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  • Summary: PES 2008 has been redesigned to make incredible use of the motion-sensitive nature of the Wii's control system. The player has more control over the on-screen action than ever before, and in line with such advances, Konami has also unveiled an all-new pack design that conveys the unique in-game visuals and ease of use while maximising its use of cover stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Owen. Crucial to PES 2008 for Wii is an all-new control system that truly elevates the level of control available to the player while retaining the depth and intuitive moves of the series. Making use of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, the player must also consider the movements of their teammates around them. The Nunchuck is used to move the current player, while the Wii Remote is used to pick out players to send them on runs or to receive passes via simple click and drag system which uses arrows to show the path of the run, and a press of the 'B' button to complete the move. [Konami] Collapse
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  1. Although a little player control is sacrificed, the amount of influence you have directly on your team’s positioning and the movement of the ball more than make up for it.
  2. Initially bewildering, it makes great use of hte Wii controls. Give it time and you'll love it. [Apr 2008, p.68]
  3. Pro Evo scores a screamer on its Wii debut. Despite iffy defending and no Master League, this is top quality footie action. Champion.
  4. The control system is what stood out to me the most on PES2008 Wii. At first, it can be confusing, as players are pointing the Wii-mote and shaking the nunchuk all over the place but the superbly created in-game tutorials are there to help you understand.
  5. This generations best version without a doubt, and the finest sports title on Wii to date. If you're a fan of football or the series, buy it now.
  6. Thanks to a new control system and good online play, Pro Evolution Soccer on the Wii is a unique and enjoyable experience.
  7. There are better sports games on the Wii, and far, far better versions of Pro Evo in the world of videogames. A shame. [Issue#21, p.74]

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  1. Sep 6, 2010
    An incredibly hard game to get to grips with, however yet very unique in its own way using the wii remote and the nun-chuck to its full potential. The Single player campaign mode is very smart in its own way yet confusing, and i hate the annoying complicated compulsory training mode at the start of loading up the game and at various parts of the game. Expand

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