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  • Summary: (Coming to the US market on May 1) Designed to be an incredible lock-on/shake-off experience, Heatseeker reinvents missile combat to give gamers a massive rush of destruction. Featuring collection of current and near-future military fighter jets, Heatseeker's arsenal includes the stealthy F-22 Raptor, the classic F-15 Eagle, the cutting-edge F35 Lightening II, and the aerodynamically advanced Russian SU-47 Berkut. Heatseeker straps players into the pilot's seat and deliver a white-knuckle ride that'll have them clutching the joypad as they engage in face-melting 6G turns and fight against a seemingly-impossible amount of airborne enemies. And when gamers launch a strike, they follow their missiles as they ruthlessly hone in on their targets via the Impact Cam. Delivering cinematic 3rd-person camera cutaway scenes, the Impact Cam reveals the results of attacks in all their devastating glory from all kinds of dynamic angles, complete with jaw-dropping explosions and smoke trails. With missions across the U.S., down to the Caribbean, across Antarctica and into the Far East, it's high-velocity combat all the way that'll see players constantly switching from predator to prey as an enemy missiles lock on. [Codemasters] Expand
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  1. Exactly the sort of game that should ensure the Wii continues to thrive. It's easy to get used to, has a perfect difficulty curve and is pure fun throughout. An explosive success. [Apr 2007, p.64]
  2. Gripes aside, this game can be balls-out fun when it wants to. Tearing through the sky at Mach 3 to sink a battleship and a couple of subs, then doing a 180 to shoot down a sky full of bogeys gets the heart going every time.
  3. Heatseeker is one of the more substantial playing experiences currently available on the Wii, and perhaps the first multi-platform release that feels superior rather than compromised. [May 2007, p.120]
  4. 60
    Combining last-generation visuals with next-generation control is never going to result in a satisfactory outcome.
  5. 55
    The majority of the game is a low-res, basic flight experience with very little to justify its "next generation" title. You’ll have just as much fun playing "Afterburner" for SEGA Genesis when it releases on VC, or reliving the “all range mode” battles in "Star Fox 64."
  6. Combine this ruthless beating with the ugly stick with the essential lack of variety inherent in these arcade air combat games and you have a title only really worth considering once it's in the bargain bins.
  7. 40
    Heatseeker manages to nail the whole "pointing the Wii Remote at the screen" thing, rather than introducing flight-combat gameplay, and as such fails to grasp the idea that you're in a damn fighter jet.

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