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  • Summary: [WiiWare; also known as "Brain Cadets"] Line up and get ready to use your mind. Drill Sergeant Mindstrong is a party game that allows up to four people to play at once. Players become boot-camp trainees under the tough Drill Sergeant Mindstrong, going through mind-boggling, mind-training games. The rules are simple, but concentration and quick thinking are key. Become the top boot of your class and earn promotions based on your efforts. This game is best played with friends and family. [XSEED] Expand
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  1. 55
    Drill Sergeant Mindstrong seems to get too distracted by its own theme, and a lot of its mini-games and presentation end up focusing much more on reminding you that you're in a simulated boot camp than actually building up your brain.
  2. Drill Sergeant Mindstrong features quite a few interesting gameplay ideas, but they ultimately become too weighted down with the overly simplistic play control and mediocre audio/visual presentation to be of much enjoyment.
  3. This game is a type of simplified version of Big Brain Academy. It may entertain you and your friends who want to quickly test their brains, but it becomes a horrible game after a few hours.
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