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  1. Oct 16, 2012
    This DLC is littlebit dissapointing to me. It may be quite enjoyable on PC but the limitation for the number of party members now is really a big problem on consoles: there are huge maps with only a few players. Level design is boring littlebit, except the map "Alborz Mountain", which is fantastic. Vehicle respawn should be more frequent on the bases, the majority of the gameplay time goes by with waiting for a tank or running. The new game mode "Tank Superiority" rather should be named "Javelin/Sniper Superiority". Maybe a considerable patch could fix most of these problems, but I'm afraid, it won't be happened. Expand
  2. Oct 9, 2012
    This DLC takes BF3 back to its origins, with large maps and vehicles. Yes, it does. But on the other hand, the low number of players on consoles makes these maps look like a wasteland with nothing really interesting. With 24 players to take 5 objectives, you can run from flag to flag and you will most likely find no one on your way. Plus, the AC-130 is a joke. On Conquest it is easily destroyed by jets, stingers, AA guns, attack and even scout helicopters, making it almost useless or just a minor threat. On Rush it is always on the attack side, bombing around the base or near the charges, making the games slightly unbalanced.
    The new vehicles are good but Tank Superiority is just a deathmatch with tanks and Javelins: if you're on foot or on the passenger side, you must be and engineer or you'll be completely useless. Luckily, the new maps are really beautiful and Alborz Mountains is one of the best maps I've ever seen in a BF game, but that's not enough to save this DLC from being a disappointment.
  3. Nov 8, 2012
    My this is an improvement over the last expansion pack, if you are a long-term BF fan then you shouldn't hesitate to purchase this. I have found all the maps enjoyable to a certain extent although the 'biggest map ever' was a bit overhyped by Dice. Alborz mountains has the potential to become a classic BF map and in my opinion it is the best BF3 map released to date.

    However, I must
    criticise the new gametype of Tank superiority as it boring and the lack of variety in vehicles certainly harms the gametype as a whole, most of the vehicles aren't even tanks which makes the title slightly contradictory. It is also made boring because most people sit as far back as possible while they can still get kills, very few people actually get stuck in there with the objective which is something that has made BF fun for such a long time.

    So overall, if you are a fan of the classic BF large scale warfare and carnage on big maps then you need to pick this one up, if you are more of a fan od the COD style and became interested in BF after the last DLC then ignore it and go back to COD, as I don't expect Dice to do many DLCs similar to CQ.
  4. Apr 12, 2013
    Really good DLC, Tank Superiority is good but the flag boundary needs to be bigger, vehicles/aircraft really needs to respawn more frequent and have more available at a time, especially choppers and jets. Armored Shield is a very nice farmland, the maps are very good and fun to play on especially Alborz Mountains, my favourite. Death Valley is a great map as well but also doesn't have good lightning, it's put in night time, but what we mean by that is not where the sky and environment is simply dark blue and the moon is shining, it's black. These maps are huge and open and maps like these should be included in the game initially, by that I mean where they make it during development and put it on disc. Although it's only 4 maps, it's a big step forward for Battlefield 3. However, if you play Battlefield 3 on the PC as well, then get this for the PC instead, with only 24 players, there is just not enough action, it's not really bad, I'm fine with it but you're a player who wants lots of action things going on, you will not find this fun. Alborz Mountains should be included in Battlefield 4. Expand

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  1. Sep 14, 2012
    Armored Kill is proof that DICE is still the best in the business at crafting these colossal worlds in which to play, and it's an expansion that makes Battlefield 3 feel vital and current once again.