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  • Summary: The game represents the first time fans will be able to experience The Beatles’ musical career for themselves. From the early touring days in 1963 Liverpool to the immortal, final performance on the Apple Corps rooftop, fans can follow in the band’s footsteps as they traverse the globe during the height of Beatlemania. Adding to the experience is the introduction of three-part vocal harmonies to game play, allowing gamers to revel in the unparalleled vocal stylings of the Fab Four. Beatles fans will also be thrilled to hear previously unreleased authentic voice recordings from John, Paul, George and Ringo chatting between takes during studio sessions recorded at Abbey Road more than four decades ago. The game begins during the band's earliest days at The Cavern Club in Liverpool, England. Gamers then travel across the Atlantic to experience the band's unforgettable 1964 performance on The Ed Sullivan Show, the sold-out concert at New York’s Shea Stadium in 1965, and conclude at The Beatles’ memorable concert at Budokan in Tokyo, Japan in 1966. The Beatles' studio years come to life in legendary Studio 2 at Abbey Road Studios. Highlighting the studio years are inspired artistic visual expressions known as Dreamscapes, intended to transport players to imaginative environments that capture the essence of The Beatles’ genre-busting musical and fashion transformations during their later years. The game follows The Beatles to 1969 where story mode culminates with their final performance on the rooftop of the Apple Corps Headquarters. The Beatles: Rock Band offers a new set of hardware representing the instruments made famous by John, Paul, George and Ringo. Featured in the set are the Rickenbacker 325 and Gretsch Duo Jet guitars - hailed as two of the celebrated, signature instruments played by John Lennon and George Harrison throughout their careers. Also included is a Höfner bass controller - a large-scale version of the bass famously used by Sir Paul McCartney. Rounding out the set is a Ringo Starr inspired, Ludwig-branded Rock Band 2 drum set with a classic pearl finish and vintage remake of a Beatles kick drum head. [MTV Games] Expand
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  1. There’s only one truly disappointing aspect to The Beatles: Rock Band: Future games made around your favorite band probably won’t be half as good.
  2. What's my final verdict on Beatles: Rock Band for the Wii? It's everything I was expecting it to be and more. It's fun to play, it has just the right amount of challenge, and just about everyone can jump in and enjoy themselves.
  3. Harmonix has treated the band’s music, art, and history with a respect and reverence that sets it apart from other similar collections. The question is, how will anyone held responsible for a full band game -- Harmonix or otherwise -- ever really be able to clear the bar that’s been set?
  4. 90
    If you love, like, or are even lukewarm on the band, grab it. Playing through the songs you've likely heard for your entire life gives you a new appreciation for the level of musicianship and songwriting on display. Somehow, Harmonix found a way to make the greatest band of all time even better.
  5. The bottom line here is that this is still The freakin’ Beatles in a triumphant rhythm game début. The music is fantastic, the presentation is out of this world (sometimes literally), and all done with the utmost respect and care.
  6. Harmonix has laid down the gauntlet for all future ‘tribute’ band games. The Beatles: Rockband ensures a splendid time is guaranteed for all.
  7. A suitably reverential tribute to the world's most enduringly lucrative band. [Dec 2009, p.53]

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  1. JohnC.
    Sep 11, 2009
    Graphics are pretty important in this game because of the dreamscape. The WII version suffers in this department compared to ps3/360.
  2. Apr 20, 2014
    And alas, The Beatles: Rockband... for Wii. Being an absolute Beatles fanatic, I bought this game (For Wii, because that's all I have...). Anyway, It's brilliant, entertaining, and just plain fun the whole way. The game includes studio recordings (studio chat), fun and interesting dreamscapes, real footage, DLC, Wi-Fi multiplayer, and more! All in all, it has a very high replay value and it earns a 10 from me. Expand
  3. JamesSmith
    Sep 18, 2009
    This is the best game I have played on the Wii, hands down and has some of the very best graphics I have seen on this console. Amazing, one of those rare games which comes along every so often and blows your mind with the possibilities of the future. Expand
  4. Nov 27, 2012
    Flawless port of TB:RB to Wii. The only downside slightly higher DLC prices since they can't be bought in packs. That's it. Everything else is a perfect port of the PS360 versions and captures everything that makes the game great. The game doesn't contain any OMGWFTBBQ hard tracks; it's not about mastering another combination of 5 buttons anymore. Instead it's about using your fake guitar or drum set as a tool to experience the Beatles' music in an entirely new way; you see how each instrumental part shapes the song and creates a hook, mood, or tone. While Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was essentially just Guitar Hero with Aerosmith tracks, (which was just fine at the time) this game sets an entirely new standard for music gaming. You're not just playing Beatles tracks in the game. You're experiencing what the Beatles are all about.

    The game's whole art style has shifted to a lighter, brighter yet reflective tone, unlike the cartoony over-the-top style of Guitar Hero or the more serious and focused Rock Band 2. It runs on the RB2 engine without being an obvious re-skinning, unlike World Tour's spin-offs. The earlier songs you play are done in famous venues in Beatles' history, but thing get REALLY awesome once you start to move towards their studio period. Each song from that period has an exclusive "dreamscape" built entirely around that song, and it makes the game a complete visual treat. Some are based on in-jokes: Yellow Submarine is filled with gags and references to the animated movie. But many are built entirely around the song's structure: While My Guitar Gently Weeps does this BEAUTIFULLY. The music, of course, is all the Beatles. If you like the Beatles, you will love this soundtrack. If you can't stand the Beatles, you obviously shouldn't buy this game (and you probably failed the Turing test as well, because nearly everybody likes the Beatles to some degree.) If you're lukewarm about the Beatles, check it out. It will only improve your opinion of them. There is a reason that they are often considered to be the greatest band of all time.

    The Wii version features full online multiplayer; even with the Wii's clunky friend codes, you're still able to join a band with your online friends and the gameplay from there is just as good as it is in Rock Band 2. The gameplay is unchanged except for vocal harmonies; I've found them tricky and they need practice, plus they can't be done online unless your friends are standing right beside you. You won't use them often. But on those occasions when you CAN get three people singing in the same room... the experience is magical. Overall, this game is excellent. The already great Rock Band gameplay is there, but it's not the focus of the game. There's a reason that this game is The Beatles: Rock Band and not Rock Band: The Beatles. This is more than a video game. This is art. If you have plastic instruments still, buy this game.
  5. Apr 4, 2014
    beatles are the number rovk peace band alive today . its a fun game for family sing crazy songs and sing with your family and enjoy it please
    Grade A+
  6. LucasS
    Jan 7, 2010
    I'm a bit of a music game obsessive. While other people have dismissed it (or at least more recent games), as simple cash-ins, and while this may be true, The Beatles: Rock Band is, in my opinion, the third best thing ever done with Beatles music, and the best Rock Band/Guitar Hero game on the market to date. Unless you are not a fan of the Beatles. Of course, giving higher points to a game for a soundtrack in this day and age, where the market for such games is huge would be unfair, so I avoided putting a 10, which I would have had I not taken the aforementioned fact into consideration. Why? The graphics, especially for the Wii, are excellent. They show the Beatles as they get older, and the Dreamscapes are masterpieces (Especially the black-and-white theater of When I'm 64 and Oh! Darling (Yes, I got some DLC, which is another brilliant part of the game. The range of DLC available is everything the Beatles ever did, or, it will be soon.), the movie referencing Yellow Submarine and Sgt. Peppers, and even *that* tree.)The fact that they use only the remastered tracks puts the sound quality waaaaay up. The gameplay is unchanged (except the vocal harmonies, which are fine, except some people have yet to grasp the concept of singing in harmony), so if you don't like that, this game will suck for you. The collectibles available are a must for any Beatles fan, and are interesting for those who like that sort of trivia too. A brief word on the Guitar Hero/Rock Band war: I used to be a GH-only kind of guy. Now, I have switched to Rock Band. I appreciate both, but the attention to detail and extras that have gone into this game are amazing. The effort that goes into DLC is also above and beyond that of Guitar Hero. They aren't rushing them out the door. However, these days, it's a race between the two to pick up more and more famous artists of the past. I hope Rock Band do even half as good a job with the rumored Queen/The Who games. In conclusion: This game is really, really good, unless you hate the Beatles/Rock Band-style games. Expand
  7. JohnC.
    Sep 9, 2009
    Graphics are pretty important in this game because of the dreamscape. The WII version suffers in this department compared to ps3/360.

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