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  • Summary: Wii Remote Shooting – Execute wrist shots with the flick of the Wii Remote or put some power into shots by holding the B button while flicking the Wii Remote to blast a slapper. Wii Remote Fighting – Adding a never-before-seen layer of fun to hockey video games, NHL 2K9 features on-ice showdowns. Balance with the Nunchuk and punch with the Wii Remote to get your opponent off their feet. Precision Passing / Chain Passing – Exclusive to Wii, take the guesswork out of which player is going to receive a pass by selecting players with the Wii Remote cursor. One-timers, give-and-go and tic-tac-toe passing are executed by selecting multiple players prior to pressing the pass or A button. Wii Remote Goaltending – Gesture-based goaltending allows fans to get between the pipes and flash the leather. Even take control when it counts the most -- in shootouts! [2K Sports] Expand
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  1. Of course, NHL 2K9 isn’t a perfect game and isn’t the best looking game but it does capture what we want to see, a playable and fun sport game on a console that definitely needs more than mini-games and Mario games.
  2. Still, for Wii owners looking to lace up their skates, this is the only game in town and it's not half-bad. [Nov 2008, p.100]
  3. NHL 2K9 for the Wii disappoints in the graphical department as it cannot compete with its competitors in terms of visual appeal. However, the hands-on controls more than make up for this by adding a sense of actually being in the game and not just sitting on the couch playing the game
  4. 68
    2K has the right idea here, including motion shooting, IR passing, and motion-based goaltending, but the core game is just too much of a rushed effort, and the final product is a visually unpleasant, choppy, incomplete package.
  5. Overall, NHL 2K9 is a respectable first effort with on the Wii. Still, the subtraction of key features from other titles and atrocious graphical presentation hold it back from any sort of rookie-of-the-year consideration.
  6. It has enough depth to satisfy staunch fans of the sport but doesn't quite deliver the depth and fluidity needed to have NHL fans salivating.
  7. NHL 2K9 on the Wii boasts some innovative controls but suffers from serious AI problems.

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