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  • Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] They've got your spaceship, so blow up anything in your path to get it back. Completely hand-drawn high-definition graphics coupled with old-school game play results in ultimate mayhem. This side-scrolling shooter features cute, quirky humor and adjustable cartoon gore. Alien Hominid HD features jump-in-anytime multiplayer action, immersive environments, award-winning bosses, and over 30 fashionable hats. This 2-D console experience comes jam-packed with seven mini-games, including several four-player party games. All You Can Eat, Neutron Ball, and PDA Games will keep the party going for hours on end. All 16 levels and seven mini-games are included in this version, in addition to 720p HD support and 150+ brand new PDA mini-game levels. Two players locally in the main game, and up to four players offline or on Xbox Live in mini-games. Per-player difficulty: Difficulty settings can be adjusted on a per-controller basis. [Microsoft] Expand
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  1. It is really Dan Paladin’s creativity and skill as an artist that makes you want to continue on in Alien Hominid, not necessarily the gameplay.
  2. This game tweaks the tried and true old-school 2D shooter recipe just enough to appeal to both next-gen gamers and 8-bit lovers.
  3. 85
    The game oozes style and humor out of every wound the alien leaves in his wake of destruction. It's hardcore on the level that may discourage some, but it has the most important quality a game can have as well: It's fun.
  4. 80
    The old school gameplay holds up nicely. Thanks to the incredibly sharp high definition treatment, the primitive animation style manages to still impress.
  5. Are YOU the kind of Xbox 360 user that craves chaos and destruction? Do YOU enjoy games with a unique 2D presentation? Did YOU miss out on Alien Hominid when it was released last generation? If so, then YOU will probably enjoy this game.
  6. 75
    It’s quirky, it’s funny, and it’s challenging. It’s everything a side-scrolling shooter should be.
  7. Alien Hominid HD almost makes us want to cry. Maybe it's because a game we've been looking forward too has turned out to be incredibly average or perhaps it's because we've very rarely been this overcome by a games unfair difficulty.

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  1. Apr 14, 2013
    Alien Hominid HD is one of my favorite XBLA games. Some complain that it's too short, but considering how punishing and affordable it is, I'd say the 15 levels minigames is a pretty good deal for 800 MSP ($10 or your regional equivalent). The game can get a little repetitive, but the charming hand-drawn art and animation will draw you into the world and keep things fresh through the game's 3 worlds. The game also has nice music, although you would be forgiven for not hearing it through the constant PEW-PEW-PEW of all the guns on-screen. The bosses are very creative and old-school, in that they usually have multiple stages and weakpoints that must be attacked in order to take them down. There are also some UFO stages, but I found them forgettable. It was a good attempt to break up all the on-foot action, but the controls just seem so screwed up for me that I could barely make it through them. Fortunately, there are only a couple of these, and they're over faster than a standard level. The minigames will keep you occupied for probably a half hour at most due to their simplicity. The best part of this package is the main game, and the minigames are just icing on the cake. Expand

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