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  1. 60
    A decent way to get a small dose of Twilight in with a couple of your friends on a lazy afternoon and the diehard tweeners will no doubt be too entranced by the game's stock of film clips to notice or care.
  2. 55
    We know the Scene It? games work on consoles. The Xbox 360 edition is good fun. But Scene It? Twilight is just too narrow.
  3. The lack of content and the simplistic presentation prevent even the most diehard Twilight fans from wanting to sink their teeth into this one.
  4. 40
    Scene It? Twilight can't give you the same feeling, the madness, what the film itself does. It had been a better idea to bring out such a game after the four films, so it's a little bit too early right now.
  5. It's south of average. [May 2010, p.85]
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  1. Mar 22, 2012
    WHAT? This idea is terrible, the games of the saga Scene It? are great, but this title is awful, have much mistakes, the questions, the graphics, but the worst mistake is the film, Twilight? no, no, no, is terrible. Horrible game. I wait other good title of Scene It?. Full Review »