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  1. The most important thing is: Pikmin is worth playing. It's simply indispensable in any fan collection and a sample of the different way Nintendo makes its games. On the other hand, if you've already played it fully on GameCube, maybe the new version is dispensable
  2. It's not as good as its sequel but Pikmin is still a great game and is essential to those who haven't played it.
  3. 83
    If you devoured it back then, be forewarned that there’s no extra meat on the bone – no extras, no real refinements beyond the Wii control scheme. If you never got into it, though, don’t let the cut-price Wii version slip through your fingers this time.
  4. Pikmin virgins and curious Wii owners should definitely take a look at this quirky, satisfying little game, especially if they have a craving for something a bit different. Vets will probably be fine with their dusty GC copies, but this is certainly a game worth experiencing, in its old or waggle-enhanced form.
  5. Pikmin is a little gem that puts you in touch with the power, the beauty and the cruelty of the Nature in a wonderful way. Just don't mind if you already played the game on Gamecube.
  6. A cynical reissue to exploit the game-starved hardcore on Wii? This is far too complicated for your mum to play. Still, it's a genuine (prequel to a) classic.
  7. 80
    Pikmin proved to be quite a revelation when first released, and its charm is not only still there today, but magnified by the inclusion of some very intuitive Wii Remote motion controls and a few other extras to keep fans happy.
  8. 80
    The control fiddling has worked, so hats off to the new Pikmin team, and I can recommend this one to any Wii owners, of any age.
  9. Games Master UK
    The Pikmin gameplay is still a winner but you might want to hang on for Pikmin 2.[Mar 2009, p.76]
  10. Pelit (Finland)
    A fun re-release of the Gamecube classic. [Mar 2009]
  11. 80
    As one of the first budget-priced GameCube-to-Wii upgrades, New Play Control! Pikmin is a perfect example of what the series is capable of.
  12. Thanks to excellent controls and a cute premise, Pikmin is a must play for newcomers and fans alike.
  13. 80
    If you've never dabbled with the series before, the New Play Control! title is a superb buy, especially since it retails for a reduced price.
  14. An incredibly charming adventure.
  15. Fun for all ages. While there's nothing new to speak of, fans of the GameCube version may enjoy a revisit; however those who missed Pikmin the first time around will get the most bang for their buck.
  16. For anyone who hasn't yet had a chance to give Pikmin a go, this is a great opportunity to jump into the series. The new Wii controls work great, and though the production values have aged a bit, it's still a fine game worth going back to.
  17. There’s just something about watching your army haul back a bounty from a hard day’s work that’s very satisfying.
  18. The game may be as old as the Wii's predecessor, but New Play Control! Pikmin still remains a very challenging and engaging title. While the graphics haven't held up as well as one would have hoped, the sound and gameplay definitely remain timeless.
  19. Nintendo’s goals with this game appear more modest, and they are largely accomplished. If better controls for an eight-year old game meet your equally modest goals, you should find little that disappoints.
  20. Pikmin is a quirky, innovative, colourful, charming, and addictive game- epitomising exactly what Nintendo are all about. Sure, it’s just a GameCube port with Wii controls slapped on, but it works well.
  21. Pikmin newbies and curious Wii owners alike should definitely take a look at New Control Play! Pikmin, especially if they have a craving for something a bit different.
  22. Pikmin, the Miyamoto's RTS experiment, comes to Wii with slightly improved controls and a lower price in order to attract wiimote's fans who couldn't play eight years ago one of the most original and fresh ideas for our dear but dead Gamecube.
  23. If you loved Pikmin and are dying to play again you could probably find a copy way cheaper on the Gamecube (which you can still play on your Wii through backwards compatibility). However, if you’d like to give the new controls a shot, they make the game a little easier to control and for $30, it’s not going to prevent you from checking out some other new games as well.
  24. 75
    New features in this revision might seem too few. There are no new game modes, nor a graphics overhaul or interesting new things apart from the new control.
  25. Although it has an improved graphical system (16:9 and 480p scan are available), and a control scheme perfectly functional, Pikmin is the same game of six years ago. Those who own a copy of the original version can leave New Play Control on the shop shelves. But those who have never experienced the adventures of Olimar, should take the opportunity to discover one of the most creative game in the past generation. Deep, immediate, poetical: Pikmin is a great classic of videogame industry.
  26. 75
    The Wii interface is a brilliant fit for the game, giving it the speed and fluidity of a true RTS.
  27. Pikmin is a creative, original take on console strategy gaming. Not everyone may take to the strategic undercurrent, but as it stands, this Pikmin has already fixed its roots deep in my jaded gamer's heart.
  28. Pikmin 2 is also due a New Play Control! reissue this year, and it's a better game in every respect. It's longer and more sophisticated, with more varied Pikmin and enemy types; it has co-operative and competitive multiplayer; it has randomised caves with finite Pikmin numbers, ideal for the game's challenge mode; it has no time limit.
  29. Viewing this simply as a re-release it's still a hugely enjoyable game, overshadowed only by its own sequel - with its longer, more complex missions, no time limit and multiplayer modes. Since it's getting the New Play Control treatment too it makes this a little harder to recommend... but not much.
  30. Nintendo's New Play Control! first text in Europe's Pikmin, a comeback to the story of Captain Olimar and his little coloured friends that's been adapted for the wiimote and the nunchuk. It's basically the same game that we saw in 2001 with an improved gameplay system, with same graphics and music.
  31. If you've already experienced the charm of Pikmin you're better off waiting for the tweaked second game, but if you missed out on the GameCube and fancy some easy to play real-time strategy there's no reason not to pick this up in preparation for the sequel.
  32. Despite its age, Pimkin delivers an immersive experience. Technically is surely getting old, but style and playability make it great on Wii. This is your chance to add 10 years of Nintendo's history to your collection: think about it.
  33. New Play Control! Pikmin is not only smart, but also a very fun addition for the Wii. The controls are almost perfect and that's what Pikmin is all about. We strongly recommend this title for every gamer that has never played a Pikmin game before, but also for every gamer with a little Pikmin heart. Even though the game is a little outdated it still feels like the game that the GameCube version should have been.
  34. There’s a lovely, bucolic charm to Pikmin which makes its brevity easy to forgive. Less acceptable is the fact that a seven-year-old game has been repackaged as a Wii title for an excessive £30 – Nintendo has certainly missed a trick by not adding any kind of extras to increase its longevity.
  35. 63
    Are you looking for a tactical game on the Wii, Pikmin is a fun title you should consider buying. Unfortunately it only has a short story. If you never played the GameCube version, but it always looked interesting to you, it is worth the money. Trust me!
  36. Pikmin was a good game back in 2002. Maybe Nintendo thought they should release it again. We rather wished they didn’t. The game is a complete waste of time. The game hasn’t changed a bit since the original and brings no new content. That’s just ridiculous. If you never played Pikmin’s your chance...wooptiedoo!

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 33 Ratings

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  1. Rubbermade
    Mar 27, 2009
    This is a fantastic game. It is a remake so how can anyone criticize it on having bad graphics or no new content or for not being Pikmin 3?This is a fantastic game. It is a remake so how can anyone criticize it on having bad graphics or no new content or for not being Pikmin 3? New Play Control Pikimin is better than the GCN Pikmin. I can see now why people claim that the Wii has no games rated highly on this site and its because the critics are bias against the Wii and closed minded. Full Review »
  2. Jul 10, 2014
    Fantastic game, not just a port, this version allows you to restart your day or go back in times a few days back. So the obnoxious time limitFantastic game, not just a port, this version allows you to restart your day or go back in times a few days back. So the obnoxious time limit is not as grueling at all here. On top of that the wiimote seems to have been made for Pikmin, and this is coming from someone who does not like the wiimote one little bit. A wonderful first installment for one of the best series Myamoto and Nintendo ever created. Here's to many more Pikmin games. Full Review »
  3. Feb 25, 2011
    Ah, Pikmin. one of the best RTS series of all time.
    it's so great. it's mixes fighting and scavenger hunting so well that My brain should be
    Ah, Pikmin. one of the best RTS series of all time.
    it's so great. it's mixes fighting and scavenger hunting so well that My brain should be splattered on the wall from an awesomeness explosion. Why that hasn't happened yet, I'll never know.
    Full Review »