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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 41
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  1. 70
    Overflowing with gameplay modes and options, but missing some control nuances. If you liked Wii Sports golf, but always wished you could do more with it, Tiger is your game.
  2. Tiger Woods 07's excellent use of the Wii's motion-sensing abilities makes it a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking to hit the links on the Wii.
  3. Lagging well behind the series’ standards, the Wii remote has a hard time detecting your backswing. Thus, it’s harder to control. There were even times the game putted for me by accident.
  4. If you are already a Tiger Woods PGA Tour fan, you will surely appreciate the unique translation on the Wii. Compared to Wii Golf, Tiger Woods 07 is a lot more user friendly.
  5. From the junior golfers of the world, to even some of the self-proclaimed pros, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 for the Wii will help with a couple of things, the power of your swing and mastering the frustration of a true golfer all without breaking your clubs, well at least the expensive ones.
  6. While the casual gamer may get frustrated with even a more realistic approach to the game, the hardcore gamer will appreciate the new features and nuances that easily make the game worthy of a purchase for any fan of the links.
  7. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 brings a fairly deep, albeit slightly flawed, control scheme to the table. When combined with the large quantity of game modes and unlockables, the game's replay value remains high. The graphics are somewhat disappointing, there are a number of bugs, and the title lacks online play, but it still provides the best golf experience on the Wii thus far.
  8. 80
    If you've already picked up 07, what you're really getting here is a shot to play some impressively immersive golf using the Wii Remote. It's a solid demonstration of the technology.
  9. Persevere with Nintendo's prodigious little joy-stick, and you'll be richly rewarded, because there's a good game in here.
  10. The world’s laziest sport just got a whole lot lazier. Aside from the one-handed approach and a lack of online play, this game isn’t any better or worse than last year’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 for the PS2.
  11. 70
    Tiger for the Wii is a lot like the real sport of golf: wonderfully fun and tremendously frustrating. But unlike the real deal, it just isn't always worth the aggravation.
  12. Games Master UK
    A decent quality package, but the controls need a rethink. [May 2007, p.65]
  13. 75
    The control hiccups may cause problems, but most of them can be countered with care. But the biggest bonus: Not once will you see starlight dancing off the ball.
  14. Perfecting a true-to-life golf swing resembles an experiment in OCD, akin to trying to tie your shoes while turning the stove off six times. But it's nothing short of a tragedy that it doesn't live up, both visually and in approach, to what came packed in with the Wii at no charge.
  15. While many might argue that their “free” golf game controls better, there is no denying it lacks the structure and gameplay modes that Tiger delivers in full.
  16. If you already have played through this game on another system, the new controls probably aren’t enough to warrant a new purchase, as they are the only new addition. But if you haven’t had the 07 version, and are a Wii-control fan, this is a must have for the Wii.
  17. While I was happy to a beefed up version of Wii Sports Golf, with more control over your swing, I was a little disappointed that the on screen representation of my swing wasn’t in time with what I was doing, like in Wii Sports, and I was really disappointed that my backswing was completely stopped at some times too.
  18. PGA Tour 07 for Wii adds realism without compromising gameplay.
  19. The Wii version breathes some new life into the series, but doesn't quite nail the controls, at times feeling a little hit and miss.
  20. Hardcore Gamer
    Tiger Woods 07 is the best golf game yet on the Wii, but hopefully next year's edition will have the rough edges hammered out. [May 2007, p.58]
  21. Fancy trying a spot of golf in your living room? Wii's unique motion controller does somewhat of a decent job, with plenty of fun and exercise to boot.
  22. Enjoyable on the Wii and the swing control goes a long way towards making you feel as if you’re actually swinging a club. The controls aren’t perfect yet, but they feel a lot more realistic than pushing a stick up and down with your thumb.
  23. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    As for Tiger's mechanics, arthritics beware. If my backswing was jittery, I swung before I intended to--which is frustrating, as the maddening result is a dink instead of a dive. [Apr 2007, p.83]
  24. With basically the same gameplay and modes found in its other next-generation counterparts (sans the upgraded visuals and online gameplay) but with the added bonus of the brilliant Wiimote swinging controls, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 comes up aces and eagles.
  25. Nintendo Power
    The short response is that it works well, but it's not quite a hole in one. [may 2007, p.87]
  26. Golf seems like a sport that would be easy to replicate with the Wii remote, but apparently it's not. Where swing mechanics are concerned, Wii Sports Golf is far superior as it actually replicates what you're doing with the remote on-screen.
  27. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    A massive disappointment. Play with the analogue stick and it's a great golf game, but try to use the Remote and you're in for a rough ride. [Apr 2007, p.83]
  28. Nintendo Gamer
    No matter how well-crafted these features are, they all boil down to gameplay based on a swinging club - the one thing the game can't do. To misquote Twain: "PGA Tour 07 is a good franchise spoilt." [Apr 2007, p.46]
  29. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 offers everything players should expect from the series, but the developers at EA Redwood Studios need to take the motion controls to the woodshed for next year's release.
  30. Graphic flaws aside, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 serves up an adequate game of golf. The course selection, respectable number of modes and solid game play make it worth a rental.
  31. Golf fans will enjoy it while non-golfers will still be entertained by the novelty of gameplay. It has some flaws in the control scheme, but overall, it's good.
  32. 74
    The minor quibbles on control and visuals keep this game from becoming the defining golf game on the system. With that being said, the potential is still enormous.
  33. If you loved Wii Sports Golf and were looking for more, this game will be exactly what you’re looking for as the game is undoubtedly the most in-depth and fun golf game on the Wii.
  34. 66
    And while the title's misgivings are obstacles that anyone interested enough in the sport will learn over time to overcome, as a beacon towards accessibility to gaming for non-games players, they'll no doubt serve to hinder rather than endear their experiences.
  35. Every golf and back-injury enthusiast should give this a try. The controls will aggravate for a while, but with enough practice, they're a non-issue.
  36. Too many nitpicky annoyances combined with not-quite-ready for prime time controls make this a good game only for the most forgiving player.
  37. The lack of any online functionality certainly hurts the game, but you’ll still find it enjoyable nonetheless.
  38. For the most part however, the control works great. Once you align your backswing with the power gauge on-screen, it's really simple to drive accurate distances and directions.
  39. There's no delicate way to put it - this game is ugly. I feel awful saying so, but I've got to come clean - it looks like a first-generation PS2 game, not a game released for a four-month old system.
  40. Frankly, Tecmo's "Super Swing Golf" has Tiger beaten, something I'm sure irritates the hell out of EA...and myself. I want a realistic golf game, and the Wii is the gateway to that goal. Well, I guess there's always next year.
  41. I actually got the best results when I sat on my couch and swung the remote from side to side, which generally resulted in straight, powerful drives. But I just didn’t feel right playing the game that way; I’m sure Tiger Woods wouldn’t approve.

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 44 Ratings

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  1. May 27, 2013
    This is an all around poor game that's just boring to play. The controls are what will cause even the most dedicated golf fan to give up onThis is an all around poor game that's just boring to play. The controls are what will cause even the most dedicated golf fan to give up on this game. The Wii remote doesn't always respond to your commands, and may even hit the ball for you even though you have yet to swing. There are a lot of different modes but your just doing the same thing throughout all of them. I don't even know why they bothered including the "arcade" minigames if the gameplay is exactly the same across the board. There is a lot of content, and the thought of swinging the Wii mote as a golf club does sound cool, but it doesn't work. Why bother putting yourself through this torture when you can just go out and play golf for real. Full Review »
  2. BrendanRobinson
    Jun 7, 2008
    This game is absolutely terrible. How can you play a game when the controls don't even work properly? Terrible game. Wii Golf on WiiThis game is absolutely terrible. How can you play a game when the controls don't even work properly? Terrible game. Wii Golf on Wii sports is way more responsive and enjoyable than this p.o.s. Honestly, when a Golf game is both more frustrating and boring than actual golf, then something is seriously wrong. Too bad Tiger put his name out on this piece of shit. Full Review »
  3. RobL.
    Nov 21, 2007
    I had similar problems with the controls, for the people saying were just not doing it right I have to disagree. I am also having the problem I had similar problems with the controls, for the people saying were just not doing it right I have to disagree. I am also having the problem with hitting hte ball while still in my backswing. I found the problem was I was swinging too much like a real golfer, left hip facing the screen keep your head down, golf club hold on the control etc. When I used only one hand and faced the screen instead of being in a proper golf stance it worked better (still happened just not as much) Unfortunatly that takes most of the fun of doing a 'real' golf swing away from the game. Full Review »