• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Jun 15, 2009

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  1. 65
    But there's something unique and heartwarming about it -- something distinctly human about just playing catch. And it makes me very curious to see where Prope, Sega and Yuji Naka take things from here.
  2. The story mode will allow you to get to know nine surprisingly interesting characters, and in the process serves as a meditation on relationships, park life, and the glory of throwing a ball at a strangers head.
  3. Through and through, this is a fastball on Sega’s part and one that many gamers are going to want to avoid.
  4. For all its weirdness, Let's Catch is a really fun game that ranks amongst the best WiiWare multiplayer titles.
  5. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Pricey, given its lack of depth. [Sept 2009, p.95]
  6. Let's Catch purpose is good and fun, but too simple. If it weren't the 1000 Nintendo Points, it would be easily recommended, as the game mechanic works well and the multiplayer enjoys groups of friends.
  7. Prope did amazingly well with Let's Tap but don't be fooled by Let's Catch as it is nowhere near as fun and is unreasonably priced in comparison; here is hoping that the companies next Wii-ware venture proves to be more successful.
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  1. May 14, 2018
    You know, I've gotta say that I was very surprised to find that this game was made by none other than Yuji Naka, of "Sonic the Hedgehog" fame.You know, I've gotta say that I was very surprised to find that this game was made by none other than Yuji Naka, of "Sonic the Hedgehog" fame. When I first played this in 2012, it would've never slipped my mind that he would be a part of this (granted, after playing it, I totally see it, but still). Well, back in 2012, I downloaded this for a very short time in my thirst for some good baseball-related games (since I was hooked on the sport at the time), and recently with the impending closure of the Wii Shop Channel, I chose to give it a second look, and walked away pleasantly surprised.
    "Let's Catch" is a very relaxed game: it should be very obvious, but the whole purpose of the game is that you are playing catch. It's really easy to relax and play it, and admittedly, the story mode was quite good. You play catch with several different people, and as you do well and earn more points, they open up to you about their lives. I actually found myself connecting to the characters emotionally in the game, even if they were simple Mii characters. There was just something very charming and human about just playing catch, and the game captures that heartwarming feel of growing and learning about someone by bonding over a game of catch. The visuals are also pretty solid, simply-designed but colorful and well-crafted, and the light music that accompanies the story mode is quite pretty as well.
    The one major gripe with the game, however, is that it's just a bit too simple, and it's rather repetitive. It's relatively easy to get into, but outside of the extra modes, the story doesn't really add much variety, so it can get rather repetitive. Now, luckily, the game isn't TOO long (I was able to complete the story in one sitting) and you can argue that the lack of variety somewhat adds to the "human element" of playing catch, but it can be a real turn-off for some who find it just too simple and boring.
    Overall, though, while "Let's Catch" isn't for everybody, there's a very real, emotional charm to it that many similar games may not match. It might be a bit too simple and repetitive for some, but it's a very sweet, relaxed game with an interesting human element to it. If you happen to have enough leftover Wii Points (since you can't add them anymore), this game is definitely worth using them on, at least to see what side of the fence you sit on. If you unfortunately can't download the game because you don't have enough Wii Points, but you happen to notice that someone else owns it on their Wii, give it a shot! You might be a little surprised, I sure was.
    Final rating: 7 out of 10 "Good"
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