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  • Summary: FIFA Soccer 10 Wii is an over-the-top, non-stop soccer game that is designed exclusively for the platform. A polished gameplay experience that emphasizes action, approachability and responsiveness has been created that contains various key gameplay improvements and innovations. Shooting has been refined for improved shot power, accuracy and the ability to score from a greater range of distances and angles. Passing has been refined for faster and more accurate execution, while improved pass targeting and AI logic will create more open spaces and generate greater scoring opportunities. Goalkeepers will be more responsive when positioning themselves for a save, while still allowing for juicy rebounds adding to the non-stop soccer theme. The defending AI has also been reworked to allow for more urgency in the 18 yard box, meaning more block attempts and better player positioning to provide better team defensive coverage. When packaged together these gameplay improvements will keep the action fast and furious on the pitch. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. It's a game that walks the line between arcade and simulation with great ability and is tons of fun to boot. While long-time FIFA fans will likely gravitate towards the HD versions, the Wii version is an excellent addition to any soccer fan's game collection.
  2. The arcadey approach is an interesting diversion for the series and one that just about pays off. [Nov 2009, p.80]
  3. 80
    It may seem to lack a few features found in other formats' versions, but FIFA 10 on Wii still manages to claim the trophy for best Wii football game so far.
  4. If you are limited to just one console, or you plan on playing with youngsters, FIFA Soccer 10 for Wii is a quality game that does just enough to satisfy the majority of players' soccer lust.
  5. Forget real soccer, Fifa 10 on the Wii is all about arcade-style, over-the-top gameplay: it's fun and it has some nice touches, but it ends up being a sort of Mario Strikers stripped of its most exciting elements.
  6. Want instant pick-up-and-play entertainment from a game that doesn't take itself too seriously? Then FIFA 10's Wii waggling action is the way to go, so long as you're prepared for the novelty to wane fairly quickly.
  7. Nice look and few interesting ideas, but the hellhound penalties system ruins the whole experience.

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