Mixed or average reviews - based on 20 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 20
  2. Negative: 0 out of 20
  1. With solid gameplay and a great presentation, Kung Fu Panda is easy to recommend to fans of the movie or parents looking to entertain their kids with a robust yet accessible action platformer.
  2. While Kung Fu Panda certainly isn’t breaking new ground, it’s inspiring to know that studios are still capable of doing quality work in the well-worn platforming genre.
  3. We just wish Kung Fu Panda didn't have the dreadfully placed strong attack. Either way it's still a brilliant license. [Issue#25, p.72]
  4. If you really loved the movie, then you will want the game.
  5. Kung Fu Panda can be summed up as a game that doesn't do anything perfectly, but does everything pretty well.
  6. A perfect foil for the well-received film, well designed and executed. But their respective running times are rather too close for comfort. [Oct 2008, p.71]
  7. 75
    Kung Fu Panda is a brief romp, but one that will keep young gamers interested from start to finish. Heck, maybe they’ll even play through it a second or third time.
  8. Kung Fu Panda is not really hard to play, but it is a perfect game for your leisure time. Especially younger gamers will be happy with it.
  9. As a result, Kung Fu Panda is easily recommendable for the younger set and to parents that are looking for a video game for their kids to play on those rainy days when homework has been completed.
  10. For a movie licensed game, Kung Fu Panda isn't that bad at all. The Wii version has some controller and graphical issues but it still doesn't take away from the fun of the game that much.
  11. If your alright with renting the game, it might be a better idea given the games short length, otherwise this really is a pretty solid game that’s worth a look.
  12. There are a variety of technical problems with Kung Fu Panda: the camera is wonky, Wii remote motions imprecise, a little buggy and a lazy PS2 port.
  13. Combat is fun, although it can get really repetitive, and the platforming offers some excitement. Beyond that, Kung Fu Panda offers some depth as well as some enjoyable multiplayer.
  14. The difficulty is perfect for the younger crowd, but late teens on up won't find much more than a 6-hour romp here.
  15. 67
    The lack of variety is actually a good thing. In an area of game development where being overly ambitious can destroy you, developer Luxoflux has instead created a smart, focused, and (most importantly) polished effort that should delight young fans of the film.
  16. Kung Fu Panda might have some swanky Panda style moves but the wonky controls get in the way of the action. Yet the multiplayer was a pleasant surprise that could keep gamers playing for hours.
  17. If it were not for the poor controls, worse camera, and myriad technical guffaws it might have been an OK game. Some of the ideas are cool, but the execution is definitely not.
  18. 60
    Kung Fu Panda again shows that even pretty decent games squeezed into the Wii's control scheme have a hard time living up to their potential. It's not terrible, but if you can, you should get it on another system.
  19. This movie-inspired action game is fun while it lasts, but sadly that isn't very long.
  20. Kung Fu Panda does little to elevate itself above the typical movie tie-in game, and manages to lower itself in a few instances (e.g. graphics and sound). You’d be better off seeing the movie instead.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 4 Ratings

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  1. Aug 23, 2010
    While on of the better movie adaptations, it's a decent beat 'em up, it's lacks a certain spark, with boring locations and some awkward, unresponsive motion interludes. Anyone seeing this cheap and craving a beat 'em up could go worse, but as it stands, it's a decent if uninspiring game. Full Review »