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  • Summary: Okami tells the story of a mythical sun god who sets out to restore a dismal world, decimating the forces of evil who stand in the way by commanding the elements and mythical abilities the deity possesses. Mixing Japanese folklore and a stunning traditional Japanese art style, players must utilize an inventive control scheme to overcome the challenges and evil that await. By enhancing the unique gameplay, visual style and story line of Okami with the control of the Wii Remote, it is sure to be the ultimate version of the game. Originally designed for the PS2 and released in 2006, Okami now comes alive in an entirely new way on the Wii with its visually stunning art style and beautiful scenic 3D levels that have the appearance and texture of paper scrolls brushed with watercolor-like calligraphy art. Throughout the vibrant and distinctive surroundings, players must use the Wii remote to interact with a dynamic world and cast of characters. The blend of stylized graphics, movements and unique gameplay will result in a rich and dynamic experience never seen before. [Capcom] Expand
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  1. 100
    It's as well-designed as Zelda, as involving as Final Fantasy, and as beautiful as anything you've ever seen; it belongs with the best of the Zelda series at the very apex of its genre.
  2. 97
    The Wii's best game to-date, if you'll just give it a chance to shine.
  3. While some minor control issues here blemish an otherwise flawless package, Okami remains one of the best games of recent years, if not of all time. It’s engaging, original, and a true work of art — Wii owners looking for a game worthy of their time need look no further.
  4. The definitive version of Okami despite its combat flaws. The improved Celestial Brush is enough to warrant a purchase.
  5. At a length of around 30 hours the game has more punch then the average adventure game of its kind, and while it feels a little long and can be frustrating at parts, I definitely place Okami near the top of the Wii releases, and possibly on the top of all adventure releases.
  6. An excellent action adventure. It's suprisingly difficult to draw a straight line with wiimote, though. [June 2008]
  7. Okami is a work of genius, but you should play the original game instead of the Wii version if you can. [May 2008, p.88]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 56 out of 63
  2. Negative: 3 out of 63
  1. Jul 19, 2012
    Even three years after I originally got it, I'm still playing this game. It's an absolute masterpiece that shows that a game's art style is often more important than how realistic the grass looks. This game, I mean work of art, is absolutely amazing. The environments are beautiful and a wonder to behold, enemies are original and always fun to fight. Customization is, initially, rather poor, but once you beat the game, it rewards you with tons more options based on how well you've done, an excellent system that most games forget: Don't stick a carrot in front of the players face and tell them to go from point A to point B. Hide the carrot and encourage the player to explore and become immersed in the beautiful world. This is a masterpiece that has gone sorely unappreciated in mainstream gaming media, and deserves far more attention than it has gotten. Expand
  2. Nov 27, 2011
    Out. Standing. This game is one of the best adventure games ever. The brush techniques work like a dream, it looks gorgeous, the story is humourous and very interesting. Everything is beautiful and brilliant. As close to perfection as possible in a game. Expand
  3. Aug 23, 2010
    I find it impossible not to fall in love with Okami, the Wii is a perfect fit for the celestial brush, with a unique and splendid character design, with rich, vibrant enviroments and a massive game with plenty of content to un-earth. Awesome graphics, unqiue gameplay- whats not to like? Expand
  4. Apr 8, 2014
    I absolutely LOVE this game! the Japanese mythology is great for a storyline, and stays true to the source material. the art style makes it look like you're playing a japanese painting. not to mention Amaterasu is a complete badass. she rips through enemies like they were nothing, and is extremely agile. she has a wide variety of abilities, including double jumps, the ability to sprint, and the brush techniques which lend her the power of the other gods. also, issun (the help character) is a lot less annoying than navi. (even though i'm patient and it doesn't really bother me) Expand
  5. Oct 18, 2011
    absolutly sensational gameplay mixed with the awesome story. However, combat mostly sucks, its a PORT, and drawing with wiimote is dumb, getting a 91%
  6. May 8, 2013
    Okami is a amazing game, The gameplay is alot of fun, The characters are memorable, The visuals are breathtaking, The soundtrack is great, And it is better than any Zelda game released on the Nintendo Wii. That's sad by the way Nintendo..., The clone of a Zelda game is better than both Zelda games on your console...) It's an amazing experience, I recomend it to anyone that likes adventure games Expand
  7. Mar 13, 2012
    ell as I first heard of this game being better than Zelda, I got very curious about it. But as much as I tried to love this game or even to like it I couldn't come along with it. I mean it has some cool gameplay mechanics and the graphics looks good (except for the washed-out effects which made my eyes going crazy !) but after only a couple of minutes it became repetitive and boring. I cannot understand how many people can argue that this game is in some opinions even better than a Zelda game.
    I don't know, but for me this game shows us once more how high the bars of The Legend of Zelda franchise really are. Don't get me wrong, I like Okami (otherwise I never would gave it a 6) but to say that this game is at the same (or even higher) level as Zelda is downright wrong. It's a good game on its own..So don't compare it to Zelda...a franchise which now last over 25 years !!

    Bottom line = Good Game with lots of very good aspects (gameplay, graphics and music), but after a while it gets repetitive and tyring. I would say give it a shot!

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