• Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: Sep 22, 2009

Mixed or average reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 34
  2. Negative: 1 out of 34
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  1. It's Smash Bros. with a shorter lifespan and less interesting characters, but still fun nonetheless. [Nov 2009, p.72]
  2. While its flaws prevent it from being a serious contender, the game is a surprisingly fun and a solid effort that fans shouldn't miss. It may try a bit too hard to be like Super Smash Bros., but its modes and gameplay make it a title worth checking out if you want to take a break from Nintendo's fighting game.
  3. Smash-Up is a good game for fans. Good Combat and solid content, but not the next Smash Bros.
  4. 78
    Although maybe it is not as good as the game it is inspired by, Game Arts has made a splendid job with its own personality.
  5. If the Smash Bros. formula has worn thin for you, the Smash-Up experience will feel as sturdy as a wet paper towel. On the other hand, Smash Bros. and TMNT fans should embrace this game’s dodge-happy action.
  6. At the very least, this is worth a rental just to see how well the TMNT franchise translates to the Smash Bros. gameplay style, but it’ll probably take more than a rental if you want to unlock everything.
  7. Those who approach Smash-Up hoping for a solid, enjoyable alternative to Smash Bros. will be pleased, but Turtles fans hoping for a celebration of the franchise will probably be disappointed by the game’s shameful “scratch the surface” approach to Eastman and Laird’s storied 25-year-old franchise.
  8. Nintendo Power
    It's a must for fans of the turtles and a good bet for anyone who enjoys a fun multiplayer game. [Nov 2009, p.82]
  9. 75
    Truth be told, there is perhaps a little bit of irony behind TMNT: Smash-Up. Odds are, the less of a TMNT fan one is, the less one knows about the franchise, the more one might enjoy it.
  10. The fighting mechanics are tight and responsive, in spite of a few technical shortcomings. It doesn’t feel weighty enough or polished enough to warrant a $50 price tag, but TMNT and Brawl fans alike might still get their money’s worth.
  11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up is clearly inspired by the classic Smash Bros. This choice of programmers affects playability and fun. Continuing in the levels we can only note the obvious similarities with the fighting game produced by Nintendo. Game Arts, who had collaborated on the development of SSBB for Wii , could certainly have fun trying to produce a better title than the original and especially closer to the license. On some occasions there is a feeling that the spirit of the series has not really been grasped.
  12. It simply isn't as fun as Super Smash Bros., and it's too similar to pull in anyone who isn't already a fan of Nintendo's fighting game. All in all, it should be reserved for only those who still sleep in Michelangelo pajamas and play with their the Ninja Turtle Pizza Shooter.
  13. 70
    Smash-Up is a good game for those that really want a decent TMNT fighter, but it doesn’t do a whole lot to make it its own experience.
  14. This brawler has good combat and solid content, but it lacks the refinement and razzle-dazzle to earn a title shot.
  15. They're the Turtles, there's much to expect from their adventures, not to mention their videogames adaptation. This time's Game Arts, the studio behind Super Smash Bros. Brawl, those responsible for the design of Smash Up, a fair adaptation of Brawl's style without losing the particular humour of the Turtles. Lots of gameplay styles and a interesting graphic engine is very much what we're going to find in here. A game that will suit nicely every fans of the original series or fighting-game lover.
  16. TMNT: Smash Up is a title that offers more variety to the library of games the Nintendo’s console has, even though it has some mistakes like a big lack of characters or an adventure mode that is far away of the quality levels.
  17. Game Arts’ new team has mad skills, Smash-Up is among the top three best Wii fighters going, and Karai is the best thing to happen to body armor since Samus took her helmet off. No bustiere though...but she sure looks good in gold!
  18. TMNT: Smash Up does so much right in the ring that it’s a shame that it is sucker punched by a shallow character roster, lack of battle arenas and poor presentation.
  19. The game will not only appeal to fans of the original comics and TV series, but also players who loved Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  20. If you can't get enough of Brawl, give it a shot, but don't expect the next coming of Smash Bros.
  21. For all its positives, in the end, Smash Up is simply less and fewer in every way than Brawl. There are fewer levels (by half), fewer characters (by half), fewer collectible trophies (by an order of magnitude)… and the overall number of unlockables isn’t even in the same ballpark. It’s still a good game, and there’s no denying the appeal once you begin to perfect your technique, but comparison is inevitable under the circumstances.
  22. Gamers looking for a quick brawler to play with a group of friends are probably better off sticking with Super Smash Bros. Brawl because when it comes down to it, there's just more there. Bummer dude! Total Shellshock!
  23. When you look at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up, you can’t say it is a bad game. However, it is a big rip-off from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. That last game brings a lot more variation and is more fun to play. The setting of TMNT: Smash-Up is a bit boring and there aren’t a lot of characters in the game. But in the end, the gameplay is okay and that is why in the end the game deserves a 68.
  24. TMNT: Smash Up isn’t a bad game really. It has competent, if not sluggish, combat, a great license and some fantastic looking unlockables. My problems with the game stem from all the chances that weren’t taken and the missed possibility a game like this has.
  25. Games Master UK
    By no means awful, but completely outclassed by the superior Super Smash Bros. Brawl. [Dec 2009, p.70]
  26. 67
    Despite the faults in character variety, you get a good Ninja Turtle fighter using a proven engine, but maybe Ubisoft will do one better than the Konami of 1994 and produce a sequel worth wishing for.
  27. Even if it's developed by the same studio behind Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Smash Up can't even remotely compare with the amount of content of the former: it's not a bad game, but it lacks that kind of appeal that made the Smash Bros. series so popular. Without it, Smash Up is just an average brawler.
  28. TMNT: Smash-Up performs as a solid 2D fighter in the vein of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, however its not in the same league as Nintendo’s heavy hitter.
  29. Nintendo Gamer
    What could have been a great celebration of a truly odd universe is scuppered by a lack of effort. [Dec 2009, p.56]
  30. games(TM)
    Good for the franchise, but still not great. [Nov 2009, p.125]
  31. The Turtle edition of Super Smash Bros. has the same ingredients but plays like week-old pizza.
  32. All together, TMNT Smash Up is a competent Brawl clone, but it doesn't make enough use of the license attached to it to really make it interesting.
  33. Overall, Smash-Up doesn't break any new ground, adhering to the groundwork laid by Smash Bros., albeit with less content and less polished gameplay.
  34. Truly, there’s nothing redeeming; you're just going to waste your time playing it. If you have the self-control, please don’t let morbid curiosity get the best of you.

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  1. Mar 7, 2018
    без сюжетный файтинг, который просто файтинг: бессмысленный и беспощадный.
  2. Jan 23, 2018
    Amazing game amazing content there is nothing bad about saying that i just got it a week a go
  3. Jun 25, 2013
    I'd say the thing this game suffers from is the amount of content. There are 2 games that I think of that are fairly similar to this game:I'd say the thing this game suffers from is the amount of content. There are 2 games that I think of that are fairly similar to this game: Super Smash Bros. (Mainly Brawl), and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. From the get go in those other games, you have around 20 characters. When you start this game, you get seven. Then you do the story. Better than PSASBR, but a whole ton less than SSB. This along with other things make me feel this way. About the same fun level, and luckily a few characters to unlock along the way. Overall, 6.0/10 Full Review »