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  • Summary: In Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, the divine tree which once stood in the middle of the Harvest Goddess' pond is weakening, the creatures are beginning to leave the land, and the five bells have lost their power. The Harvest Goddess believes that only the strength of the Harvest King can help revive the earth and bring the tree back to life. It's up to the player to help the Harvest Sprites ring the five mystical bells, summon the Harvest King, and revive the Harvest Goddess' tree and the land. Players find plenty of activities in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade, including cultivating crops and caring for wild and exotic animals such as penguins, pandas, and monkeys. Players can take their exotic animals out for walks, teach them tricks, and even ride some of them around town! When the circus rolls into town, players also need to help the ringmaster find the escaped animals. Befriend the lion, giraffe, and hippopotamus to save the show! The game also lets players take and share pictures over WiiConnect24. Players can take pictures of their farm, their family, or their village and show them off online. [Natsume] Expand
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  1. 85
    Animal Parade is not perfect, but it is by far one of my favorite Harvest Moon titles. This is the most fun I've had with the series in a long time, and it's great to see the story integrated so well with the gameplay.
  2. Feb 8, 2011
    ANother lovely game: a marvelous world, funny characters. It's really an oasis, soemthing different from everything else in the gaming world, like it or not.
  3. Another addictive Harvest Moon, but we'd like to see a few changes next time around. [Jan 2011, p.74]
  4. 75
    The quests are fun and quirky, and the animals all look adorable. With it's plodding pace, it's not going to try draw in a new audience, but if you love Harvest Moon games, Animal Parade delivers just what you want.
  5. 75
    The gameplay of Harvest Moon: Animal Parade is an acquired taste, but the satisfaction of building up a successful farm and managing your character's life at your own pace is certainly admirable.
  6. Fans of the Harvest Moon series will feel right at home, and the traditional overarching goals of improving your ranch, marrying, and raising a family are still in place. [Dec 2009, p.87]
  7. Feb 22, 2011
    The framerate problems shatter and destroy the game's whole structure. Its unbereable slowness hampers the gameplay and ruins the typical Harvest Moon experience. Animal Parade could have been among the best in the series: with those problems, it's one of the worst.

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  1. Feb 13, 2012
    One of the best harvest moons i have played, has a lot of marriage candidates and some fun game play, it has 3 ore mines and an island you can visit as well as some vacation houses you can buy, also the graphics are pretty nice for the wii. I gave it a 10 i really liked it. Expand
  2. Feb 20, 2012
    This best Harvest Moon game so far has it all. It is almost perfect, actually it has it all! More Crops, More Animals, More Recipes which you can also sell for additional income, More Items, More shops(they expand depending on your hard work), More Fishes( i just love Fishing in this game!), Mining at its best, Better Characters with unique stories and dialogues, Dating Features, More clothes and stuffs to wear, Can have 2 children, Spouse and Children can help you out in anything possible, Win titles and trophies, Ride all your animals, More Pets you can train, More Expansions and Land Ownerships, More time to do more chores in a day and a lot more features you should try this game out. The graphics is cool and colorful, just perfect as it is. There are varieties of music which is enjoyable to hum along. The storyline is great which you can't ignore because it really covers the whole part of the game that comes along with un-lockable characters, shops, and more. This is about what you're looking for. Balanced and Fun. Expand
  3. Sierra
    Jan 4, 2010
    I love this game. It has a few errors in it but it great. You can have two kids go on walks with your spouse, Is that not what everyone dream of?
  4. Oct 16, 2011
    Harvest Moon: Animal Parade contains the same errors as past games, some typos and bugs. The multiplayer aspect was so glitched they actually removed it from the North American release of the game. That was just icing on the cake though. The game is fantastic, and brings back memories of playing Harvest Moon 64. Vibrant areas, colorful characters and towns. If you're looking for an actual upgrade, this is the game to get. Some things I like include planting one square of seeds at a time, so you can have your crops in any shape you want, being able to walk through your crops (they kind of just move to the side as you walk through your field) and being able to grow trees! This is the most RPG of the harvest moons. I have spent 11 hours just doing the story events. Very fun. There's lots of walking in the beginning but if you save the animals, they will carry you to various locations. There's so much more to say about this game, just try it! Expand