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  1. Nov 24, 2011
    Yet another entry in the MySims series of games released to the Wii, SkyHeroes completes the departure from the series' building roots. Unlike in MySims or is sequel, Kingdom, SkyHeroes only allows the player to customize his or her plane, with a few minor modifications to the plane's performance as a result. There is no worldcrafting in this game, and no worthwhile changes to make in any way. The heart of this game is air combat, and the dogfighting game that is the core of SkyHeroes is woefully underdeveloped. The mechanics of dogfighting are weak, with limited control. The story is tissue-thin and unengaging, and although the missions ostensibly are different from one another, they generally fall into one of only a few categories. Once a particular mission type has been played, there's nothing to be gained from future missions of the same type; the only thing that will change is the scenery...and difficulty. SkyHeroes is extremely uneven in its difficulty, with missions that are absurdly easy and ridiculously difficult occasionally following one another. Overall, SkyHeroes is a weak game. The shameless use of the MySims series name to promote this turkey, however, makes it all the weaker. Full Review »