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  2. Negative: 1 out of 17
  1. 60
    There are people out there that will have a blast with Star Soldier R – we even fall into that category ourselves – but there’s no denying that Hudson is pulling a bit of a fast one with its current product.
  2. This is a satisfying hardcore title to help launch the WiiWare service.
  3. As for Star Soldier R in particular, it is certainly a decent game. Is it worth the price of admission? Maybe, it all depends on how entertaining you find trying to break high scores
  4. Ultimately, Star Soldier R is an excellent little game if you're a shooter fan and a high score junkie who sorely misses the 16-bit era and its corresponding 2-D style of play. Make no mistake, this is a game with somewhat limited appeal, and if you're not in the target audience, it's likely to register a pretty quick "meh" and get passed over for something new.
  5. It's all about shooting faster and better, not discovering clever new routes, so unless you're the sort of person who actively enjoys playing the same small sections over and over, searching for new ways to eke out those extra few points, there's absolutely nothing here to warrant an 800-Point purchase.
  6. 70
    Some may not appreciate Star Soldier R's replay-intensive gameplay, and may view the game as something that can be seen in its entirety in less than ten minutes. It's a fun ten minutes, though, and assuming you're willing to accept it for what it is, your Wii Points will be well-spent.
  7. 67
    At 800 Wii Points, some may not want to jump in, especially since Super Star Soldier on Virtual Console is 600 Points -- a "real" full-length shooter -- and the layout of its 2-Minute Mode level more or less provided the basis for Star Soldier R's first stage
  8. games(TM)
    A fun but stingy download. [Aug 2008, p.117]
  9. On one hand, these two levels are really outstanding and well executed, but on the other hand, there are only the two and they are basically the same every time you play them.
  10. The WiiWare game is a different experience, and a rewarding one at that, provided you understand what it is you're getting into beforehand. You'll find R to be a pretty fun game if you do.
  11. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Only fun for a quick fix. [July 2008, p.101]
  12. Nintendo Gamer
    Very poor value for money. [JPN Import; June 2008, p.68]
  13. Star Soldier R could've been so much more, with at least five or six more levels, a difficulty curve and two-player interactivity. As it stands, though, it's surprisingly fun.
  14. 80
    This 'Caravan Mode' version of Star Soldier is perfect for those that cannot commit to working their way through a full shmup outing.
  15. While Star Soldier isn't the deepest, most nuanced game available, it has some pretty tight shooting and fast-paced game play. If you're that second type of gamer who just has to have the highest score, you may find 8 dollars worth of game play. Otherwise, save yourself some money and finger pain.
  16. Shortness and the fact that there's only 2 levels aside, the game had the potential to be fantastic. The more hardcore fans of arcade shooters will love this.
  17. n-Revolution Magazine UK
    If it only lasted longer. Even at the low price, it's not great value for the money. [Issue#24, p.28]
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  1. AdinanAlves
    May 21, 2008
    Of course Star Soldier R could have more stages and modes, but this doesn't make it a bad game at all. In fact it's a really niceOf course Star Soldier R could have more stages and modes, but this doesn't make it a bad game at all. In fact it's a really nice and addictive title, and will keep you coming back for more because of the online score ranking. Retro gamers and those who enjoyed Pac-Man CE will enjoy this game. Full Review »