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  1. Games like these are more fun when actual prizes are involved. Still, there’s a decent variety of activities for the game show enthusiast.
  2. When it’s all said and done, The Price is Right is a classic example of a lost opportunity. Serious fans of the show will do better sticking to the real thing.
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  1. Nov 12, 2011
    Not the best video game based on a game show, but also not the worst, the graphics are a mixed bag, on one hand they are above average for a Wii game but character models all look stupid, and the games almost always rely on luck to win, but then again isn't that what game shows rely on? the main problem is that it hasn't got much replay value, sure you could break it out at a party, but with so many better party game offerings available for the Wii why choose this one? in the end it just feels like a missed opportunity, and I would honestly just rather play Deal or No Deal again, but if your a huge fan of the show then this may be for you, others probably not so much. Full Review »