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  • Summary: MySims Party turns any gathering into an instant party with 50 mini games to choose from, each hosted by a different MySim. You and your friends have the chance to Stick the Trick in the extreme snowboarding mini game, outrun a robot in Robo Assault or shake your groove thing with DJ Candy during the Go Go Dancing challenge. Each MySim character brings a unique combination of skill to the mission, with differing levels of endurance, speed and luck giving you the option to choose the best MySim for the task. You can play mini games one right after the other, or you and your friends can compete in a themed festival such as food, music or sports that offers multiple mini games. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. 78
    Again EA brings you a good title with My Sims Party. The graphics are fine and there is nothing to complain about when it comes to sound effects. Especially the younger gamer will be busy for many hours playing this title, but for the older people this is a nice game as well.
  2. This is not the ultimate minigame title, but it really is a good example of how to integrate an already known universe like MySims, in a completely new game style. Luckily, the game is attractive enough to attract attention from home children, who surely will have the most fun.
  3. If you've played more than a couple of games in your life you'll breeze through this without any hassle. [May 2009, p.88]
  4. MySims Party extends the Wii party game choice. Fun if played with three other friends, it gets boring in Single Player. MySims Party is one of the best party games around, but it doesn’t introduce innovation like Wario Ware and, and it’s not funny like Rayman Raving Rabbids. Recommended only for those who can’t live without party games.
  5. Even though I was severely disappointed with this title, I am still hopeful for MySims Racing, which is the next entry in the MySims series. Hopefully, that one won't be "just another kart racer."
  6. The characters are still charming but they're fronting a dull, lazy game. [June 2009, p.60]
  7. My Sims should never have made the transition into a party game. The main flaw here is that it, quite simply, is no fun at all. Most of the minigames are utterly dull and since the control scheme is basically broken there's no chance that the younger audience will be able to master the game. There are a whole slew of party games for the Wii that offers a better experience than this.

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