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  • Summary: Using the Wii Remote, players navigate their balls through a series of complex 3D mazes. No complicated button combinations are required - just the tilt of the Wii Remote to tip and tilt the game environment in all directions. Each ball in the game has its own level of response, speed, slide and bounce, so the player must choose his balls carefully in order to successfully complete Kororinpa. As more mazes are completed, additional balls are be made available to choose from. These include balls such as ladybug, cat, penguin, watermelon and pig. Players can also go head-to-head with another player, splitting the screen horizontally or vertically, where the winner is the player to collect all the red crystals and reach the goal first. The game includes more than 50 mazes and five different environments, each with its own unique music, obstacles and visual style to enjoy. Expand
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  1. Kororinpa, feels like a solid beginning to what could become a beloved franchise. [May 2007, p.59]
  2. The game was a joy to watch my children play. I enjoyed the 1-player experience for a while, but quickly tired of some of the tedium.
  3. A short and simple game, but one you'll enjoy every second of. [May 2007, p.71]
  4. 70
    I would imagine that most people will finish and grow bored with Kororinpa in a couple of days. Still, it's one of those games that you really enjoy while it lasts -- it's just a little too simplistic for its own good.
  5. Gentle and frustrating in equal parts, on the whole Kororinpa is a worthy addition to any Wii library, presuming that you bought the console as you weren't interested in a constant supply of macho shooters and driving games.
  6. 62
    A fun game; plain and simple. The design is solid, the gameplay is there for the most part, and the simple, intuitive control is charming and entertaining. Where the game lacks, however, it lacks in a huge way, offering only a handful of levels, a few extra marbles to tinker with, and no longevity to keep players coming back after the first couple hours.
  7. It feels much more suited to a low-priced download such as Xbox Live Arcade's "Marble Blast Ultra" rather than a $79 [AU] release.

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