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  • Summary: Since 1998, the Pop'n Music series has had 15 console games, as well as several arcade games, all of them exclusive to Japan. Hitting North America for the first time, Pop'n Music brings music games to kids of all ages. Play to entertaining music with exciting graphics dancing and moving along to the beat. Pop'n Music brings a smile to kids as they move their controllers and their hips to the Pop 'n music! Easy and fun to play, basic controls move the Nunchuk and Wii Mote up, down, left and right, very intuitive controls. Customize your very own avatar, upload your Mii, or choose from a diverse selection of amusing characters. Difficulties range from the standard mode for casual users and challenge mode for core users. A variety of customization features: Choose from a variety of recorded sounds such as clapping or percussion sounds. Select from a total of 14 different characters and 6 unique stages. Use your Mii and show emotions such as laughing, crying, or being troubled. Assortment of licensed and original music to play with your friends! Downloadable song content will be available through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. [Konami] Expand
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  1. Fans abroad have consistently praised other versions of the game for its uniqueness and difficulty. However, Pop'n Music for the Wii doesn't feel unique or difficult; it just feels like a lot of frustrating shaking set to bad music.
  2. A frustrating experience. [Mar 2010, p.65]
  3. Pop 'n Rhythm takes the musical genre another step further following the particular style of the series, that never made it outside Japan so far. The Wii version, very much like the PSP one, is just a good try to make something different, but lacks an interesting gameplay mechanics or melodies that we'll remember in a few years. Good, but not enough.
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  1. Jun 19, 2013
    Pop'n Music is a good game, but, it has many faults. I'm not going to repeat the complaints from die-hard fans of the Japanese versions of a lack of a button remote, mainly because I've never played the Japanese versions, but, one of the biggest faults of this game is that it doesn't really have much to offer. It's fun to try to get all gold metals and unlock sound effects, but, there aren't enough songs, or any goals, or anything to motivate you to keep going other than the music itself. Most good games have lots of unlockables, and alternative modes, which this is VERY lacking of. This might have been excused if they had better song choices for the game. I can understand why they threw in some of the Japanese songs, since it's from a Japanese company and franchise, but, the Japanese instrumental songs were a bit... plain. And, the English songs that they chose were mostly unheard of bands and bands that used to be popular... decades ago. While this does introduce people to new music, and some of the choices aren't half bad, it's much more likely that if they picked modern and mainstream songs, that people would be able to play with their favorite songs. A few odd and old songs might have been fun, but, that's all there really is. If they decide to make a second Pop'n Music Wii game, I'll probably buy it, but, I hope they decide to introduce more modern songs and unlockable content. Expand