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  • Summary: Mini Desktop Racing lets you loose with a crazy selection of officially licensed Minis, each accurately rendered with distinctive performance abilities. Race your inch-long miniatures around the wildest tracks where everyday objects appear immense in size and can become lethal hazards. Hurl around familiar household environments knocking over trackside objects and causing havoc for your opponents. Build up your skills and quick reflexes to unlock hidden extras including new Minis, upgrades, tracks and much more. Use the Wii Remote in the driving position and control your Mini like you hands were on the steering wheel itself, tilting your controller to manoeuvre around corners or to ram an opponent off the track. Compete against friends wheel to wheel in the insanely competitive multiplayer mode with each track individually designed for a unique racing experience. [Conspiracy Entertainment] Expand
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  1. 12
    Mini Desktop Racing is another shovelware title that simply needs to be ignored at all costs. It’s better than its partner in crime, "Offroad Extreme," but only by a hair, as the racer’s controls are still extremely uncomfortable, pretty unresponsive, and completely lackluster.
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  1. Sep 15, 2013
    The idea is cute, and the basic environment in the game is creative and whimsical, but after that production of this game seems to have fallen apart.

    The actual gameplay ranges from frustrating to down right nauseating. I'd never experienced motion sickness from playing a video game before I played Mini Desktop Racing, but after a few rounds of the poor camera angles and animation I began to feel my head swimming and my stomach turning.

    While this game may seem like a fun casual game to mess around with, it's just the opposite. Poor controls will have you angry at the game the whole time it's on.
  2. JoeWilliams
    Jun 15, 2008
    On the PC this was an OK game, not brilliant, but OK. This Wii version has been cut back considerably, much to the detriment of the experience. A big disappointment for me as I already had the PC version, which I'd rate at about 6/10 and this Wii version is really poor. Expand
  3. CmdrWhiteWolf
    May 1, 2008
    This games controls stink, Period! What makes this unplayable in my book is their how difficult their "EASY" setting is. Both my friend and I found ourselves falling off the desks and objects fairly often because the poor overhead camera view. There isn't any way to change that point of view at all.
    My friend & I bought this game thinking it might be something fun along the lines of the dogfighting game Airfix Dogfight. This game doesn't even please on that level. And worse, the programming of this game duplicates this companies other title, Offroad Extreme. (Which we also unfortunately bought as well), And it suffers for exactly the same reasons as that game does.
    This game is definitely a "DO NOT BOTHER WASTING YOUR MONEY" game...