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  • Summary: Paper Mario is a graphically innovative game that breaks from the confines of the RPG genre. Now slimmed down, everyone's favorite plumber flips, spins, jumps and hammers his way through scads of exotic worlds that teem with a huge and hugely entertaining supporting cast. Players control numerous old and new characters in a complex, nonlinear story that follows different scenarios depending on player choices. Expand
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  1. Oct 28, 2012
    Great Game.The N64 version was great! and now after the success of the thousand year-door and Super Paper Mario....PAPER MARIO FOR WII!This game is one of the best RPG games ever made,the controls are ok..the plot is VERY-VERY-VERY Original!more like the game and the graphics are...Duh...ok for a Nintendo 64 the way...This game from me will get a 10 of 10! Expand
  2. Sep 24, 2012
    Paper Mario is what I call, "Perfect Perfection." Everything in the game is truly memorable. From the characters, the environments, the enemies, and everything else! And thus far, I think it is one of the best RPG games ever made. The game is very original, turning Mario into Paper material, as you explore various worlds in search of the missing "Star Spirits." The plot is very well put together. And the battle system is just simply unique, easy to use, and fun. This is definetely a must play for Mario fans or any other serious gamer. And thankfully, the Wii has not altered the game whatsoever. In the end, this game receives a well earned score of 10 from me. Expand

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