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  • Summary: In The Munchables, players are called upon to eat and defeat over 150 insidious enemies who have taken over the planet including Eggplanter, Space Shroom and Rice Baller. With each fallen foe, the daring omnivorous Munchables grow in size and power in their brave struggle. In this tantalizingly addictive game, players can also enjoy Mirror Mode, where stages are in reverse order and they must beat the clock in order to save the world. Eating your way to take on Don Onion and his delicious minions, The Munchables will leave you hungry for more. [Namco Bandai Games] Expand
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  1. While the game's play control system can be a tad loose in feel at times, the overall experience is still solid and proves that you don't have to have a lot of bells and whistles in your play control design to make an involving and enjoyable game.
  2. 80
    The Munchables is one those games that you know is silly, and you'll feel guilty for playing it, yet you can't help but love it. With a $30 price tag, you can't go wrong picking this up.
  3. So, is The Munchables a good mid-range title? Yeah, it is. No one is going to confuse it for Super Mario Galaxy, but it's still a lot of fun.
  4. Charming. [July 2009, p.87]
  5. More of a light snack than a hearty meal. [Aug 2009, p.74]
  6. There's disappointingly little to get your teeth into in this only briefly entertaining consumable.

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  1. Mar 28, 2013
    I am honestly baffled that this gets nearly no attention. I mean it isn't AMAZING, but it's still a creative and overall enjoyable platformer I would recommend to anyone with a Wii, especially with the low pre-owned price of $5.00 Expand
  2. Dec 22, 2013
    An honestly adorable game on the Wii that has for the longest time slipped under the radar. Main game play includes roaming 3 part stages eating everything on the screen (and breaking enemies up if they are currently too large) while gradually becoming larger and larger to the point the stages size in comparison becomes humorous. Edible enemies are charmingly designed and variable in the foods and theme of the level they are based on. The soundtrack is also rather unique to the series. While not a triple A title, if you're up for something cute and different, give The Munchables a shot. Expand