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  • Summary: Join the battle to maintain the universal balance between darkness and light with all the popular characters from the animated TV series: Ang Lueng never dreamed that he would be the next Golden Dragon. He always assumed his twin sister, Ling, the best fighter of the Dragon Dojo run by their mentor Master Chin, was next in line. Ling is deeply humiliated. She swears to take vengeance upon those who betrayed her, starting with her brother and Master Chin. The lure of power from the Zodiac Master proves too much for Ling. Her hatred leads her into darkness and she becomes the Shadow Dragon. Enjoy the magic tale of the Legend of the Dragon in this combat action/adventure game that combines the fighting sequences and compelling story line of the TV series - all wrapped up in game play and animation. All the important places from the cartoon series are present in the game as combat arenas: The 12 sacred temples, The Dragon Dojo, The Zodiac Master's hideout, The Temple of Shadow Dragon, The Great Wall of China, Hong Kong Bay. 8 different game modes ensure hours of challenging game-play: Play Quest mode, Arcade mode, Training mode, Survival mode, Time Attack mode, versus mode, Team Battle mode, Tag mode. The Nunchunck is used for character directional moves, The Wii Remote is used for all movements related to fighting and the spell sytem uses the gyroscopic system of the Wii Remote. [Game Factory] Expand
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  1. 60
    The simplistic combat lends itself well to the Wii remote and the special attacks really liven up the otherwise dull back and forth battles.
  2. Just as the Legend of the Dragon TV series comes off as a faint echo of "Dragon Ball Z", The Game Factory's Wii adaptation serves as a reminder that it takes more than two battlers and an arena to make a memorable fighting game. [Aug 2007, p.84]
  3. If the developers had made more use of the Wii's unique controllers and cranked up the graphics, I could have given this a better score. But, like ordering a Mixed Vegetable Soup at my local Chinese takeaway, I'm going to have to give Legend of the Dragon a number five.
  4. This strives for nothing and doesn't even make it that far. A poor game for a poor franchise. [JPN Import; Aug 2007, p.54]
  5. There’s very little to like about the Nintendo Wii version of Legend of the Dragon and the fact that very little effort was placed in making the Wii technology fit the game is reason enough to skip this one.
  6. Giving us eight play mode options to choose from is about as generous as giving a death row inmate choice of execution. Legend of the Dragon plays like a shitty banjo.
  7. Overall, though, I really can't recommend this game, even to fans of the show. It almost feels as if the developers spent more time on making this look and feel like a cartoon and just forgot to do much more than a basic game.

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