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  1. A relaxed approach to skiing and snowboarding that has loads of visual charm, very satisfying handling and a huge frozen playground to explore at your leisure.
  2. 85
    Whether you want to plough through the fetch quests, trim seconds on your downhill time, or simply take a jaunt down some powdery slopes there is plenty here for everyone to enjoy.
  3. 73
    We Ski & Snowboard is the textbook definition of a casual game. Rarely do you find yourself pushing forward to unlock new areas or challenges, and outside of posting some pictures on the Wii Message Board the game lacks interactivity.
  4. Family Ski & Snowboard delivers uncomplicated fun for younger players. It is a fun game that features flawless gameplay, but nothing more.
  5. While the balance board controls are actually well implemented this time, there’s no doubt in my mind that the game could have been so much better for those who like more complex, complete and challenging sports games on the Wii. On the other hand, Namco Bandai clearly wants to go after the younger crowd and the rest of the non-gaming masses and make them play without caring about other stuff than having fun. We Ski & Snowboarding has very little incentives to make hardcore gamers spend hours playing the game but newcomers will sure appreciate it.
  6. Games Master UK
    The addition of snowboards and easy tricks makes this calming and un-taxing fun. [Mar 2009, p.78]
  7. Just as the name suggests, We Ski and Snowboard is basically We Ski with snowboards: aside from a slightly deeper control scheme and a bunch of new features, the game still suffers from a genuine lack of challenge, missing the chance to improve on its predecessor. Yet, it’s a nice choice for casual gamers looking for an easy-to-play ski experience.
  8. It's sociable rather than solitary, and there's not a single nasty or brutish thing about it. The good selections of courses and events mean it's not too short, and it's an ideal alternative to real winter sports if you're poor. But most importantly, it's not rubbish.
  9. This accessible snow-sports game doesn't improve on its predecessor as meaningfully as it might have, but is a lot of fun nonetheless.
  10. It's barely any different from its predecessor but it's still the best skiing sim on any console.
  11. Once again, the solid controls and polished presentation make the game enjoyable, but I can't help but feel like I've done all this before, less than a year ago... oh, that's right! I did.
  12. With such little development time between titles, it should be no surprise that there's not much difference between We Ski and We Ski & Snowboard, but that doesn't stop it from being a disappointment, since Shaun White Snowboarding raised the bar since that first release.
  13. We Ski & Snowboard is an improvement over We Ski, but a modest one. If you didn't enjoy the first game, the new locales and snowboarding aren't going to alter your opinion of the sequel.
  14. Family Ski and Snowboard is a good title, but it doesn't deliver anything innovative compared to its predecessor. The Balance Board will enhance the simulation feeling and immersion, though there surely are ways to improve the gameplay. Split-screen is fun, but you will miss an online mode.
  15. Game Informer
    This sequel adds an additional mountain and the use of a snowboard, but the series' easygoing vibe isn't dramatically altered. [May 2009, p.87]
  16. We Ski & Snowboard is a better game than the original, but all the same nuisances still hinder and slowdown the game’s overall fun factor.
  17. Nintendo Power
    Although there is a good number of activities available to you - races, slaloms, search and rescue, etc. - the game as a whole is ultimately on the shallow side. [Mar 2009, p.91]
  18. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Not a bad update, but fairly pointless. Shaun White Snowboarding does all this with far more flair and panache. [Mar 2009, p.62]
  19. A good follow up to We Ski. The addition of snowboarding is good but doesn’t really add anything to the overall gameplay experience except being a nice perk. The larger mountains are a good addition as well.
  20. In my opinion, it's not enough change to warrant a purchase if you already own We Ski, but if you've played that game to death, I'd at least give this a rental and see if any of the small additions grab you.
  21. In the end, We Ski & Snowboard reminds me how much more awesome real skiing is. It's fun at first, but with a lack of challenge, mediocre graphics, and no real sense of speed, it gets old quickly.
  22. If you can look beyond the fact that this game suffers from meager content, horrible controls and total lack of any challenge, this could actually offer your family a couple of hours of entertainment. But the fun doesn't last long and because of this we can't recommend anyone to pay full price for this experience.
  23. Family Ski & Snowboard doesn’t change a lot of the basics of its predecessor. The addition of the snowboard is fun, though it doesn’t offer anything new gameplay wise. The graphics are still quite weak and the game doesn’t offer a lot of content. Luckily the gameplay slightly makes up for all this and, even though there are some Wiimote detection flaws, prevents the game from failing altogether.
  24. Gamers deserve better than another mediocre effort.
  25. 54
    The balance board has been implemented well, but that's about the only reason to give this sequel a try. Otherwise, it's an exercise in apathy.
  26. On rare occasions the game shows its potential. When making the right moves on your balance board while the finish line is in your sights there will be some form of satisfaction. However, you'll never find enough motivation to play on because of the simple fact that there is nothing to unlock. What remains is the question whether the target audience is the mainstream or the hardcore gamer. The controls feel a little bit hardcore while the game feels more casual. Family Ski, make up your mind!
  27. 50
    Family Ski & Snowboard is the second part of the franchise, but unfortunately does not succeed in overruling it's first part.

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  1. CheekMonk
    Apr 19, 2009
    I have been playing for days and I am still not bored. This game is worth a buy. Many things to explore in this open environment. I love theI have been playing for days and I am still not bored. This game is worth a buy. Many things to explore in this open environment. I love the fact that I can snowboard and quit the game anytime. There is no single path to follow, you make your own fun and there are tons to do. Love the races, finding hidden paths, hide & seek, doing tricks. Love the Mount Angrio. This game suits the Wii board very much. It is never the same each time I play. Unlocking new gears are so addictive. I have my character dress as a red ninja...hilarious. And it really provide real workout for my legs. Hope they improve on it with future game. Only negative I can say is lack of interesting music. I cannot get enough, I want more mountains, more hidden things to find, more characters to interact, more races, more weather patterns and snow conditions. Full Review »
  2. CarlosC
    Mar 15, 2009
    This is a game that puts you on two big, fun, and awesome mountains to ski. The controls are excelent and while you can use the Wii Motion orThis is a game that puts you on two big, fun, and awesome mountains to ski. The controls are excelent and while you can use the Wii Motion or Wii Motion + Balance Board, i prefer this last configuration, this is the game that makes owning the BB worthwhile.

    This game is as fun as the player, because you have the toy (your skies or snowboard) and the playground (the big mountains) to ski, make tricks, jumps, use the halfpipes, rails, or just enjoy the view.

    But while those aspects should be enough to enjoy the game, it has a few other things. You can challenge people over the mountains to compete in speedraces, and slalom, you can complete challenges, like find some one on the mountain, or mini games where you need to collect items in a timeframe.
    All of this (even the challenges and races) can be done with other 4 people.

    The graphics are beautiful, and the view of the mountains are awesome, you can choose between night and day too. The music is ok.

    This is really the best use for the Balance Board on the Wii, and one of those games that gives you the freedom to enjoy it as you want it. If you get bored with the game is because you are boring.. it gives you what you give to the game.
    Full Review »
  3. Dec 14, 2011
    This is a great game. Better than any other ski games out right now. Awesome freedom and mountains. If only they made something like this froThis is a great game. Better than any other ski games out right now. Awesome freedom and mountains. If only they made something like this fro xbox 360. Full Review »