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  • Summary: New Super Mario Bros. Wii offers a combination of cooperation and competition. Players can pick each other up to save them from danger or toss them into it. Mario, Luigi and two Toads are all playable characters, while many others from the Mushroom Kingdom make appearances throughout the game. Players can even ride different Yoshi characters and use their tongues to swallow enemies, items and even balls of fire. In some areas, players use the motion abilities of the Wii Remote controller. The first player to reach a seesaw might make it tilt to help his or her character reach a higher platform - or might maike it tilt incorrectly just to mess with other players. New items include the propeller suit, which will shoot players high into the sky with just a shake of the Wii Remote, and Mario’s new ability to transform into Penguin Mario. At the end of each stage during the coin battle multiplayer mode, players are ranked based on the number of coins they have collected. [Nintendo] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 75 out of 80
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  1. 100
    A truly great Mario title and a bold and brilliant new multiplayer direction for the series. Buy it now!
  2. Haters can ignore the qualities and say that "is only one more game of Mario", but any fan of Mario will recognize the intense brightness of this game.
  3. 92
    New Super Mario Bros. Wii demonstrates one more time why Nintendo are masters of the all-ages gaming market, relevant and refreshing but at all times reverent and above all, incredible fun.
  4. NSMBW gets a lot right, nailing the classic vibe while also evolving the series in some interesting ways, but a few flaws keep it from achieving the the sort of classic status enjoyed by Super Mario World and Super Mario Galaxy.
  5. New Super Mario Bros Wii is a fun game, plain and simple.
  6. In an era where retro games are almost sickeningly trendy to make, New Super Mario Bros. Wii turns back the clock and does it right. Other developers doing retro games ought to take notes.
  7. The lack of a strong concept in this game brings that decades-old sameness to the fore and makes New SMB Wii the least essential Mario title to date.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 94 out of 115
  2. Negative: 10 out of 115
  1. Oct 5, 2010
    When the only negative reviews are saying "It's too hard" know it's really really good Mario. This is the best 2D platformer of the 00's. It is a joy to play and I can't recommend it enough. 16 million and going..the game is a blast!. Deserves a A+ for the brilliant gameplay. I love the graphics, esp. the enemies and Mario's animations. The Koopalings are back from Mario 3 and Mario World. Just buy Expand
  2. Oct 5, 2012
    Nintendo have worked fantastic on this game. Lots of effort has been put into making it one of the best Mario games out there. The multiplayer function is great, having four people playing at once is complete chaos. Loads of characters from previous Mario games return back, many old bosses from Super Mario World are back again, and the game is perfect for young children, being quite difficult, gradually getting harder. Expand
  3. Fix
    Jun 21, 2012
    You can play this game at your own pace. If you're just into racing to Bowser, you can do that. But, if you're looking for a serious challenge, the 3 coins in every stage are going to take a lot of patience, skill, luck, and time. This has been the first Mario game that I've felt I don't have the skills to finish 100% completion. My only complaint about this game is the gimmicky motion control for the spin jump. I can't tell you how many times I accidentally shook the controller during an intense moment, thus activating the spin jump at the worst time possible. I don't throw my arms around when I play either, it's just very sensitive. I would give 10 stars if the shaking of the controller action was mapped differently or it supported a classic controller. Expand
  4. Nov 17, 2011
    It's a Mario game, which means that it is very similar to its predecessors. That is a good thing. I can't say the game stands out though, minimal effort was put into making the graphics nice even though they succeeded in making a pretty game before (super mario Galaxy). Playing as Mario again is nice and this time you can play with 4 people which is great when you have friends over. All in all a good quality game, but not outstanding. Expand
  5. Mar 15, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is heaps of fun to play! It's one of those games that you can sit down with your friends playing for hours, trying to get every last coin, star, and powerup. The multiplayer is really solid, the level design is great, and the graphics are, well, Mario. Although it's not the hardest game in the world, you will need to replay levels over and over to get it perfect. And that's just it. The replayability is one of the best parts of the game. There are some levels of this game that you can play as many as ten times in a row, and not get bored of. However, the best experience is when you're playing with two other people away from everything else in the world. Just sheer Mario, super-fun, platforming gameplay. So, if you're looking for a super fun game to play, buy this for ten bucks somewhere.
    (Although, and as much of a Mario fan as I am, I find games like Super Meat Boy to be more fun. If only that game had multiplayer.)
  6. Dec 29, 2012
    It's a four-player, 2.5D, side-scrolling Mario Game. What you see is what you get, and although we could and should ask for more, that's good enough for me. Expand
  7. Oct 30, 2011
    hello i'm ImogenDulieu987 and i think this game is absolute rubbish! do not buy this game for anyone -and i really really really mean NO-ONE!! not even someone you hate! the graphics are terrible and the levels are super easy to start with and they only get a little bit harder my 5 year old cousin completed ALL of it in less than an hour and a half and it was his first go at it, he had only just learnt the controls. he only lost 7 lives in the hole game!! i am really sorry for anyone who has got this game if you play it you must always be really bored - if i were you i would get cooking mama 2 if you are a girl or star wars 2 if you are a boy. if you are a parent or have a younger relative who has this game dispose of it immediately other wise they will get sucked into a world of boringnes and will NEVER stop complaining and if you are thinking of buying this for someone - think again because you are wasting your time! that is all thank you for reading this. Expand

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