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  • Summary: NERF 2: N-Strike Elite features a classic rail shooter style of gameplay and equip players with a cache of fresh features. With the Wii-remote snapped into the NERF SWITCH SHOT EX-3 blaster and the red reveal lens engaged, players can detect enemy weak spots, solve puzzles and decode secret messages as they blast their way to victory. Boys in the target age range of 8 to 12 will jump into battle as one of four playable characters, each with their own unique customizable blasters and abilities. For those players who find themselves in a melee that requires back-up, NERF 2: N-Strike Elite includes two-player co-op, allowing buddies to immediately jump in and join the crusade. Players can also interact with a veritable army of robots including B.O.B., the same recruiting robot from the first NERF N-Strike game. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. 75
    Even with that lessened impact Nerf N-Strike Elite is a really good kid-friendly choice that's got some bang for the buck.
  2. Nerf: N-Strike Elite is an obvious cash in for both EA and Hasbro but at the same time, it's well done, fast paced, entertaining cash in that comes with an awesome Nerf blaster.
  3. Teen boys should fall in love with Nerf: N-Strike Elite.
  4. 70
    A solid if not predictable shooter that manages to get the gimmick right. The included gun peripheral is a nice novelty and the shooting is actually quite enjoyable. The repetition will start to wear on you after a while but if you can look past that it should be a good time with the kids. If you love Nerf and are looking for a non-violent shooter to play with your kids I highly recommend checking out this quirky, but entertaining title.
  5. It's hardly an 'elite' game, but it will keep the kiddies entertained for a bit.
  6. While the Nerf fad may be over, this game is actually quite solid and should be able to keep younger players satisfied for a couple months before the latest toy comes out. If anything, you want to pick this up because the gun it comes with is pretty awesome.
  7. What were they thinking? The lameness of this game is a slap in the face to every NERF aficionado ever born and, quite frankly, those still in the womb.

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  1. Jun 22, 2013
    The shooting is horrible, the characters are obnoxious, and don't help you, the storyline is horrible, overall it is a piece of crap. Every copy in the world should be burned. Expand