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  • Summary: The Sonic Riders series returns with a whole new form of chaotic racing by manipulating gravity itself! These gravity-altering powers can transform walls into tracks, or create a "black hole" that sucks you through for the ultimate speed boost, and allows for an entirely new way to gain a leg up on your competitors. From illuminated highways in a bustling metropolis to the outer reaches of space, you will race at the speed of light on 16 dynamic courses. Sixty different vehicles allow you to grind rails and pull off daring tricks on futuristic tracks, including solar loop-de-loops, height-defying vertical drops and tons of other edge-of-your-seat moves. As Sonic or one of 18 colorful characters, you will compete with up to three friends at heart-stopping speeds in three exciting multiplayer modes. With all the action, speed, and addictive gameplay that only Sonic can deliver, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity is set for hyper-drive. [Sega] Expand
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  1. It's a new and improved Sonic Riders with plenty of new tracks and characters to enjoy. It's a must-have for Sonic fans and a "might-enjoy" for aces of the racing genre, especially for those who like F-Zero and Wipeout.
  2. As with the original " Sonic Riders", a large segment of the gaming populace will likely fine Zero Gravity immensely frustrating. [Feb 2008, p.90]
  3. Zero Gravity might not be as good as the well known race games from Nintendo themselves, but this game can offer quite some fun. The levels are designed nicely and the different routes offer a lot of variation. The only real downside is the control: it's just too frustrating. This is a nice placeholder for the next Mario Kart.
  4. 58
    There’s no denying the entertainment that could come from a blazing fast Sonic racing title, but the Riders franchise has tried twice, and both times failed to deliver solid control and a true sense of speed.
  5. The racing has been so simplified that it may find a much larger audience than the original did. It's not for me, though. I like technique and speed in my racing games, unless we're talking something like Outrun 2, and even that has a drifting mechanism that makes a modicum of sense.
  6. Another Sonic game, another disappointment. It seems like whenever the hedgehog jumps off the tiny screens of the current handhelds, everything just falls apart for him.
  7. 30
    Yet another black mark on Sega's formerly meaningful name, and easily one of the most disappointing Sonic games ever made.

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  1. Jan 17, 2011
    Though I enjoy the Sonic series generally, this game was OK. Great graphics for the Wii, yet a times the screen was a little too busy with too much going on at once. Maybe it is just my slow processing powers but I enjoyed other sonic titles like magic rings much more than this. Controlling sonic wasn't too bad, but I have also felt smoother control in other sonic titles. I won't say don't buy this, but some might find it a little more frustrating than fun. Expand
  2. Apr 28, 2013
    A far better game than the original. The Wii controls don't take that long to get used to. I actually have fun using the Wii remote to play the game. Its very surprising. The graphics are good. But defiantly no where near as good as games like sonic colours and super mario galaxy. The music is good. Nothing special though. If people would give this game a chance they could find it fun. Same with the original. Just don't go anywhere near sonic free riders and you will be safe Expand
  3. Oct 24, 2013
    Its impossible to move your character, and it took me several tries just to beat the first level, in fact every level i had to redo multiple times to pass. its way to frustrating and the controls are terrible. Expand

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