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  1. Jun 30, 2012
    I'm not sure why there aren't many critic reviews for this game, but let me tell you - this game is fantastic! This exactly what I was hoping for in a Pikmin sequel!

    Like the last game, Olimer / faithful Pikmin followers spend most of the game wandering around the island looking for objects. This time, instead of spaceship parts, they are looking for items of value to pay off the debt
    Olimer's company incurred while he was stranded. So far, I've seen everything from a battery to bottle caps to parts of an old school Nintendo controller. Like last time, he gets the Pikmin to carry said objects to his ship, where they are cashed in, kind of like a pawn shop. The game play is almost identical to the first game, so controlling the characters is intuitive for those of you who played Pikmin 1 for Wii. You still have a day to get through as much as you can, and risk losing anyone left behind.

    Here are the biggest differences I've noticed so far:
    1) Louie (his assistant) is with him, giving you two main guys the Pikmin will follow. You have the option to keep them together, or control each separately. Initially, this seemed pointless, as you can only control one at a time - whatever guy you don't control will stand wherever you leave him. However, this started becoming useful when I needed to separate Pikmin by skill/color. For example, I could have Louie stand behind with a purple group while I took all the red Pikmin ahead to clear areas with fire. Once that was done, I just had to switch back to Louie, who took the purple group to meet up with me. I remember losing a lot of time in Pikmin 1 when I was trying to multitask, as I had to keep going back and forth (drop group off at wall, direct another group to build a bridge, go back to pick up the first group when the wall was done, etc). So this has been handy.

    2) There are new types of Pikmin, and some of the old ones have increased abilities. I won't give away what they do, in case some of you want to figure it out on your own. But's it been fun playing around with all the new types, and trying to figure out what kinds of tasks best suit their skills. (side note: when following you around, they now have a little musical battle chant they say every 10 seconds or so - kind of like "na na na boo boo!"-ish. For me, it got old quickly!)

    3) There are new bad guys (still mostly bugs) and threats (now also poisonous gas and electricity!) A lot of the old guys are still there, which is nice since you can approach them with the confidence in knowing how to defeat them.

    4) You are exploring new areas of the planet (at least so far, maybe later levels are recognizable from the first game). This has been great, since it takes a while to fully explore each area - especially since you can't get through certain obstacles until you get certain colored Pikmin.

    5) There are now sub-levels in each area. So far, the ones I've explored have all been underground (think Mario going down a pipe and opening up a new land), but this also may be different later. There are lots of underground items to find, and a few other surprises. The great part is that time doesn't continue when you're down there - you can take your time to explore everything without penalty. Your day will be at the same mark when you return above ground as when you left. Each underground level has a "Big boss" waiting for you at the end (also reminiscent of Mario) that you can avoid (if you're sneaky), but need to defeat to get the treasure. One thing to note for this is that your game will be saved as soon as you go down one of these levels (there are several levels in each - you go down level after level until you reach the bottom). This means if you ever decide to "replay from last save," you can't assume it will be the start of the day. I realized this the first time a bad guy destroyed my fleet of Pikmin, and I tried to start the day over to avoid losing so many (something I frequently did in the first game). If anything, this feature gives this a higher replay value, as I know I'll play again to complete everything in fewer days, and/or by losing less Pikmin.

    6) Olimer's notes went high-tech - there are now notes on every bad guy you encounter, plants, and all your treasures. Those of you that liked the little hints Olimer gave you at the end of each day of Pikmin 1 (i.e. which color Pikmin can do certain tasks, etc), will probably really like this. I haven't spent much time on it, but this seems like a good resources for younger players who may get stumped.

    7) There is a two player and a challenge mode!

    All in all, I've really enjoyed this game so far. It's definitely a good value - I probably would have paid more than $20 if asked (especially since the Gamecube version goes for $40 used), but am grateful it was so cheap! If you loved the first game as much as I did, you're going to be happy with the sequel! Bring on Pikmin 3 for the Wii U!
  2. Dec 15, 2012
    Can't believe this game does not have more attention! It's outstanding use of the Wii-mote almost convinces me of it's value. One of the few games where I don't miss regular controls. Controlling and directing the Pikmin is an absolute joy. The game it self is incredibly fun, you have various types of Pikmin with various strengths and weaknesses and using your brain you have to work out the best attack for each enemy although if I'm honest it usually involves pointing and mashing the A button to fling the Pikmin. It's a very satisfying game with very few flaws in my opinion. The first game had the constraints of a time limit which ended up making the game stressful but Pikmin 2 is an absolute joy to play and with the addition of a secondary leader time is saved backtracking and walking aimlessly between Pikmin and your base camp! You go around collecting treasure to earn money for your boss who stupidly got himself into debt. It sounds juvenile but once the game actually gets going you can forgive it's childish storyline. Can't wait for Pikmin 3. Expand
  3. Jan 28, 2013
    I missed out on Gamecube (was a PS2 guy), and never played the Pikmins--boy was I wrong to miss them. This game is absolutely addictive and as pleasent as Prozac. It starts a little slow as you get used to it, but once you do, you fall in love. Also, seeing as I never played the GCN version I can't speak to those controls, but I cannot imagine not being able to point with the Wii remote--feels natural in the game play. It is a great addition to any game collection. Expand
  4. Apr 21, 2013
    After knowing how incredible was Pikmin 2 in GameCube, I can say the Wii port is good, but the controls are really tedious, specially when you're Wiimotes don't work very well, I mean the D-Pad for example, when it doesn't work well, you can use another camera movement instead of what you were wanting. However, the experience that I met in GameCube is the same, a complete strategy game with cool graphics, hard dungeons and a memorable Piklopedia, you will have a great time reading the enemies characteristics. Sometimes Pikmin can stuck on walls, and then you can lose them (so they die). I should recommend you playing this game on 720p in Wii U, it looks just great. Expand

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