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  • Summary: ART OF FIGHTING - The first game in SNK's second fighting-game franchise, set in the same universe as FATAL FURY. BASEBALL STARS 2 - The sequel to SNK's popular baseball arcade game. BURNING FIGHT - New York detectives battle organized crime in this fighter. FATAL FURY - First released in 1991, FATAL FURY introduced the two-plane fighting system. KING OF FIGHTERS '94 - The first game in the popular KING OF FIGHTERS series. KING OF THE MONSTERS - In KING OF THE MONSTERS, giant monsters fight for power in epic battles. LAST RESORT - A challenging futuristic shooter. MAGICIAN LORD - Players help the wizard Elta save his homeworld in this platformer. METAL SLUG - Known for its humor and fast- moving gameplay, this run-and-gun side-scroller was the first in the popular series. NEO TURF MASTERS - A golf game which debuted on the Neo Geo Pocket Color in 1999. SAMURAI SHODOWN - Set in the 18th century, SAMURAI SHODOWN features bladed-weapon combat and an international cast of characters. SENGOKU - In SENGOKU, players face off against undead feudal Japanese armies. SHOCK TROOPERS - In this run-and-gun adventure, players save a scientist and his granddaughter from the Bloody Scorpions. SUPER SIDEKICKS 3 - A soccer game featuring teams from all over the world. TOP HUNTER - Bounty hunters protect colonists from space pirates in this futuristic action game. WORLD HEROES - This classic fighter pits players against historical figures in a tournament enabled by time travel. [SNK Playmore USA] Expand
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  1. Not every game on the disc is a must-have hit, but there's a lot of fun to be had. [Oct 2008, p.89]
  2. It was interesting seeing more from a company that I thought handled primarily fighting games, and I also got to see the history of a company that is beloved by millions of gamers.
  3. 14 out of the 16 games are winners, offering great value for money. Like most people, I never had the chance to play these games the first time around so it is a real treat to see what I missed.
  4. SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 moves onto the Wii with some better emulation and control options over the latter two making it a slightly more enjoyable experience.
  5. 70
    SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 is a solid collection that features some fantastic Neo-Geo titles (Metal Slug, Shock Troopers, Last Resort) as well as some not-so-fantastic ones.
  6. There are a few duffers here but the good definitely outweighs the bad. [Jan 2009, p.70]
  7. Even at the budget price label there’s not really that much to get excited about here unless you are a massive fan of SNK’s line up and haven’t played any of these titles in years.

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  1. Dec 8, 2012
    the SNK Arcade classics collection is my first arcade collection ever and it is great! The 16 SNK Neo-Geo arcade titles that come with it are pure old school fun from sports to side scrolling beat-em-ups,to traditional arcade fighters to side scrolling shooters this one has it all. Considering the high price of Neo-Geo consoles and game cartridges this collection is a nice cheap alternative way to get some of the best titles for the system and arcade machine for a good discount.The controls work great the games are ported well and they look great i would recommend this collection for any traditional gamer or arcade fan. Expand