• Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: Jan 22, 2008

Generally favorable reviews - based on 64 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 57 out of 64
  2. Negative: 0 out of 64
  1. 100
    The real triumph of Suda 51’s surreal, occasionally obscene romp is that behind all the cynicism, satire, and gory ultraviolence lies a true joy of creation that is too rarely seen in gaming. In playing No More Heroes, one gets the impression that the development team truly enjoyed making it, that no idea was thrown out for being too ridiculous or far-fetched, and that it is intensely aware of its own absurdity at all times. The excellent fourth-wall shattering ending is proof enough of that.
  2. No More Heroes delivers two things the Wii is desperately lacking: top-tier mature gaming and pitch-perfect swordplay for a peripheral practically tailor-made for the purpose. Throw in infectiously fun gameplay, incomparable style, a wicked sense of humor, and a level of unhinged wackiness that makes Britney Spears look like the poster child for normalcy, and you've got a sure-fire Wii winner.
  3. Like the Wii, none of it should work, but like the Wii, everything does. Brilliantly... No More Heroes is a love letter to videogames that never grows old, tired, or dull. All games deserve to be designed with such lunacy. [JPN Import; Feb 2008, p.56]
  4. A truly satisfying adult game on the Wii—which is a true rarity. This game may not be everyone’s cup of tea with the violence, language and mature subject matter that hits you from everywhere, but despite the rated R subject matter, there is no denying that this is one of the best games available on the system.
  5. This is a rough game, but it's also funny and self-deprecating, inventive and massively rewarding. If more games had personality and style like No More Heroes does, the world of games would be a much more interesting place. [Issue#18, p.76]
  6. It can be a little basic in places, and it isn’t a ‘paradigm shift’ in any sense, but it is proof that games can love their roots and use the quality of being a ‘game’ to give form to their stories – and excel at it. [Feb 2008, p.90]
  7. SUDA-51 has delivered a game that can match its absurd premise with equally stimulating gameplay, making for one of the most unique and satisfying action games in recent memory.
  8. 90
    No More Heroes easily ranks among the Wii's finest titles, busting a bunch of myths along the way. You say sword-based combat peaked with Twilight Princess? Wait until you slice a suit-wearing crony in half. The Wii can't do mature games? This game does it without the dark dreariness of just about every other violence-laden M-rated title. It could use a bit less filler, but No More Heroes is still a fine fight from the first blow to the last strike.
  9. The narrow appeal of its surreal setting won't make fans out of everyone, but if MIDI music brings a misty tear in your eye and you find yourself fencing against your shadow while watching Ninja Scroll, then No More Heroes could be what your inner swordsman is craving.
  10. The first time I heard about No More Heroes I was figuring I would get something similar to Killer 7 and that I would absolutely love it. Turns out I was right, I do love No More Heroes, despite the flaws it exhibits it still gets key things right, a strong story, memorable characters, style, and fun combat that doesn’t get boring.
  11. It's derivative, stark, and brash. But the game succeeds because of its swagger. [Mar 2008, p.54]
  12. A tad rough around the edges, but this is as daring and original as Wii gaming gets. [Mar 2008, p.80]
  13. We’re tempted to say that there are few Wii games as deserving of your attention as No More Heroes but then there are few games as good as this on any platform. [Mar 2008, p.124]
  14. The characters are engaging, fun, quirky, messed up, and easy to either fall in love with or hate. Santa Destroy itself is full of so many nooks and crannies that any player anal about that kind of thing will easily be able to spend several hours searching for hidden back alleys for dumpsters and lovikov balls. The game is fun, easy to grasp, has a lot of replay value (trust me), and tells an engaging story.
  15. The best feature of NMH has got to be the visceral combat system.
  16. 90
    There can be no more complaints from gamers looking for a unique experience when gems such as this are out there to be sampled. Miss it at your peril.
  17. Faults do exist, but the core gameplay more than makes up for it and finally confirms that Nintendo aren’t the only development studio who can make a stellar Wii game.
  18. 90
    No More Heroes is like nothing else.
  19. Despite adhering to a stiff game plan, gathering money through jobs and assassinations in order to enter the association's assassin's ranking matches, No More Heroes manages to always leave the player on his toes, both on account of its mature humor and satire and its solid gameplay.
  20. 89
    The more you invest in exploring No More Heroes’s minutiae, the more you’ll get out of its singular mode of story telling – there’s barely a lump of on-screen furniture or intentionally duff moment here that doesn’t have some relevance to proceedings.
  21. A great adult-oriented game for the Wii that takes the genre the farthest it can go on the console.
  22. Its style and sense of humour turn a simple slash 'em up into something genuinely enjoyable. [Mar 2008, p.64]
  23. No More Heroes is a punk video game: it’s loud, violent and actively rebellious, and it’s so goddamned fresh and fun it shames every other Wii game aimed at mature gamers – and even more that aren’t.
  24. Sure there are a couple Star Wars rip offs such as the beam sword and some of your enemies looking like they wear storm trooper helmets, but all-in-all this is a unique game, with just the right amount of motion controls that gives enough in cast, speech, game-play, and story to keep you wanting more.
  25. 87
    It seems at long last, Suda 51 was finally able to take his vision for video gaming and put it in a form that's actually unquestionably fun to play.
  26. 86
    While the plot may be simple in theory, for example, the dialogue is wonderfully eccentric, and always keeps you glued to the screen.
  27. One cannot play through the game without noticing its various flaws, but by the time you’ve simultaneously decapitated four bad guys in one glorious, motion-controlled sword slash, those flaws will be all but forgotten in the flood of gruesome, wacky fun which No More Heroes has to offer.
  28. There's nothing else like it.
  29. 85
    There are issues with the sensitivity of the motion controls – as there are in almost every Wii title, and the overworld is a vacuous waste of memory with some terrible pop-in, but when you excise that from the combat scenarios, the humour, the style and the creativity that seeps out of most elements in No More Heroes, we can't help but get enthused about this game.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 236 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 82 out of 95
  2. Negative: 8 out of 95
  1. Sep 29, 2010
    A rare title on the Wii that offers over the top violence, sexual innuendos and an unusual but hilarious storyline added with witty dialogues.A rare title on the Wii that offers over the top violence, sexual innuendos and an unusual but hilarious storyline added with witty dialogues. The games does suffer from bugs for example for no reason you get stuck on a lamp post on your bike. Aside from the usual bugs and glitches, the game offers a unique combat system and visual style while offering ridiculous humour and kick ass action. Full Review »
  2. Saveyourcashrent.
    Mar 25, 2008
    this game has way to much hype surrounding it. Its simply good/ok. I got bored very early, and the shaking wiimote idea to recharge the sword this game has way to much hype surrounding it. Its simply good/ok. I got bored very early, and the shaking wiimote idea to recharge the sword is so obnoxious. I really don't get the high praise for this game. Its repetitive and then it repeats itself, then finally it gets very repetitive after repeating the same hack slash high low oh boy bodyslam over and over again. Do not pay full price for this. Full Review »
  3. Feb 9, 2013
    Not just one of the best games on Wii but possibly my favourite game of this generation and one of my all time favourite games! No More HeroesNot just one of the best games on Wii but possibly my favourite game of this generation and one of my all time favourite games! No More Heroes is a fantastic game that is fun engaging and hilarious to play, The sense of humour is fantastic Travis is great character and has some genuinely funny voice work.

    On the topic of voice work this game has one of the most high profile voice cast i've ever seen! Robin Atkin Downes lends his voice to Travis Touchdown and he is utterly fantastic! Quinton Flynn delivers the voice for Henry and puts in a stellar performance as he always does! If you own a Wii or even if you've just bought your self a shiny new Wii U do yourself a favour and buy this game! also buy it's sequel to because that is arguable the better game though i'd have to replay it again to say for certain.
    Full Review »