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  • Summary: EA SPORTS Active is a customizable fitness program. Working out with a friend is a great way to stay motivated. That's why EA SPORTS Active features a Multiplayer mode. The split-screen view allows you and a buddy to work out side-by-side. And if you’re up for some butt-kicking, Multiplayer mode will pit you against each other in a race to the finish line. Just like a personal trainer at the gym, EA SPORTS Active's virtual trainer guides and motivates you to reach your fitness goals. Throughout each workout you'll get clear instructions, instant feedback, just the right amount of encouragement, and valuable tips to help you achieve maximum results. Finally, a personal trainer that doesn't charge by the hour! Dancing, inline skating, tennis and volleyball are just a few of the more than 25 exercises and activities that combine fitness and fun in an EA SPORTS Active workout. You’ll be breaking a sweat in no time with exercises that target your upper body, lower body and cardio. With so much variety, you’ll never be bored with your workout again. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. EA hasn’t marketed their new program for those looking to lose weight or get in shape; rather it’s been marketed to help keep people active, hence the name, EA Sports Active. Despite this, some will still add it as part of their weight loss program, some will still use it to help them get in shape (guilty as charged), other’s will see it as a good reason to stay fit. Whatever you’re reason, EA may have unlocked the way to get gamers’ off the couch and maybe, save us some money on gym fee’s during the current economy.
  2. 90
    But EA Sports Active has a great core--it will motivate you to work out and have you doing it the right way.
  3. We were well impressed with this one; it offers great value for money, with plenty of variety and flexibility, plus the option to workout with a friend… EA have well and truly nailed it.
  4. 80
    EA Sports Active is a fine alternative to Wii Fit, and actually encourages you to get active outside of the game as well.
  5. EA Sports Active is undoubtedly a great gym in a small CD with exercises that leave us with a sense of accomplishment, all with the convenience of the privacy of our home.
  6. You can really feel the burn with this collection of exercises and sports-themed challenges.
  7. The only problem I can and would raise is that although it shows you what to do, your form or stance maybe wrong when tackling some of the exercises. Also the resistance band provided seems cheap and flimsy, so much so that I could not trust it for some of the exercises.

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  1. Oct 7, 2011
    I bought the game EA Active and I absolutely love it , I am 25 years old and 100 pounds over weight and was about to give up on everything Ive tried and a friend suggested this game to me, so I got it and I am on day 7 and have already lost 6 pounds !! Im eating right and doing the 30 day challenge and on my rest days I make my own workout which is usually walk/run and heavy bag boxing which I love. I never thought I would be able to find something I could do in my home that actually worked and that I love so much. All I have to say is keep up the Wii Active people and you will see results !! I will not stop until this weight is off me :) I thank you EA Sports and Wii for making this game !!! Your a life saver Expand
  2. TonyO
    May 26, 2009
    Very well thought out and excellent for working out at home. The wii fit doesn't come close to this. Highly enjoyable and a true sense of accomplishment after playing. Expand
  3. Mel
    May 30, 2009
    I love this game, it's a fantastic workout. Really get's you sweating. It makes the Wii-Fit look pathetic.
    The resistance band
    really delivers. It uses the balance board well, although you can do all the exercises without it if you don't have one.
    The exercises are varied and there is lot's of custom workout's to try. You can choose what parts of your body you want to work out and how intense the training is. I like seeing how many calories ive burned too.
    I love it and it works!
  4. MM
    May 26, 2009
    Nice break from the Wii fit. Takes some time to get use to the correct way to hold the Wii remote and Nunchuck, but very rewarding! Goodbye workout DVD's. Nintendo has come up with much more interesting solutions. Video games + exercise means a workout that's fun and challenging. Expand
  5. KristyBrown
    Jun 28, 2009
    I bought the wii active about 2 wks ago and i love it. the first time i tried it i was sweating and my heart rate was really increased as if i was doing cardio at the gym. i also bought the wii fit afterward to compare the two. i have noticed that wii active is a better overall workout but i use them together. i use the wii fit first to get my bmi and then my weight. i also use it to do yoga and a few strength training excercises to start my workout. i then switch to the wii active and by then im in the mood to workout and pretty warmed up. i get a better cardio workout with the wii active and usually the next day i am sore. i agree with someone's review that i read earlier that it could have been a little better to have a variety of resistance bands so that as you get stronger you could move on to the ones with more resistance but that can be purchased seperatley. also like other games on the wii, sometimes it doesnt read the motion correctly and will tell you to keep still or slow down when you are merely trying to catch your balance or trying to get into the right position for the excercise,but other than that i love it and recommend it to others who want a fun way to workout. Expand
  6. NateB
    Jun 11, 2009
    Though it takes some getting used to in terms of learning the exercises and positions, this is the definitive exercise program on the Wii to date. Definitely recommended over Wii Fit. In EA Sports Active you can work out with a friend, customize workouts, keep a journal of your dietary and exercise habits and earn in game trophies that help you feel accomplished about keeping up with your regimen. My only complaint, and really this is with the Wii overall, is that some exercises don't seem to pick up on the movements of the remote or nunchuck accurately. The inline skating is a great example of this. Additionally, the band included doesn't have a high resistance level, however this problem is quickly remedied by purchasing a stronger resistance band (the xertube or others work great) off amazon for only $10. Expand
  7. JoeCigan
    Jun 26, 2009
    After taking the 30 day work-out and doing a few of the pre-set work-outs, I must confess that I'm disappointed with the quality of this product. The band broke twice. This game is certainly not worth the money if you need to replace the band every few weeks. The detection was poor in that I'd often had to shake the Wii-mote to get a rep to register. There are several instances where the instructional video demonstration does not match the moves of the avatar. I was disappointed that there is no sustained cardio. I am concerned that you seem to work the same muscle groups two consecutive days on the planned working. The workouts are unbalanced in that there is no stretching. The exercises that incorporate the balance board are lame and require little effort. There is no way to keep track of your weight as in Wii Fit. I find the timing of the reps to vary. Wii fit certainly has its shortcomings. I did Wii fit every day for over a year. I lost 50 pounds. My blood pressure is now fantastic. As a forty year old couch potato with young children, Wii Fit was an excellent way to get fit. The Wii fit workouts invigorate me. The EA active work outs make my joints hurt. It really seems to me that EA active will appeal to fad dieters and fad exercise nuts. If you plan to be in it for the long haul, I would recommend Wii fit over EA Active. However, to get the most out of Wii Fit you need experience in being able to develop sensible work outs. Wii Fit does not spoon feed in the same way EA Active does. I'll probably use EA Active a few times a week to break up my workouts since I already shelled the coin. Also, my wife tried EA Active only a few times and went back to Wii Fit exclusively. Expand

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