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  1. What could have been a mildly enjoyable platform excursion swiftly degenerates into one of the worst adverts for motion control I've ever seen. Suffice to say, we won't be rushing out to check Mission 2.
  2. Tales of Elastic Boy - Mission 1 requires that you contort your wrist in ways it wasn't meant to bend. Maybe the blistering tendinosis you'd likely develop is a sign that this game isn't meant to be played, either.
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  1. Jan 1, 2011
    Nick, nick, nick, nick...nick, nick...nick, nick. Nickelooooodeooooooon!!! Just take a look at the title screen shot up there and you'll knowNick, nick, nick, nick...nick, nick...nick, nick. Nickelooooodeooooooon!!! Just take a look at the title screen shot up there and you'll know what I'm talking about. I can't help but feel like this is a nickelodeon product from the art style. I do like the cartoony pop style, but the orange splashes everywhere, had me waiting for the iCarly kids or Spongebob to pop out somewhere along my journey. At the least Kyle Massey could guest star as a boss at the end or something. Anyway, I digress.

    Tales of Elastic Boy: Mission 1 by indie developer Lexis Numerique, puts you in the role of a little elastic ball of slime. Your sent on a reluctant journey to save the village from evil. The usual type of story. You know what to expect.

    The game is filled with brightness, color and nature and a paints a very pretty face on its universe. But overall it could use a lot more variations in its' environments. The single player mode doesn't have very many levels and more variation in the look between them would give the feeling of more content being there. The level design itself is very clever and puts to good use the interesting control scheme. But the game really suffers from a lack of single player content. Once you get through the tutorial levels and learn all your moves, there's only 3 or so more levels and a final boss fight. But the game was only $6 you say? I guess I got my money's worth then, eh.

    Ah yes. The controls. This is a touchy subject. The game makes good use of motion controlling for the most part. You turn the remote to make him roll along. You wave the remote to jump. Drag the cursor along anchor points to climb. Once you get comfortable with all the movements it feels pretty natural. The only problem is the iffy response. You find yourself waving the remote like a madman at times to get your slime to follow your directions. And at others, the control is perfectly smooth and responsive. A little more tweaking in this department would have been appreciated.

    The place where the game really finds a fun place, is in multiplayer mode. You get plenty of game play modes and unlockable levels. And the sometimey controls actually add to the fun. When your opponent is 2 steps away from victory and his control starts acting finnicky and you're able to capitalize on his misfortune? Pure Gold.

    The end equation? If you got somebody to play with, spend the $6. Otherwise leave this one alone.
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