad Dudes, Lock'n'Chase, Heavy Barrel, Bump'n'Jump, and more... Highly recommend - want to see more classics like this!! Expand
  2. NoahB.
    Feb 23, 2010
    One word - emulator. Just kidding. Compilations of retro games can be good, but this one is unfortunately not.